What is Hpmon.exe? Is it a Virus?

Sometimes we open our computer and find an exe extension file that is not allowing us to open.

On our computer, we find different things that are close to viruses but exactly they are not viruses.

They are some encrypted files that are sometimes harmful to our computer.

So everything which is harmful to our computer is not a virus but it may be dangerous for our operating system.

These kinds of files may be present in your operating system or any other application on your computer.

Mostly we have seen when we open a game like FIFA or need For speed after the installation of Windows we found messages from the operating system that this file cannot be open because of xyz.exe.

These kinds of files are harmful sometimes they are errors and sometimes they are viruses like Trojan.

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Do you know hpmon.exe? What is this?


When there is a .exe extension in a file name it means that this file is executable.

But in some cases, it is very harmful to your computer although they are executable files.

Now you have to find that file naming hpmon.exe in your system is either a Trojan that has to be removed or is that a file part of your operating system or is a part of a trusted application installed in your computer system.

If it is a virus that means it is harmful to your computer and it should be removed as fast as you can but if the file is executable and belongs to an application that is trusted then it may be not dangerous.


Hpmon.exe is not an important file for your operating system and it may also cause problems to your system.

You can find this file in the Windows folder where temporary files are present.

You will also find these files in your user profile subfolders. If we talk about the size of hpmon.exe is around 70000 bytes in Windows 10/8 and 7.

Even in Windows XP which is around 31% of all occurrences.

If you Google about this you will see more detail on www.file.net website you will see no description about this application because this program has no visible existence on Windows.

As told you above that this is not a Windows system file.

In Windows, the occurrence of this file is 31% that means 57% of your system security is in danger.


If your system is getting affected by these files then the very first step is to identify hpmon.exe related errors.

If this error is located in a program file drive c subfolders that means your security is in danger at minimum 36% and maximum 50%.

As it is discussed before that these files are not visible in Windows and even they are not a part of Windows operating system so the real problem is how to find them in your system.

On this issue, many antivirus companies start producing their solutions for wiping this error to protect operating systems.

This was a challenge for antivirus firms because of the invisibility of these files. Malware disguise relating hpmon.exe because it is located in Windows drive C.

Now it’s up to the user to check whether this file is present in their PC or not. If it is present then check is it a threat or not.

In our opinion, we will recommend a security task manager for the checking of your computer’s security.

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Best Practices for Resolving hpmon.exe Issues:

Every user wants a clean and virus-less computer for working. Because viruses and other harmful files make the operating system’s efficiency very poor. And users face problems while working on the computer.

Now as you know that malware and other antivirus are not useful in this condition. You have to clean and scan etc.

Then uninstall all those programs which are no longer needed then restart the programs and select an automatic update in Windows.

Remember to create periodic backups in your system because you can easily restore your needful data in case of extreme damage.

Do you remember last time when you faces this kind of problem in your system and what solution you prefer for your system?

I remember was facing problem due to this viruses and was not able to run my computer properly then I reinstalled my Windows before this I was having Windows 8 in my system then I upgraded to Windows 10 and get rid of this error?

I hope you also did the same as this in your computer when having a problem like this.

Because re-installation of Windows allows you to repair your operating system without losing data and also clean up images and restore the health of your commands.

When you analyse Hpmon errors in your computer you have to do the following things to save your computer.

There is a security task manager in your system which is running and managing all the tasks of the Windows regarding security.

As this security system is a part of Windows which is aware of all the hidden and other programs running in the operating system.

Sometimes some files cannot be detected by malware and other antiviruses which can easily be sorted by buying Windows security systems.

So it is a better option to search and detect viruses like Trojan and other dot exe files in your system with Windows task manager and get rid of these viruses and other harmful files like this.

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Task Manager:

Previously users were not aware of task managers. the incense that they do not know what is the real purpose of Windows task manager and what can they do with the help of task manager.

In old Windows live 98 and millennium task manager is not that powerful and strong application but in current Windows like Windows 7 8 and 10 task manager is considered as one of the important tools of the operating system it is helping Windows on the backhand and keeping its eye on all the security and other matters of the windows and other applications running in the system.

When you open Windows task manager through the control panel or by pressing control + Alt + delete you will see different tabs in Windows task manager each step has different tasks happening in it.

Application Tab:

This tab is present in all Windows except Windows 8 and 10 it shows the status of all the programs that are currently running in the computer system.

This type has an important value in Windows 7 and earlier because when any program stops responding and you need to end that task ok you will visit application tab.

But in Windows 10 and 8 and task ok can be found on the processes tab.

Processes Tab:

This is the second tab in the Windows task manager it is present in all the windows of Microsoft including Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The Processes tab has an important value in both the latest windows and all the previous tasks of the application tab have been transferred to the processes tab.

But in all these the use of application tabs is not clear in Windows 8 and Windows 10 because now for what purpose the application tab is Present.

Service tab:

It shows all the services that are currently working on the operating system Performance Tab.

Performance tab is also available in the task manager this tab is involved in showing the performance of the system.

It shows every resource performance individually, live performance of memory describes networking Wi-Fi CPU and the subparts of the CPU.

It also shows you about monitors with a quick link to the resource monitor.

Networking tab:

This tab is not available in Windows 8 and Windows 10 it shows the traffic of the network happening in the computer including wireless and local area networks in your system.


There are many errors and viruses present in your operating system.

Some of them are strong and harmful and some of them are very small in size and are not that much harmful.

But you have to know which of them are errors and others are viruses.

In this article, we discussed hpmon.exe what is this application and is that dangerous and how to remove it from your operating system.

We discussed that this application is not related with the Windows operating system and it is dangerous and harmful for your computer because it is always found in drive c in which your Windows is present and it can make your Windows affected.

we also discussed how to remove it with the help of Windows task Manager because every other antivirus is not working in this situation because this virus cannot be found easily because it is invisible in your computer.

So the Windows task manager is the best option to remove this kind of virus from your computer and give you a safe environment and good working condition.

Windows task manager is the application which is having all the securities of running programs and applications in your operating system.

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