Top 8 Best Tools to Tweak and Customize Windows 10! – Complete Checklist

Do you like Windows 10 the way it is or do you need some changes?

Although we can help you in making changes in Windows 10 and it is very easy to make as well. 

As most people do not enjoy the way Windows 10 is and want to change some things in it.

We do not why but the majority of the people love Windows 10 the way it is.

The operating system is found to be one of the best-operating systems of this decade and it is regarded as the most stable and enjoyable platform in the market right now. 

However, if you want to customize your Windows 10 and make it something else that you love to work with then there are 8 tools that can help you with that.

1. Customizer God

Customizer god is a tool that was introduced in Windows 7 and work its way to 8 and then 10.

This tool can change your icons, there are thousands of alternative icons for everything in Windows 10, so if you do not like the default ones then you can change them from here.

There are a lot of new icons for the start menu, the battery, the taskbar, your drives, the login screen, the time and date and much much more that you will find very intriguing.

On top of that, it is not hard to explore this tool, you just need to download it and install it and then you are good to go.

2. Tweak Now Powerpack

This tool may seem to be less intriguing, but this tool can customize the Windows 10 behaviour and the main focus of customization of this tool in on how Windows 10 behaves rather than the way it looks.

If you are confused about how this work, then let me give you some examples.

You can easily set up an automatic shutdown that can be customized on your time given by you, and it will easily shutdown on the specific time.

The other thing that you can customize is the RAM usage, you can give the highest priority on some apps that you use the most so, a large number of RAM can be free-up for that app.

There is another thing that will interest you in using this tool, which is The Virtual Desktop Module, this thing can customize your desktop the way you like it, you can set the desktop as your mood is and can prioritize your work requirements.

3. Winaero Tweaker

If you are looking for all in one tweak tool then you must look into Winaero Tweaker.

The software has all the features you need and is one of the best tools that can customize your Windows 10 as you want it to to be.

4. Ultimate Windows Tweaker

If you are looking for a customization app, which is lightweight and portable then Ultimate Windows Tweaker is the best choice you have.

You can have more than 200 Windows tweaks in it and can customize anything with the help of this tool.

You will find every tweak you need and want to customize such as privacy tweak, security tweak, performance tweak, context menu tweaks, search tweaks, and many other tweaks that you will love to customize in the default version of Windows.

5. Taskbar tweaker

Clickx 270 - 7 Taskbar Tweaker - YouTube

If you want to customize only the Taskbar and want to make it different then you must try taskbar tweaker.

This tool can customize your taskbar to a whole new level and you can even make it anything you like. 

The app has some similar options as the default taskbar of Windows 10 has but the quality of this tool is what you need the most.

6. Folder maker

Download Folder Marker Home

If you are looking for a tool which is productive and give you a design which can change your whole folder system in your operating system then you must go for folder maker. 

You can easily colour the folder with this tool and can make it more designable with colours.

But this is not all, you can change the priority settings for every folder and give them a rating so, they can be arranged in an order.

7. Rainmeter

With this app, you can create your own Windows 10 Mods, and this app can be addictive, so try to be careful while using it.

The whole concept of the app is on the skin, but what is skin. Basically, a skin is a whole background of the something from which it is recognized.

So, there are many default skins for the beginners in this app and you can customize your own as well.

8. Ultra UX Theme Patcher

This tool works as a third party app so, it may not seem to be appropriate to use but the designs on this app are very funky and anyone can get attracted to. 

The tool can modify your system files in an instant and can give a whole new Windows patch that you have not even thought of.


As we have told you all about the tools that can modify your app.

So, now it’s your turn to download one of the tools and try it on your own self and once you have done it, tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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