15 Best Subtitles Download Sites for Free

Hello there Movie lovers! Today this article is for you. Do you know how you can watch movies in languages you do not understand? Subtitles are the answer! Check our article out to know about the best subtitles download sites for different movies. Now the subtitles on these websites are multi-lingual so everyone has something in their share. And don’t forget to share our article with others to help them as well. So Let’s get started!

About Movies & Subtitles

Imagine this, you want to watch a movie/show but the audio of the movie is in a language you don’t understand. Sure, you can just watch the scenes to figure out what the characters are talking about. But here is a better way to do that. Of course, the Subtitles! Now again the problem is that not all the movies you watch are with subtitles. Well, we have a solution for that too!

Multiple websites on the internet can provide you the subtitles of different movies and that too in multiple languages! Read this article further to know about the Best Websites to download subtitles of different movies from.

You can just download the subtitles from these websites and play them with the movie or the show you are watching. These subtitles appear accurately as the dialogues of the characters so you do not need to worry. Just download the subtitles, put them with your native video players and enjoy the show!

Best Subtitles Download Sites 2021

The websites I will give you in this article are already tried and tested for you. They do not need any signup, so just log on and download the subtitles for free. The links of these websites are on their names themselves and you can download subtitles from these websites in SRT or Zip format. Without wasting any further time, let’s get on the list.

1. OpenSubtitles

best websites to download subtitles

OpenSubtitles has a large database of subtitles for movies in different languages. Considering how popular this website is, it had to be the very first on the list. The websites available on this website are in many languages such as English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, and many more. To simplify the needs of the users, the website holds a search tool so that you can filter your search based on Your country, Region, Language, Season, or the episode you want to search for.

2. Subscene

best websites to download subtitles

Subscene is not only a subtitles download site, but it also allows you to download movies from its large database of movies and popular shows. The subtitles on this website are added every day for the users. Plus, the website allows you to search for the subtitles from the filtered search bar.

3. Subs4free

best websites to download subtitles

As the name suggests, this website is one of the best subtitles download sites for free. The subtitles available on these websites are of popular movies and tv shows so there is no possibility that you do not find what you are looking for.

4. Addic7ed

best websites to download subtitles

Although a strange name, Addic7ed ( read as addicted) as websites aims to provide subtitles and movies for its users in one place. The website requires you to sign up to enter a world full of movies and subtitles. Once you sign up, you can search for subtitles or movies/shows from the never-ending list. New released movies and subtitles are shown on top of the page.

5. YIFY Subtitles

best websites to download subtitles

The YIFY Subtitles is named after a very famous piracy group. It is a very famous website to download subtitles however, unlike other websites this website only has subtitles of movies and not tv shows. The front page of the websites shows different famous movies of the present. You can search for specific movie subtitles from the search bar. The website also shows general information like Duration, Language, Genre, etc. when you select a movie.

6. Podnapisi

best websites to download subtitles

This is one of the cleanest websites to download subtitles. The user interface is so simple and unique that users will easily able to search and download the subtitles they want. The homepage of the website itself will give you the subtitles of the latest movies and shows.

7. BollyNook

best websites to download subtitles

Now, this website is to download subtitles, particularly for Bollywood movies. Bollywood is the largest producer of movies in the world. If you want to watch a Bollywood movie and you do not understand the Hindi language, you can download the movie’s subtitles and watch the movie. The subtitles on this website are in multiple languages such as English, Dutch, French, Arabic, etc.

8. English Subtitles 

best websites to download subtitles

English Subtitles is another website that will provide you with subtitles of different movies and shows. Contrary to the name, the subtitles on this website are in different languages. It also offers a dark mode UI for the users.

9. Subdl

best websites to download subtitles

Subdl offers you to download English subtitles of movies in different languages such as English, Dutch, Italian, French, etc. It is one of the best websites to download subtitles with accurate time stamps.

10. Subtitle Seeker

best websites to download subtitles

When you go to this website it might seem barren to you. However, it holds a large database of subtitles of both old and new movies and shows. You will have a choice of format when you are downloading the subtitles i.e. SRT or ZIP formats. The search bar does not offer to filter results but the download process is very easy and convenient.

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15 Best Websites to Download Subtitles

Here is a list of the best websites to download movies/show subtitles from. The links will be in the names themselves:

  1. Downsub
  2. TVSubs.net
  3. DIVX Subtitles
  4. Moviesubtitles.org
  5. TV Subtitles.net
  6. iSubtitles.org
  7. Subtitles.hr
  8. TVsubs
  9. SubtitlesHub
  10. English Subtitles for DivX Movies
  11. Movie Subtitles SRT
  12. M4UFREE
  13. Subdivx
  14. SubsMax
  15. SRT Subtitle


Movies and shows are universal languages of entertainment and I believe one should be able to watch movies in any language from any part of the world. Therefore, I tried to list down the best websites to download subtitles in different languages as per my knowledge. I hope my article helped you to find the ideal subtitle for the movie or show you are watching.

If you liked this article you might also like other articles on our website so please take some time out and take a look at them too. I will also be writing more such articles in the future so make sure you don’t miss them. I’ll hereby sign off and I hope you have an amazing day ahead.