PlayStation Store Discount Codes for 2021

If you have a PlayStation OR are planning to buy a PlayStation, this article is for you. The PlayStation Store offers various discount codes this is the right place to look for them. Instead of searching on the internet, I have made it easy for you to get all the available discount codes in hand and quickly. Read this article ahead to find all the PlayStation store discount codes which are working in the market right now. You can share this article with your gaming friends who are interested in buying a PlayStation because everyone loves discounts. So Let’s get started.

What is PlayStation Store?

PlayStation Store in a web store available for all PlayStation users and in all the PlayStations after the PlayStation series 3. The PlayStation Store is all in one store to purchase a range of digital services such as different games, themes, subscriptions, and other downloadable content.

The online store by Sony was officially launched on November 11, 2006, and has made Purchases of the PlayStation network hassle-free since then. The PlayStation is accessible on all the PlayStation consoles after the PS3 and via the PlayStation application on smartphones. The mobile PlayStation mobile application can be downloaded from the link below: PlayStation Mobile App

What is PlayStation Store Discount Codes?

The PlayStation store discount codes are 10-digit coupon codes. These coupon codes are applied during the checkout when you buy PS games on the PlayStation store. The discounts codes, as the name, suggests give you some discount on the original price of a game.

These discount codes can give you 10% to as much as a 30% discount on the game’s value and are handy when you buy different games on the PlayStation store. However, you should note that two only one discount code can be applied to one purchase. Two discount codes can not be merged hence, you will have to make a separate purchase in that case.

How to Get PlayStation Store Discount Codes?

Now there are multiple places where you can get these discount codes for yourself. As I said above, I will list all these methods one by one so you can fetch yourself the PlayStation Store discount codes before your next purchase.

1. Buy a new PlayStation

Before buying a PS game, you must have a PlayStation to enjoy these games on. If you already own a PlayStation you can skip this step. However, if you are planning to buy a PlayStation, you should go ahead as soon as possible. This is because Sony gives out a PlayStation store discount code with every PlayStation purchase.

The discount code you get with the new PlayStation can get you 30% off on your cart value. So your first game purchase when you buy a new PlayStation will be discounted with a PlayStation store discount code.

2. The PlayStation Newsletter

This is an easy method to get yourself a PlayStation Store discount code. All you have to do is subscribe to the PlayStation Newsletter and it will give you a Playstation store discount code worth a 20% discount. You will receive PlayStation updates in the form of newsletters on your email after the subscription.

3. PlayStation Plus Subscription

Buying a PlayStation Plus subscription offers you a discounted value on purchasable games beforehand. The perk is the free games you get after buying the Plus subscription are mostly mainstream games and I guess you will not like them as much as other games.

4. Buying the PlayStation store discount code gift cards

Buying a gift card is the most effective method you can use. Sure it costs you money, but you still save money on the original cost of the game.

5. Third-Party Websites

Some third-party websites like Reddit can also provide you with the PlayStation Store discount codes. Some users who receive these codes, share them on these websites before they expire. I will list some of these websites for your assistance. All you have to do is visit these websites and search for the PlayStation store Discount codes.

How to Avail the PlayStation Store discount codes?

Once you have found the right discount code for yourself, you can follow these simple steps to avail your discount code and reduce the effective price of your cart.

1. Open the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation device.

2. Add the items to your cart and proceed to checkout.

3. Select the option “Enter Discount code”

4. Now enter the 10-digit discount code and proceed.

5. The effective price of your purchase will now be visible. You can go ahead and purchase your items.

1. Restrictions while availing of the Discount Codes

1. The PlayStation Store discount codes can only be availed on the PlayStation games and not subscription services.

2. The region of your discount should be the same as the region of your account.

3. It is impossible to transfer funds between two accounts so you have to make sure you redeem the discount code on the correct account.

4. Only one discount code can be applied once on the cart items. Two or codes can not be merged on the same cart.

5. Discount codes that are once availed cannot be availed again.


I hope I was able to help you with the PlayStation store discount codes. Do share this article with your friends and family. You can comment down your views on the article or queries in the comments section below. I hope you have an amazing day ahead.