What Is Lightingservice.exe? – (Guide)

Lightingservice.exe is an executable file. Many executable files can harm your computer or many can save your computer fro getting harm. Many peoples say all games contain these kinds of files and you should not allow installing a game on PC.

Similarly,  Lightingservice.exe which belongs to software Lighting Service or Aura Service is created by ASUSTek Computers, if you want to visit their website this is the address (www.asus.com).

This file is officially used for starting a game or you can say it is the installer and executioner of any game you play. If there is a problem in your game or it is not starting then the problem lies in this software file.

Many times the game also does not work because of this file is missing and if something like this happens you should install the file as soon as possible. 

If you have seen the file format of this Lightingservice.exe so you can determine various things like this file is an executable file and many executable files can harm your computer in some cases.

With that said, in this article, you can learn about the file and decide whether the file is a virus for your operating system or whether the file belongs to the operating system.

What Is Lightingservice.exe?


Lightingservice.exe is an executive file that allows you to have many games access. Games can be a headache when you are installing them on a PC and when you do some of them do not work because of some reason.

The reason can be an executable file or some other kind of reason. But many times the reason that a game is not starting despite all the requirements are met is the execution file that allows the game to start is not working.

Because of that, many people switch from PC to consoles which is a great thing to do.

Lightingservice.exe file does the exact thing when you are starting a game, sometimes the game will start and sometimes it does not, the reason behind all of this is the file stops to work and because of that, it can harm your computer as well.

Then you just have two or three options left whether you scan and remove it or repair it or just don’t play that game any more. 

Lightingservice.exe File Information

Lightingservice.exe File

The software file lightingservice.exe is not essential for windows and may cause problems while you are using your computer or playing some game. The file is located inside the C drive and we can tell you the specific location of the file as well.

The location is C:\ Program files (x86)\ Lighting Service\ 1.00.29\. The file is best for all versions of Windows and the size of the file on Windows is 1193944 bytes.

This execution file is a service that runs in the background if you want to find it you can easily go to Task Manager and see if the file is their or not.

Furthermore, many times the gamers face these problems and go to different forums to find an answer but they even do not get problem-solving answers on forums either. 

However, we will tell you the solution to this problem. You just have to go to Task Manager and after that got to the processor option, there you file find several lighting service processes just select all of them and then click the end process button.

The moment you click the end process button all these types of malicious process will stop working and then you can easily play your game. The file is not designed for Windows which means it is not a Windows system file.

On top of that, the file is invisible and work from the backgrounds.

It is designed to monitor applications because of this the technical security rating of this file rated 28% dangerous, but every person has their own idea of this file so you should check other reviews as well for the rating.   

If you are still experiencing problems with this file you can probably remove the whole program Aura Services from the Control Panel. 

We would like to share another important news with you that will be beneficial for you in case if you are interested to know more about Lightingservice.exe.

Sometimes a malware camouflages through your system and named itself Lightingservice.exe. The malware can be located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System 32.

Therefore, you should keep a check of this file to see if the process is a threat or not plus we would like to recommend Security Task Manager that will automatically verify your computer’s security.

This Task manager was the top download pick for PC world and The Washington Post. 

Best Practices For Resolving Lighting Service Issues

Resolving Lighting Service Issues

The best practices for resolving Lighting service issues can be various. If you keep cleaning your computer daily that will avoid all your issues that this file will create.

The cleaning of a computer means running an anti-virus malware scan every day so if there any viruses they can be detected and removed.

You should clean your drive every day by the help of Clean Manager (cleanmgr), with the help of Scan Now (sfc/scannow) and by uninstalling the programs that you no longer use.  

You can check which programs auto start by using Microsoft Configurations (msconfig) and should update your operating system daily by enabling Windows Automatic Update. Always make sure to back up your data so it can be saved if something gets wrong.

After keeping a check on all these things something gets wrong even then and a serious problem occurs you should check the last thing you did means the last thing that you installed on your computer or to check where the problem started by checking the last thing you were doing.

The resmon command can help you identify the problem that is causing you this much trouble.

If a problem occurs instead of reinstalling the whole operating system you are advised to repair the installation or if you have Windows 8 or a bigger version of Windows you are advised to execute DISM.exe/online/clean-image/Restorehealth command.

This command will allow repairing the operating system without losing any data of yours. If you wanna analyze the Lightingservice.exe there are only to ways to do so.

First, Security Task Manager, it will show you all the running processes and programs including the hidden programs that are anonymously working into the system such as the keyboard, browser monitoring and autostart entries.

The Security task Manager will tell you the security risk rating of every program because every program has a unique security rating that will help you identify which is malware, spyware or a Trojan.

Second, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, it will instantly detect and removes all the types of viruses from your hardware such as sleepy spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, keyloggers and trackers. 

FAQ’s about Lightingservice.exe


What can we do if there is a Lightingservice.exe game security violation?

When something went like this you should check Gigabyte RGB fusion.

This application usually restarts when it sees any program is not opening correctly or the program is stopped or stuck somewhere, therefore, uninstalling the RGB fusion can also be a possible way to start the game but it only works temporarily and will load the game only several times. 

There is another solution to this problem. You can go to Task Manager and end process of all the malicious processes that are causing interruptions in your game to start, this method will stop the processes from working and you will be saved from uninstalling them too.  

How to resolve Game security violation (Lightingsevice.exe)?

The file Lightingservice.exe belongs to Asus Aura. we would just recommend you this whenever you are starting to play a game disable Asus Aura Sync driver so you can easily enjoy your hence this file is a cheat file that infiltrate the Windows system from inside. 


As you have learned about the process LightingService that was invented by ASUSTek Computers. The process is a cheat that can infiltrate your system from the inside hence various anti-cheat software catch this malicious process.

You can now decide what you think about the file Lightingservice.exe that if it’s a Trojan or it is a part of the operating system. If you have decided what the file usually is please do let us know by commenting in our comment section.

We will be waiting for your response. We hope that you have learned a lot of things from this article.

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