What is cfgwiz.exe? A Complete Guide

Here’s the deal: we have gathered some important information about the cfgwiz.exe file. It is also called an executable file. 

This file is mostly masked with viruses or malware that are illegally used by spyware or adware writers. However, it is not that important for your computer.

This is a file that if you don’t take care of it, you will surely face some problems, or it is also able to damage the files present on your coming.

What is cfgwiz.exe?


cfgwiz.exe is basically an executable file. Microsoft officially developed it on its own. This file is a part of the Microsoft 2000 Professional.

This software’s windows version is, and talking about its size, it is 188480 bytes in size. It is different for everyone, according to their version of windows. This file can be present on your computer as a .exe extension file.

Although it is an executable file, some people consider it a virus because while executing this file, there is a chance that it may be able to damage your files that are present on your computer. Still, it depends upon you what you consider it. 


cfgwiz.exe is not an essential problem for your Windows OS and causes very few problems but on the same hand if it is not handled carefully this file is able to damage the files present on your computer.

This file is basically in the subfolder of C:\ or sometimes it could be present in the subfolder of C:\Program Files. The most common file size of this .exe file is 132,248 bytes.

This program consists of a visible window and can be easily removed by using the computer panel’s Add or remove programs. It is a Verisign signed up file.

A trustworthy company has verified this cfgwiz.exe. This process may start upon during the startup of windows. it is not even a windows core file. 

cfgwiz.exe File Information:


A cfgwiz.exe is an executable file that can be found on your pc as a .exe file. It can be a bit dangerous for you to execute such a file as it could damage you. 

If you want to find the information about this file or find it on your computer, just simply go to the Task Manager and view it.

Then select columns and then select Image Path Name to add the location column to your Task Manager.

If it shows you a suspicious form of the directory, it would be easy to dig the files and investigate it further.

There are some more tools that can be handy for you to detect a bad form of process. It is named Microsoft Process Explorer, and you can easily start this program without any installation process.

You will need to activate Check Legends on it and move to the view option. Then select columns and add the Verified Signer in columns to detect any activity.

cfgwiz.exe is basically a program that does not require to start on itself. You can run it whenever you want, but it is strongly advised for you to disable this program immediately so that it won’t be able to make any changes to your computer.

In short, it is basically a hidden file that may end up harming the files present on your computer if not disabled earlier.

Best Practices for Resolving cfgwiz.exe:


A clean computer won’t be needed to face such problems like these. So, you simply have to look after your computer by doing Scans and doing proper cleaning of your hard disks by using different types of software.

You can also help in this process by just removing the applications that are no longer needed to be used by you.

You can also monitor the auto start programs and can easily enable automatic Windows updates. Define your recovery points or regularly make your backups for your computer. 

If you face some types of problems, just check the last application or file you installed last time before facing these types of problems.

Instead of reinstalling windows, try to repair your windows installation, and you can also use the resmon code to find out the processes that are causing you problems.

If you are using Windows 8, you can repair your operating system without data loss by simply executing the command DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restore health.

You can analyze the cfgwiz.exe process on your computer. You can also find these programs pretty helpful, like Security Task Manager, to display the window tasks running, including built-in embedded hidden processes such as browser monitoring, autostart entries, or keyboard.

A unique single security risk rating indicates that there is a possibility of potential spyware, malware, or a Trojan horse.

This malware detects and removes sleeping spyware, Trojans, adware, keyloggers, malware, and trackers from your hard drive.

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How to Download or Re-Install cfgwiz.exe?

It is not recommended to download such replacement files from any type of downloading sites. There are a lot of sites that contain viruses etc within them.

If you want to download the cfgwiz.exe file again, it is recommended for you to reinstall the main application that is associated with it called Microsoft Office 2000 Professional. 

Runtime Errors:

Run time errors are basically the errors that may occur in front of you while you working.

This states that these .exe errors can be occurred or triggered while someone is attempting to run or load the .exe file while the office is starting up or in some cases, the office is already running.

The most common errors of .exe that you will face using office are called Runtime errors.

You will face the abnormal behaviors of programs in almost every case during the cfgwiz.exe error messages that have occurred.

Most of these error messages showed that either this file was not located by the office or the file was corrupted. It may result in pre-maturely abortion of the start-up process.

In general, the office won’t be able to start without resolving such runtime errors.

Common Errors Regarding cfgwiz.exe:

The most common errors of cfgwiz.exe faced by the errors are

  • cfgwiz.exe has encountered a problem and needs to be close. We are sorry for the inconvenience
  • cfgwiz.exe is not a valid Win32 application
  • Error starting program: cfgwiz.exe
  • Faulting Application Path: cfgwiz.exe
  • cfgwiz.exe Application Error

The above mentioned .exe errors can occur due to many reasons.

Such as during the execution process of its associated program, Windows management Framework Core, during the installation process of a program, during the start-up or shutdown of Windows, or even during the installation of windows.

So, whenever you face or see a .exe error it is important that you keep it in your record as it is a piece of important information when it is about troubleshooting.


📚 Conclusion:

This guide has thoroughly discussed everything about the cfgwiz.exe file’s complete guide and the overall information of this file.

We have also discussed how to remove such an executable file or disable it. Not only this, but we have also given a review about how to resolve a file of cfgwiz.exe. 

If you face the above-mentioned problems, give it a proper read and know how to overcome them.

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