How to Fix Unable to Access JARFile Issue?

JAR basically stands for Java ARchive and is in the format of a ZIP file, which is popular for merging many files into one. Many times you are Unable to Access JAR Files because the software you are using is not compatible enough for it to work properly. Upon surveying, many users stated that when they used certain File Openers, they were able to easily access their files. While many users also said that just by simply updating their present JAVA version, this error was resolved. Well, there might be many reasons behind the Unable to Access JARFiles errors. We will tell you some, and also tell you different ways to remove the error. So, let’s get started!

What Causes the ‘Unable to Access JARFile’ Error?

There are many reasons behind the Unable to Access JARFiles error. Some reasons are still unknown. However, we have come across some issues that are the reasons behind causing the Unable to Access JAR Files error. Some of them are:

  1. The user has not downloaded the latest version of JAVA on their computer.
  2. The default program for opening the particular JAR file is not set.
  3. The user has Malware on their computer.
  4. The file path that is set for the JAVA executable is wrong and also points in the wrong direction.

How to Fix the ‘Unable to Access JARFile’ Issue?

We bring to you the easiest and most convenient ways to fix this recurring issue. Below are some very easy and very effective methods to resolve this issue of accessing JAR Files for you. Let’s get started:

1. Install the Latest Java Version

To properly run the JAR Files on your computer, it is very important to get the proper and the latest version of JAVA for your computer. The steps t download the latest JAVA version is:

  1. Press the Windows+R key. The Run dialogue box appears on your screen. Then type appwiz.Cpl. Click OK to open the Programs and Features window on your screen.
  2. Next, navigate to the entry of Java and right-click on it. Press Uninstall.
  3. Then go to the official website of Java and install the latest version for your computer. Run it to install the latest version after you have downloaded the executable.

Restart your computer to see if the ‘Unable to Access the JAR File’ error has been resolved.

If no, you may proceed to the next method now.

2. Set the Default File Association

If you are still unable to access the JARFile, then you may want to set the default file association. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Go to the JAR file’s directory. Right-click and click on Open with and select the Java program.
  2. Open the Settings application by clicking the Windows+I keys. Next, go to the Apps and select the Default apps option from the left side of the Navigation bar window.
  3. Now, you will click on Choose default apps by file type option that is present at the bottom. Next, locate the entry.jar file and make sure it is selected to be opened by Java.
  4. Save the changes and exit from the window.

Restart the computer again and see if the Unable to access the JAR File error has been resolved. If the situation remains the same, then you can follow the next method given below.

3. Check for any Malware

Malware and Viruses attack your computer almost every time and make the functioning very difficult and improper for the computer. You should keep checking your computer regularly for the presence of any malware or virus in it.

So, in case you keep getting the same error of Unable to Access JAR File, then you must check again for the same.  For that, you should run a very thorough run and check on your computer. Then follow Method 1 to make sure that all entries and everything associated was deleted when you uninstalled and later remade when you reinstalled JAVA.

4. Check for Documentation (for Developers)

In case you are a developer coding with JAVA, then it is very normal for you to encounter this problem while accessing any JARFile. This can be very problematic and may also stop your work for hours after that.

Thus, you must read the documentation for the function and utility that runs or even opens the JAR Files to diagnose and resolve the error. It might be a possibility that you may have mistaken the file path or you may have passed the wrong parameter to the function.

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In conclusion, I would like to add that, we have tried to give all the methods which might prove to be useful for you to resolve the issue of Unable to Access JARFile. We have given the reasons behind this error. I hope the article was of some help for you and resolved your issues. Please leave any queries or feedback in the comments section below.