What is isbmgr.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

If you want to know all and extensive details about this isbmgr.exe file, then here you are. We have collected a precise guide for you.

And after going through this explanation and penned down details, you will be able to know whether this file is portrayed as a virus or not!

Most importantly, this file is largely and commonly used right by the Sony Vaio power management utility.

Regarding the significance and importance scale of this executable file, it runs and operates the power management functioning.

It is an important section of this power management software and it is not commonly known as adware, malware, or spyware.

If you are a user of Sony Viao VGN 290, then there is a high chance that you must have been using this utility on a frequent basis.

It comes and arrives in the pre-installed form right there on your Sony Laptops.

This file isbmgr.exe, it is a legitimate program and responsible to run and operate Sony Vaio Power Management.

But there are some virus writers and you may have come across with some malware makers and manufacturers, they are using the name of isbmgr.exe to title their products.

This brings a lot of confusion for the user and they cannot clearly decide whether they are using an executable file or virus! Here we are to remove your confusion.

You can check out the below-collected details. This explanation will remove all your queries.

Comprehensive details are attached on the below section of this web page:

What is isbmgr.exe?


This whole process of running and operating this isbmgr.exe file, it is known and termed as ISB utility program.

And this program belongs and link up itself with the software ISB utility zone. Most of the experts are of this belief and view that the ISBMgr.exe file is not essential for Windows.

They have displayed this notion that this file presence is not crucial for your computer.

Your computer procedures and operations will keep on working in a hassle-free style no matter you have got isbmgr.exe in your PC or not.

It is located and exactly present in a subfolder section area of “C:\Program Files (x86).

Or you can say that this file is present in the location of C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\ISB Utility\. On Windows 10/8 and on windows 7/XP, this file is available in the size range of 2,757,312 bytes, 32,768 bytes.

Most noteworthy, it is currently available and be made in 14 more of the versions. To identify whether this file is acting like a virus, adware or not, consider its size and location details.

If its location and size requirements and standards do not meet with the actual figures, it means this file contains a virus.

Moving to the application part of this file, it does not contain and composed of any of the descriptions.

The experts and professionals are of this view that this file is not a Windows primary and core file.

Even if you want to start this file, that you can do that by accessing and reaching the Windows startup.

For your more and extensive guidance, you can have a look at this Registry key information, MACHINE\Run.

The bad side about this file is that it not visible to you because of the fact and reason that it is completely digitally signed.

To record mouse inputs and to keep the proper track of keyboard inputs, you can use this file.

Some of the users have given this viewpoint that this file is 48% dangerous for them.

For a deeper view, you can make a comparison of its rating and riskiness state with some other reviews.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

isbmgr.exe File Information:

isbmgr.exe File Information

It is in the process manager location that this isbmgr.exe file is present. It is running and functioning on the Sony Vaio laptops.

You can now well get an idea that this process ISBMgr.exe, it has its official link and connection with the Software ISB Utility of Sony.

Talking and discussing more on the specific notes, we can say that this isbmgr.exe file process is a part of the Power Management Utility that is present on a Sony Vaio laptop.

If this file is not present in its exact location, then you need to run immediately anti-virus program on your computer.

Like you can run malware fighter or avast because this isbmgr.exe file is now packed with a virus in it.

Most importantly, it is on the Sony Vaio Laptops that this program is already pre-installed and been there. 

If you feel that this file is bringing heavy damage to your PC system, then you can uninstall the current variant of it.

This is an easy job to do so. It is recommended to look and search for customer support to tackle this problem.

If this isbmgr.exe file is causing issues in your PC system, then request the customer support team to assist and help you.

Furthermore, you can search and keep on looking for further updates right from the vendor’s website from where you have purchased this program and executable file.

Besides, you can safely and securely remove this file with the help of the uninstall a program option.

Go to the configuration settings and access control panel and uninstall this program if you wish to do so.

There are a few of the malware camouflages, they name themselves as ISBMgr.exe, and these camouflages are specifically and particularly present in the zone of C:\Windows.

At times, these camouflages are located in C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Hence, this is a solid and firm piece of advice given to all of the users to keep on checking and analyze the ISBMgr.exe process on their computer PC and verify whether this file is a threat for their PC system operations or not.

Now, you have got to know the basic information and primary details on this isbmgr.exe file, below piece of writing, will guide you on how to resolve these isbmgr.exe issues. 

Best Practices for Resolving Isbmgr Issues:


Now comes the last part of this discussion that how you can resolve this isbmgr.exe file issues, here we have all easy to implement and practical to follow details for you.

These practices will make your job easy and you can well make your PC system to remain and consistently functioning in a hassle-free way and style.

If your PC is virus-free, then these executable files will also not get injected with these threats.

And if you have doubts that these files will be infused with viruses, then you can regularly scan these files.

You can use an expert’s recommended tools for this scanning task. If you use sub-standard tools for scanning, then threats and all viruses will remain there on your computer.

So, use a good-quality scanner or anti-virus tool and disinfect your executable files.

If you identify a number of files that are infected with this contagious virus, then uninstall those files right away.

The presence of any suspicious activity will give you the hint that these files contain adware or spyware in them.

These suspicious activities are present in the form of consuming more memory or slowing down your PC speed.

Hence, if you notice and see these abnormal activities happening in your system, then do uninstall and remove those files immediately.

You need to consider the security risk rating factor. This rating will tell you whether that executable file should become part of your operating system or not.

If the riskiness rating is more, then do not use that file and instead delete it away!

So, always keep in mind, it is not always necessary that these executable files are safe for your computer.

Then can be induced with the potential and presence of sleeping spyware, adware in them.

Or any of your files may get much infected with Trojans, keyloggers, or any malware and trackers, so keep your files and computer virus-free.

Follow these practices and share with us how productive and easy they were for you.

Our teams of experts are coming up with more practices of solving these isbmgr.exe file issues, so wait for that time and know about those solutions as well.


We make sure that we keep on giving you more of the details on this isbmgr.exe file usage.

You can go on asking more of the questions on this file purpose and how can you make the best use of it.

If this file is already present in your computer, then do verify whether it is present in a positive sense or in an attacking mode.

If you count and suspect it as a virus, then remove it in a second from your computer.

Moreover, if this file is virus-free, then avoid removing it from your operating system.

If you have had good or bad experiences with these executable files, then share it with us.

In this way, your other fellow readers will be able to get more interesting details and information about such files.

You can pen down more of your queries about this piece of discussion and we will get back to you.

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