How To Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet Issue

How annoying it feels when you are connected to your Wi fi, but there is no internet connection! It is a perfect way to ruin a movie one is watching, work one is doing, etc. The sad part is that you will have to try many methods to fix this issue as there is no single solution to fix it. Rather than jumping directly to the solutions, we would like to tell you the reasons for this as these reasons might help you to understand the root cause of your ‘Internet not working but WiFi-connected’ issue and make your work easier than before.

Sometimes the problem is with your ‘Rooter.’ So after knowing this, the questions that are given below might pop-up in your mind. Let’s talk about them.

What is the reason for no internet connection to my router?

Router related problems might be happening due to spotting signal strength, old infrastructure, damaged cables, buggy firmware, outdated hardware, too many people connected to the same network at the same time. You should first check your router. The process will be explained later on.

 When WiFi says connected but no Internet, what does that means?

This means that your device is connected not to the internet but to your wifi. It sounds a bit absurd. Usually, the problem is with either the system or the router. One way to check whether it’s a problem with your system or router is to connect the wi-fi to more than one device. The cause of it can be known at least.

How do I fix my WiFi connection without Internet?

First of all, calm down. Do you know to carry out a task perfectly and smoothly, your mind should be relaxed and not in a hurry one? It is because it can think properly in a relaxed state, and in a hurried state, it messes up everything.

We have provided some solutions to fix this issue, and they are as follows-

WiFi connected but no internet connection- Solutions

Below are working solutions to fix wifi connected, no internet access problem on Windows 10. Kindly follow these steps very carefully.

1) Problem with the ‘Internet Connection’

Problem with the 'Internet Connection

The very first justification, for this reason, can be service disruptions, broken cables, or anything not under your control.

To check this, see if the ‘internet light’ on your modem is working or not. If it is flickering continuously, then there might lie the route cause of ‘WiFi connected but no internet.’ The only solution to this is to contact your wifi’s internet service provider without wasting a single minute.

2) Problem with DNS Cache

Due to technical glitches or viruses, DNS Cache becomes corrupted sometimes. You should know that to corrupt your DNS Cache, some sites put those Banners and Advertisements that send malicious codes. Because of a mismatch in the IP address, this internet-wifi issue happens. You need to flush the DNS Cache to get rid of this.

You can achieve that in two simple steps-

  • Open the ‘Command Prompt.’ You can open it by pressing ‘Windows + R’ and then typing ‘cmd’.
  • Type this command- ipconfig/flushdns
  • Hit on the ‘Enter’ button.

3) Check your router

For this, connect your mobile phone or one more device to your Wifi. See, if it easily gets connected to it and works pretty well, then the problem is either with your router or with your internet connection. Here we will tell you how to solve this problem with the help of your ‘Router’.

The very basic method is ‘To fix the router and restart it’. What it does is, it fixes a lot of software and network problems and flushes the cache.

This easy method will solve almost all the little issues in your router. Follow the given steps to carry out this process-

  1. Turn off both your ‘Router’ and ‘Modem’.
  2. Wait for a minute and then turn on the modem.
  3. After a minute, turn the router on.
  4. Finally, wait for a few more minutes and check.

And you are done with this process. How easy!

4) Conflict of IP Address

A conflict arises when two or more devices are assigned the same static ‘IP Address’. This conflict can arise due to the following reasons-

  • The IP Address of one device is assigned to another device when the former device is in the ‘Sleep mode’.
  • When multiple wireless routers are connected to the same network, it gives rise to this conflict.
  • Another reason is mentioned in the introduction of this point itself, that is when two devices are assigned the same ‘IP address’.

To solve this problem, type this command in your ‘Command Prompt’- ipconfig/release

And finally, press ‘Enter.’

5) Issues with the Device

To solve this, start with a fundamental step. Restart your device. If that does not work out, follow the steps given below-

  • At the bottom right-hand corner, in your task tray, right-click on the network icon.
  • The problem will be diagnosed by the ‘Windows’ automatically, and it will try its best to fix the problem.
  • If it does not, do not worry. It will tell you what the problem is, at least.
  • You can ask any expert or search for its solution online.

So these are the 5 methods to fix your Wifi but no internet connection. We hope your issue gets solved using these methods only.

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