Boosting Your Interest in League of Legends: Top Esports Facts

Several things are hard to believe when you hear them for the first time. This is especially true for phenomena that seem to have been discovered and explored long ago. One of the brightest samples is League of Legends. It has a long history of success already. Since it was released in 2009, it has transformed into a multinational universe, where people can participate in numerous activities, including League of Legends worlds betting too. However, getting to know more about the game’s story isn’t less fascinating than monitoring its best players. Just check it out!

Wow Origin

Steve Feak may seem just a simple guy from nowhere for those who aren’t really aware of the game’s story. His nickname is Guinsoo, and the person’s influence on the universe of League of Legends isn’t under debate. It can be considered one of his career achievements since Steve is a father of this MOBA game.

Every entertainment solution has its own creator, but don’t forget children may have siblings too. In this case, League of Legends and Dota 2 are brothers since Guinsoo has participated in the design and release of both.

There is one more interesting connection. Before implementing ideas in his own launches, this professional gained practical experience — he worked on the popular World of Warcraft III mod. In reality, three games that have millions of fans around the globe were born thanks to the talent of one and the same person largely.

Family of Champions

When talking about family relations between different games, it is worth mentioning that a lot of connections are missed by fans in the solutions themselves. Without a doubt, some facts are mind-blowing. Yasuo and Yone, Nasus and Renekton, Darius and Draven, and more are listed in pairs for a reason since they are siblings. This small piece of information changes players’ attitude to the plot and the cooperation of different heroes and heroines between each other, making it perceived as something a bit more cozier.

Naturally, the paths of destiny and life are more twisted. For instance, while Viego and Kalista are just relatives, the relationships of Kai’sa and Kassadin are deeper — she is a daughter, and he is a father. Therefore, it is always recommended to pay more attention to the characters’ stories. This process guarantees more players’ engagement and increasing interest in the plot.

Winning Pool

It is often a complicated challenge for customers to decide which solution is more beneficial for gambling. That’s why they entertain and participate in League of Legends and Dota 2 item betting. As practice shows, their approach isn’t wrong at all. Don’t miss this unique opportunity if you are looking for competitive esports with the highest payout offered. Since the solution’s launch, around twenty million dollars have been used to rewards the tournament’s participants, and the case for bettors isn’t any worse.

Easter Eggs

Even if you are a bettor and think that gameplay knowledge is necessary just in basics to place stakes (this thought is common for many gamblers, including those interested in CS GO bets as well), this approach doesn’t lead to success. One of the best recommendations is to give it a try and play this entertainment on your own, experiencing its pros and cons on your own to be more flexible in your predictions.

Naturally, Easter Eggs and tricky features saved in several places of League of Legends can be unexpected but influence the results significantly. Even if they are just funny and interesting, their presence in your memory will improve your gaming or gambling experience:

  • It is not a rare case when a couple of ninja champions are in the same squad. However, it results in losing one health.
  • The ultimate of Jarvan isn’t eternal — just apply the dash of Sejuani.
  • Rammus is a representation of the Chrome browser, and there are other game’s personas with similar skins related to Explorer and Foxfire.
  • Singed is the first designed champion.
  • Vamp can be spelled with smite procs.

Wrap It Up

It doesn’t matter what is your role in the world of the League of Legends is. Whether you are a designer, a bettor, an esports player, there are still unknown moments left to discover and be amazed about. Piece by piece, your engagement will become stronger, and knowing such interesting facts will maintain your desire to keep going and achieve new horizons.

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