Fix Terraria Keeps Crashing Issue on Windows 10

Terraria is a popular game developed by ReLogic. The game is packed with loads of adventure and a bit of action. It’s been available on Windows since 2011, and since then, it has been designed and is now available on other platforms, and you can play it on your smartphone as well. Despite immense popularity among the gamers, the game has its flaws. Various Terraria users have reported game crashing on startup, and sometimes it closes to the desktop while playing the game.

Recently Terraria has received many system updates that bring many performance improvements and bug fixes for Windows 10 and Xbox one users. If you face such an issue, let me tell you that you are not alone, and many Terraria users have met the same problem. In this post, we will talk about how you can fix the crashing issue while playing Terraria. Let’s begin.

How to fix terraria keep crashing?

There are several reasons for game crashing while playing Terraria, such as OneDrive syncing game files to the cloud. The game is not appropriately configured, steam cloud creating the issue, improper mode configuration, lack of administrator access, world or character data being corrupt. You can go for these troubleshooting methods to rectify the problem:

#1. Try Restarting the Computer

It is noted that sometimes an interim issue can cause crashing while playing the game. We suggest you initiate a restart on your computer and that can be helpful to resolve your problem. Restart your computer and check if the issue remains.

#2. Immobilize the Antivirus for Sometime

The antivirus software in your computer system may be preventing the game from functioning correctly; thus, you are having the issue of the game crashing. In such a case, we suggest you incapacitate the antivirus from your PC and check if it’s working fine now. If yes, you can speak to your antivirus vendor or opt to install a different antivirus program on your computer system.

#3. Check if the game files are corrupt

Terraria crash issues can occur if some game files are blemished or excluded. In such a case, try checking the game files by following these steps:

Step1. Open Steam and click on the “Library” option.

Step2. Press right-click on the Terraria option and click on Properties.”

Step3. Click on “LOCAL FILES” at the top and then click on the “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES” option.

Step4. Finally, after completing the whole procedure, initiate the game again, and see if there is a problem.

Apart from the above options, you can also opt for other alternatives such as granting administrator-level access to Terraria, using steam client, using the Windows store to uninstall the file, and then reinstall after downloading it, and by updating the graphic drivers.

Why Terraria keeps crashing on startup?

Many Terraria players have reported that when they start the game, it crashes on the startup. There are a few reasons behind this issue, and you can fix it quickly.

Out of all the reasons, one could be the antivirus or Windows defender program in your PC blocking the game. In such a case, you can disable the antivirus, or you can install another antivirus for your computer. The second reason behind the Terraria crash on startup issue can be the third party monitoring apps used in your computer system. Give a try on disabling such apps, and the problem will disappear.

The third reason behind the terraria startup crash is Terraria having a lack of administrative access, and you can fix it by right-click at the game’s exe > Then click on Properties > Open the Compatibility tab> then check “Run this program as an administrator.”

When you are finished running the game, check if the problem still prevails.

Fix: Terraria keeps crashing with modes

Most of the Terraria players add different modes in the game to personalize the gaming experience. Sometimes, when the methods are not correctly configured, they can disturb the game and make the game crashing. So while adding new modes to your game, it is required to check if they are correctly configured. Otherwise, you may face the crashing issue. Apart from this, you can try out these alternatives as well.

#1. Try out disabling the modes

Instead of trying any other troubleshooting method, it is better to check if your modes are compatible with Terraria. Mods are third-party plug-ins, and they are responsible for changing the game experience by augmenting customized graphics or other actions compared to the stock game. These particular modes allow the game to be more pleasant and customized. The issue with these modes is that they are not well-regulated, and therefore they cause the problem with the core process of the game and create a disturbance. Usually, third-party mode developers launch mode versions that sync easily with the game, although sometimes they don’t sync properly with the game, resulting in crashing. In a case like this, we suggest you physically copy and paste the modes to a particular location and disable them. After disabling the modes, your game should work fine.

#2. Try reinstalling the game

Terraria provide various updates to add new features and fixing the bugs. However, sometimes it causes issues while updating the game and corrupts the game file. The same thing can happen when you shift the game file from one driver to another one. If you are facing the same issues, then we suggest you should try reinstalling the game. It will revitalize the game and boot up everything from top to bottom; after reinstalling the game, check if the issue is fixed or not.

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Fix Terraria keeps crashing on Xbox One

If you are seeing an issue of the game crashing while playing Terraria on your Xbox One, then please follow these steps:

Step1. Turn off your gaming console by pressing and holding the power button for ten seconds on the front of your game console.

Step2. When it is completely turned off, please press the button again and turn it on following the same procedure.

Now check if the issue still exists. If yes, then try out resetting the MAC address on your Xbox One by following these steps.

Step 1. Open to the “Settings” on your game console and select the “Network” option.

Step 2. Select the “Advanced Settings” option and then click on the “Alternate MAC address.”

Step 3. Now clear the MAC address and then restart the game with a new MAC address.

Step 4. Open the game and check if the problem still appears.

If these options don’t work, you can also go for reinstalling the game on your Xbox One, which can help you resolve the issue.

Wrapping Up

Many Terraria players worldwide have been facing game crashing, and we know how irritating it can be to be interrupted because of such problems. In this blog, we have discussed the troubleshooting methods you can apply and use to encounter game crashing on your playtime. Please go through all the details and procedures we have mentioned in the above post and then start from the basics one by one. You shall be able to troubleshoot the game crashing issue on your own. One other important thing to ensure is to read all the solutions carefully as one wrong step can be the reason for a new problem, and you certainly don’t want that. We hope that we have guided you well with our post.

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