The Benefits of Standing Desk

The strengths of sit-stand desks have been demonstrated many times at the scientific level to enhance productivity, quickness, and increase focus on different tasks. Such a result can be easily explained, as body repositioning leads to more active work of our major muscles, consequently, the circulation of blood improves and it flows directly to the brain. Hence, we start to feel better and can work faster as usual. According to the figures, it has also been established that the following kind of desks can enlarge productivity up to 20% and more.

A standing desk is an ergonomic solution not only for office or home workers, but it can also be a great choice for students and teachers who spend many hours while teaching and learning. The more convenient conditions are, the better results students will gain. There are the best school standing desk options to look at and evaluate their features.

Speaking about the time adults spend when working on the computer, it is something about 7-10 hours which is not actually ok health. Students try to vary their learning process and they often change the location, take some breaks or even go to their school fellows to learn together. But it does not mean they do not feel strain in shoulders and back pain. The key problem here is that, historically, our bodies are not ready to experience sedentary work for a solid day. We need to move and let our muscles be active.

Sitting for a long time affects the way we feel mentally and physically as well. Unpleasant issues with bones, back, discs, neck, and muscles are only some of the possible impacts observed around this problem. Using a standing desk with the function of adjustability will assist in the long struggle with constant sitting and allow people to experience a new level of comfort while working, studying, or doing any important activity.

Key Features of a Standing Desk for Students

Want to experience the advantages of productivity and high-level concentration, try a unique standing desk for the school environment, office, or home. Due to height and width adjustability, it can be applied for both teens and adults to meet their specific needs.

Say no to bustling and burden of constraint with this functional automated piece of furniture, and choose the height you need for standing or sitting. The feature of seamless movement of not the only one to enjoy, as a standing desk has:

  • Up-to-date designs to suit any style and room dimensions;
  • Fantastic durability and reliable construction;
  • Sleek tabletops of many colors to choose from;
  • Memory positioning function;
  • 8 years of warranty.

The manufacturer guarantees absolute comfort and attractive finishes that allow working without any concerns over possible scratches, deformations, or contact with water. Top-quality MDF including an opportunity to try new bamboo tabletops is one more reason people decide to replace their old desks in favor of a better ergonomic solution.

The range of tabletops is wider than you may think. You can look through the online variants or even build the desk you want to have on the website using a special “desk builder” button. Tabletops, frames, and other complementary accessories are available today to let the customers receive a fully-featured product with the necessary specifications.

It is a good idea to offer the younger people healthier conditions for studying, as the earlier to start the ingraining of such a habit will lead to a healthier generation in the future. Whether you learn at school or at home, every student needs to have options on how to do it and not have any distractions. It is possible to choose the individual design of the desk or order the required number of uniform desks for the entire class.

One more useful feature here is that some remotes have a memory positioning option, which means the user can choose the mode for the most comfortable position by just pressing one button. This way everyone can get top comfort sitting or standing at the preferred height.

The same story is about the conditions for teachers who have to stand a lot when they explain the material to students or, on the contrary, when they spend nights sitting on the computer. All these circumstances can cause health issues and a decline of strength which is not ok for teachers who strive to be effective. To put in place the conditions necessary for higher results of teachers and excellent academic performance of students, schools should consider a reasonable budget establishing.

Major Benefits Everyone Can Get Using a Standing Desk

As standing desks are so widely used today in many countries, it means they bring people valuable benefits the rest should know about. Different studies concerning these desks applications for schools, offices, and homes continue to reveal positive effects people, indeed, experience and share about. So, let’s look at the advantages many employees and students have found for themselves.

  • Obvious reduction of back pain and neck tension;
  • Opportunity to perform tasks quicker than usual;
  • Productivity boosting and faster decision making;
  • Improved concentration on multiple assignments or matters;
  • Better memorizing;
  • Mood and energy level enhancement;
  • Can lower the risk connected with heart disease.

As you see, shortening sedentary time is the right way for gaining a good mental, physical, and even metabolic state. This is why we should develop the habit to stand more and sit less. Anyway, in any case, it’s important not to overdo it. Want to experience all these benefits to the full extent, try to balance these habits sharing an equal amount of time for both activities. Remember to take breaks and go outside and get fresh air.

Perfect adjustability of the desktop and seamless control will create an ideal place for work and studying, even if you have to perform hundreds of tasks, at the end of the day you will still have enough power for other interesting activities. Start to improve your lifestyle today and feel the advantages by using a smart standing desk.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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