What is itype.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

What is itype.exe?


There are many files running in your computer system on background that means these files are sometimes system files and sometimes they are viruses.

Most people think that all the files that have an extension of .exe are viruses for those files that are harmful to the operating system.

But in this introductory paragraph, I want to make it clear that this file is not for Apple users this is a file related to Microsoft Intel AI type which is basically a keyboard driver especially for branded keyboards that are attached to the operating system.

But you can find this software in Mac OSX and in Windows also.

Microsoft has different hardware for connecting in the operating system but before this,

They have different drivers that are compulsory to install with the drivers like if you are connecting mice with the operating system you must have to install all the related drivers with it the same as.

If you are connecting the sound system unit to install a sound driver with the operating system iType is a driver that is needed for keyboard and especially the branded one and. 

If you use high and devices with the Microsoft system you may need more drivers to support it for advanced features and functions as per your device.

This Microsoft iType.exe is not a virus as told you above it is a driver that has been introduced by Microsoft for their operating system especially for the branded keyboards so that they can work properly with the operating system.

This driver has very special features that is why it is valuable among other drivers because it makes unique customization in the keyboard like zooming from the keyboard and many other features like this.

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itype.exe File Information:


In the above heading, you are discussing how to disable this driver from your system because this system is not a system program which is a compulsory part of your operating system.

If you want to remove or stop this program from your operating system you will have to go to the task manager and have to open a startup tab where all the processes of the operating system are running and you can easily disable it from there.

Microsoft is continuously introducing new and different drivers for different hardware currently Microsoft has introduced mouse and keyboard 2.0 driver.

Which has very good features especially connected with UI and some small features have also been introduced like ok no exploring features and tips extra.

It is recently launched that’s why is not popular in the market and people are still using Intellitype and feeling relax by using it.

First, you have to open a dialogue box for the task manager and there you will have to right-click on the process.

You will find many processes are running there in your operating system then you will go to itype.exe and right-click on it.

And disable it then when you restart your computer you will check that the action that you have taken is now working.

Best Practices for Resolving itype.exe Issues:

This driver is not a system driver that means if you stop or disable it that will impact the system because this driver is only for the branded keyboard.

If you connect it with the operating system and if you want to disable it you can easily do it.

But keep in mind that after disabling it all the features and functionalities that have been connected with this driver will be stopped from your operating system. 

But if someone wants to stop this driver from the operating system he can easily do it but if you are using a branded keyboard with your operating system.

Then you must need this driver along with it which will help the branded keyboard easily work and support your operating system. There are two ways to disable it.

You may disable the process by stopping it from inside or you can uninstall this program completely from the operating system yes that means you will remove this driver from the system.

Some users things that this is a virus because they are using the normal keyboard in their operating system and they don’t know what is the purpose of this driver.

So they think that this is some kind of error or virus that is in the process of their operating system and it may be dangerous and harmful for their operating system.

They think that they must delete or uninstall this virus at once from their operating system before it affects their operating system with harmful attacks. 

So if you have really decided to uninstall all this driver from your operating system you have to remove this application itype.exe from your operating system.

But if you uninstall this application then all the Congress locations of your keyboard will also maybe e disturb because you have deleted the driver of the keyboard.

I know that is for branded keyboards but maybe it will leave some impact on the normal keyboard driver in your operating system.

Press Windows + R for opening the dialogue box where you will find all the installed applications in your operating system that have been listed.

You just have to find the application concerned like itype.exe and just right-click on it and select uninstall.

You will find by clicking on uninstall the application it will start uninstalling and will be removed from your operating system and as you restart your system this application has been removed and all the settings and features I will also delete from your operating system.

Do We Need it?

Now the users have all the options to disable it or remove it or uninstall it from your operating system.

But the main thing that we learn from this article is this file is a driver which is to support branded keyboards because branded keyboards have many different features that are not supported by normal drivers.

That has been given by operating systems that’s why Microsoft has launched a separate driver for branded keyboards because they are having many different options easier short keys than a normal complicated keyboard. 

Microsoft also nonstop many different drivers for other hardware like mouse sound systems like microphone headphones and speakers and much more the main purpose of these drivers is to support.

The hardware is going to connect with your operating system. Questions that why don’t we keep all the things in the system why do we need drivers for support.

Microsoft always focuses on the uniqueness and quality of each and every hardware that is connected with the operating system.

So they have launched each driver for each hardware so that every driver keeps support and pushes hardware that is connected with the operating system. 

But if the system is only a supporter of all the hardware there may be the chance of lack of ness which users have to face in the problem that’s why they have designed different drivers for different hardware.

Because every hardware will give its hundred percent to the operating system which will definitely a useful and purposeful for the users of Microsoft.

Is it a Virus?

Viruses are those harmful programs that have been wrongly generated in the system and are very much dangerous and attack on the programs that are running in the operating system.

For removing these viruses from your operating system you need antiviruses that will scan your operating system completely and it also detects harmful viruses that are malicious for your operating system and delete them completely so that they could not attack your operating system.

Drivers are the files that support that particular program for which these drivers have been made for example.

If the driver is for supporting graphics card that will support it in all operations and functions the same as if the driver is for keyboard like itype.exe then it will support the branded keyboards because this driver has been made for this hardware.

Drivers are very much useful and supported files for the hardware and it gives hardware push to give their 100% to the operating system and as result, the user will get satisfied with the output of the hardware.

Users compare viruses with drivers because of just a lack of knowledge. Users think that every file that has itype.exe extension is always a virus but this is wrong.

There are many files with this extension but our drivers are supportive files of the programs.

But the viruses also have the same extension because of the similarity of extension the users get confused that either this file is a virus or the driver suggests users get some knowledge. 

If you are not aware of the file just search it on the internet and get complete knowledge then think about taking any action against it.

If it is a driver and is not disturbing you in your operating system then keep it in the system it may help you when you need it.

But if it is a virus then you have to take proper steps against it you may install antivirus for it.or may by your own self delete that virus by going on safe mode and delete it from there.

That doesn’t mean that antivirus does not work. If the antivirus is proper and strong it will definitely clean all the viruses from your system and give you a clean and sound environment to work on your operating system.

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