What is GrooveMonitor.exe? A Complete Guide

If you fail to look for suitable information on these executable files, then do not get worried at all, we have this interesting piece of writing for you.

Here you can know all about the GrooveMonitor.exe file and be able to search and look for how you can handle its issues. 

Moreover, this piece of discussion is going to effectively solve the queries that you have in your mind linked to the GrooveMonitor.exe file.

So, let us all not waste any time and read out the details and complete guide on this executable file:

What is GrooveMonitor.exe?


Most importantly, this GrooveMonitor.exe file runs specific and respective processing at its end, and its operations are linked with the zone of Microsoft Office Groove.

Note down that this one is a defunct Microsoft Office 2007 feature and its main purpose is to allow and permit the tasks of document collaboration.

If you want to safely disable and deactivate the operations of this file, you can do. We have this effective method for you and it revolves around the operations of the system configuration panel.

In addition, you need to press and hit on the keys of Windows key + R and then the user has to type “msconfig”, and after that, you have to press Enter. 

It is right under the services tab that you can de-select and deactivate the functions of this GrooveMonitor.exe file. Simply click on the OK button and you can remove this file all from your PC system.

Rest, you can take help from the detailed security rating and this rating can educate you whether this file should run in your background processing part or not.

You can take a lot of understanding and schooling from the user reviews. These reviews can inform you whether it is fine to install this GrooveMonitor.exe file or not.

These days, users are availing of the free trial version of this security task manager.

With the help of this free trial version, you can keep the safety level of this file on balanced notes and do not allow your PC to become the target of virus attacks or any malware elements.

There are many malware elements that are named after this file, so stay away and keep your computer protected from these malware elements.

If this file is not located in the C drive, then there is the highest and massive risk that it transforms itself into the virus form.

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User Opinions on GrooveMonitor.exe File:

In addition, many users have believed that this file is suspicious and dangerous for their PC systems. They believe that this file is useless and should be removed.

Other users assume that this file is neither harmless nor a threat to their systems. They have started to believe that this executable file is somewhat safe for their PC operations.

No doubt, these user opinions vary and differ a lot and this decision whether to keep this file or not, it should be based and made on careful and wise notes.

GrooveMonitor.exe File Information:


One should have full and complete awareness about the GrooveMonitor.exe file information and here we have penned down more of the elaborated discussion for our readers.

Most noteworthy, this file comes in the form of Microsoft utility and it was introduced and launched as part of “Groove”.

Keep in mind that this is an application that is generally bundled and comes along with Office 2007. With the help of it, users are enabled and permitted to invite others who are working in a diverse and extensive number of enterprises.

Besides, it is these Groove relay servers that manage to track the users’ status and they synchronize and integrate any work that the user did and processed offline.

It is all because of this GrooveMonitor utility’s function that the application’s behavior can be observed.

This GrooveMonitor.exe file is present in the zone of “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe” and you are allowed to uninstall it.

This whole process that surrounds and encompasses the operations of this GrooveMonitor.exe file, they are given the name of Groove Monitor utility.

Furthermore, you can have it in the version of 2003 Primary Interop or in the form of 2003 Proofing.

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More Info on GrooveMonitor.exe File:

This is not essential for Windows and if this file does not exist in its pure and healthy condition, then it can deteriorate your computer operations. It shows and displays its presence in Windows 10/8/7/XP.

It comes in the size range and dimensions of 30,040 bytes and 31,072 bytes. If you want to know how many variants this file is existing, then so far you can see its 10 more variants in the market.

This file is not recognized as the Windows system file but it is certified and came from a trustworthy company. 

You can start the process of this file when you turn on your Windows processing.

Apart from that, this GrooveMonitor.exe file has no visible window. All users have to remain aware that this file is 41% dangerous and it is always predicted that this file brings heavy issues for your computer.

If you notice that it is existing in the subfolder section and zone of the user’s profile folder, the security rating of this discussed executable file becomes 68%.

As this file is available in 31,072 bytes, for the reason that this GrooveMonitor.exe file has the tendency to change any of your file and folder behaviors on the drastic notes!


Best Practices for Resolving GrooveMonitor:


All of the users have now entered into the position to know about the practices that help them in dealing and managing all of the GrooveMonitor.exe file issues.

Moreover, you can instantly apply these practices and get the desired results without any hassle.

Like, you can scan your computer, this way your executable file behaviors will remain safe and secured. This scanning is going to prevent your GrooveMonitor.exe file from becoming manipulated by any virus attacks.

In addition, to verify whether this file is a digitally signed file or not, you have to keep in check its location, size, and accuracy.

Keep an eye on its behavior and operations and if this file is behaving weirdly, it means it needs to get out from your computer.

Furthermore, keep it away from the reach and access to malware and adware writers. We know that it is a tough job to keep a close eye on the operations of each executable file, but you have to perform this job.

If you think and feel that you cannot manage all these .exe files, then you can select a few of them and better remove them from your computer.

There are a maximum and intense probability that your files may get infected and masked with Trojans and keyloggers.

To deal with these situations, these practices can help you. For your convenience, apart from running the system scan, you can process and carry out the job of system analysis.

This analysis can educate you on which files are acting weirdly and which are performing normally and genuinely in your computer system.

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More Tips and Ways of Managing GrooveMonitor.exe File Issues:

We have provided with basic guidelines on managing this GrooveMonitor.exe file issues, if you want to follow some technical solutions and practices, you can even do so at your end.

Besides, it depends on the health and scale of infection embedded in your executable file, then you can decide which approach and tip can solve this GrooveMonitor.exe file issue of yours.

If you feel that these practices will not work for you or they may fail to give you the desired results, then you can use commands to solve these common problems.

As an example, you may have heard the great and ideal use of restore health command and resmon command.

You can move on the guideline to remove this file manually or automatically from your system by accessing the control panel. Or if you need this file for any of your other file operations, then scan it weekly.

We have now arrived at the ending and so far concluding part of this piece of writing. Even more, we have just mentioned basic practices for our readers so that their minds do not become overwhelming and confused.

If you ever feel trouble when following these practices, you can ask us and we are going to further guide you.

Keep in mind that some executable files are legitimate, some are hidden and some are non-system process files. But the way to handle their problems, they are similar in somewhat from all angles.

Pour your questions regarding what you think about these practices and if you face some other glitches and annoying issues, then share that with us too.


📚 Conclusion:

So, what’s the bottom line?

Now you have explored all the dimensions of this GrooveMonitor.exe file, you can share with us your feedback on what understanding you have got from this file.

Moreover, a further updated guide on this GrooveMonitor.exe file will be put up sooner, so stay tuned and in touch with us.

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