Top 10 Mobile Video Editing tools for Small-Business Owners

It is now recognized that video is the modern and most attractive type of information dissemination medium and this trend is likely to only increase in the future years. This year, 86% of companies are using video content for promotional reasons, up slightly from 85% in 2020.

If you are someone who’s been in digital marketing or who just likes to be on camera, you might well have a few basic videos published on YouTube or may be engaged in creating video some time. If not, you’ve certainly seen several kinds of videos browsing Instagram Posts and Facebook Live.

To reach the next level of video production, whether, for your company or your personal requirements, it is important that you grasp the many types of video editing tools accessible. So, here’s a list of the top 10 best tools for online video editing.

10 Best Mobile Video Editing Solutions for Small Business Marketing

1. Adobe Rush

Unfortunately, Premiere Pro’s younger sister, Adobe Rush, is only suitable with about 20 somewhat robust Android handsets like the latest Galaxy S Series handsets.

It may be downloaded on iPhone and Android for free, however, only 3 assembly exports are possible in the free version. You must also pay (about € 12 per month) or subscribe to Premiere Pro to use it free of charge.

Rush provides 3 video and 3 audio tracks, the most fundamental transition effects, and a great automated audio ducking function.

2. CTPro

It combines professional camera capabilities, a fast-track (comprehensive and automated) report editing tool, and streaming. The icing on the cake CTPro handles XML export of its reports through the SanDisk iXpand USB sticks to Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac/PC), or FCP X.

The publisher of E-Facto even provides manufacturing and integration into the application. The channel or the broadcaster’s charting synths are thus its economic model: subscription, which is a bit greater than that of consumer applications.

3. InVideo

InVideo is an excellent cloud-based editor for small companies or anybody wanting to create professional films. The tool allows users to create great films in a few minutes straight from their browser without requiring any downloads. This online video editor is simple and fast to use.

It is a cost-effective, web-based platform that works for both, Mac and Windows operating systems. InVideo does not need significant expertise since all of your movies are edited in a basic, straightforward editor. The very convenient tool comes with more than 4,000+ templates that may be customized and designed to suit your particular requirements.

4. Kinemaster

Developed by Nextstreaming, Kinemaster is the most prominent Android-based editing application in the world. It provides multiple layers that change depending on the smartphone’s processing capability.

In terms of aesthetics, its historical character is its failure to attach the rushes on top of the main path to each other. This allows the rushes which are connected to the chronology to be somewhat overlaid and to achieve visual slots.

Kinemaster may be utilized free of charge by including its watermark on your videos. It also provides a variety of free content to buy: music, skin elements, and typefaces.

5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is developed by WonderShare who is renowned for its Dr.Fone and Filmora desktop versions. This online video editor is a simplified version of their heavy hitters that is straightforward to use.

From pictures and videos, you may make a video. These are shown as icons there at bottom of the window. It is just as simple to add transitions between clips. The software offers around 20 primed transitions and roughly 50 effects for your video.

Not every nice transition and filters are free. Packs with filters and transition effects cost about 2 euros in the in-app store.

6. CyberLink ActionDirector

CyberLink ActionDirector offers a number of mobile application video editing features. By mixing pictures and videos with hundreds of effects and transitions to select from, you may make a movie.

It is essential to realize that not every single, intriguing filter and transition is free. Some packages are bought individually.

Video editing with a schedule where clips follow one other, and a clear option to apply transitions between clips, is pretty simple. These clips may be embellished with effects, captions, stickers, and even the “beauty mode” used.

7. LumaFusion

Originally intended to continue the Pinnacle Studio development on iPad, this app features Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X-like capabilities.

With an extra module, this futuristic app can export video assemblies! LumaFusion provides a total of 12 tracks, of which 6 for videos (of course, with their audio), and 6 for audio.

Sufficient to accomplish all sorts of activities, including “splits” displays. You may import TrueType fonts and any information from your cloud, SanDisk iXpand USB keys, or Western Digital Passport WiFi external hard drives, particularly pictures, movies, music, and others.

8. InShot Video Editor

The InShot Video Editor is a comprehensive video editor concealed behind tremendous interest. To keep things simple for you, we will just claim that it displays advertisements and urges you to pay as quickly as possible.

Although the features for Clip editing aren’t many, classics, such as cutting clips, adding music and texts (including effects and voice-over) or speed changes are available at your disposal.

About 50 filters are available, some of which are paid for; however, the other limitation is the fact that the Android version has no transitions.

9. Adobe Premiere Clip

You may make a video by conjoining pictures or videos using Adobe Premiere Clip and put music and captions in your creations.

This makes it pretty simple to produce a video. With just one design for the labeling and no transitions further than a fade across scenes, there are limited possibilities for adapting the outcome.

One element to be recognized is that it is FullHD video capable and no watermarks may be the ultimate outcome. If you want, you may even add your watermark to the video.

10. PowerDirector

A vintage cinema star rival, PowerDirector, provides relatively comparable capabilities to do “professional” topics. With this important distinction, the rush is easy to cling to each other on its two video levels (apart from the fundamental track).

I would like to mention among its advantages: the addition of fonts for personalizing the layout, a gradient option for dividing the screen more “softly,” and particularly the interoperability with the same-name PC program.

If you pick the Premium edition (hosting projects in the cloud), you may start building up a plan on your smartphone and later import it into the “large” program on your PC.


If you are a novice, selecting the appropriate video editing tool may be a tricky proposition sometimes. Therefore, testing the different features of the trial before you buy any program is your best option. One thing that you should keep in mind is that your chosen tool meets your requirements and spending plan.

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