How To Fix Twitch Black Screen Error

In our present-day life, we usually come up with many internet applications and platforms that help us to interact, chat, stream live gaming, broadcast online, etc with various communities to make their entertainment; and Twitch is one of them.

What Exactly Twitch is?

It started primarily for gamers and now even attracts a different range of communities for live actions and streaming of games, talk shows, special events, and much more for the artist to present their talent. Now, this site is also an online earning platform for broadcasters and creators. With every live stream, there is a chat-box for viewers to experience real-time in its virtual world by chatting, commenting, and even asking questions. It also even host events of new upcoming games to gain popularity before release. It was acquired by Amazon in 2014.

Now every application is concerned with some of the errors either technical or due to some threats. and same is with this application, the error is twitch black body error.

What is Twitch Black Screen Error?

Despite twitch coming up with frequent updates making it stable, smooth functioning, and even secure, twitch has one of the major issues called black body error. This issue causes the video stream into a  black screen whose chat sometimes works and even users hear can the stream and check other user’s profiles but not the video live feeds screen.

Apart we directly try to find the solutions for this, it is crucial to even understand the reasons for the cause.

Reasons For Twitch Black Screen Error

  • Incorrect DNS setting —  Every time to run the stream twitch requires a particular DNS (domain name system ) and during an update or any other cause your DNS settings have been changed, you get a black screen error.
  • Incorrect  IP address — IP(internet protocol) address is very crucial for different purposes.
  •  Router issue – Sometimes your router might block javascript code and due to this you can face this error.

Other than these there are many more reasons for the cause of this error like due to buggy browser, browser cache might be broken, etc.

Methods To Fix Twitch Black Screen Error

#1. Configuring Google’s DNS

Step 1: Open the network connection in the control panel. You can use ncpa.CPL run command in RUN to access network connection.

Step 2: Here you can see all your networks.

Step 3: Next, click on your ethernet network and right click on it. Choose properties.

Step 3: Double click on the Internet protocol version option.

Step 4: Enter the google “DNS” settings. Follow this guide for more info.

#2. Turning Off Hardware Acceleration

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and then click on 3 dot button.

Step 2: Select “settings” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: From the left pane, click on “advanced”.

Step 4: Then go to system > uncheck the “use hardware acceleration when available” option and click on relaunch.

Step 5: This will fix Twitch black screen error.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we tried to mention some convenient methods to resolve the “Black Screen Errors” of Twitch. We hope these solutions might help you to get rid of the error. Follow each method and each step carefully and you are good to go.

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