How to Install Snapchat for PC Windows 10

Snapchat was developed by Snap Inc. and released on July 8, 2011. It is a mobile multimedia application for both Android and iOS used to share text, photos and videos.

Snapchat is giving today’s teens what they want: Easy way to share every significant moment of life with your family and friends while simultaneously making them look impressive with a lot of creative filters.

Snapchat for PC is free to download, the feature which makes Snapchat different from other multimedia application is that the message disappears itself from the receiver in a short time of period.

Features of Snapchat

There are a lot of Snapchat features, and they are continuously increasing day by day and making Snapchat more exiting. Some of the Snapchat features are mentioned below.

  • Chat: Snapchat allows their users to send a text message to each other that disappears within a few seconds; you only need a username of the person you need to text.
  • Filters: This feature overlays photos with different images or stickers, So many filters are available on Snapchat some of them are based on one’s location, they are called geofilters.
  • Stories: This feature allows users to put their photos and short videos on the story to keep running their accounts. The story disappears over time, so people often check their friend’s story.
  • Live stories: Snapchat provides people with a platform to share their (Live) Stories. This is one of the primary methods of watching different content on Snapchat. Live stories give the person a brief glimpse into somebody’s life.
  • Memories: People uses this feature to save their collection, including images and videos. Otherwise other contents of Snapchat, including chat messages and discover.
  • Snapcash: Snapchat is offering its users to transfer money to each other via Snapcash like PayPal, Payoneer and Venmo.
  • Snap store: This feature is for those who like to purchase Snapchat-related items.
  • Snap Map: Snap Map helps you to share your real-time location on a map with your Snapchat friends only.
  • Shazam: This feature helps you identify any song you want. It would be best if you played that song, and shazam will identify the song.

How to Install Snapchat for PC Windows 10

Officially there are methods to use Snapchat on PC. Because of the security issues, you cannot access this application online via any search engine, so there is the only way to use a mobile app on PC is installing Emulators.

Emulators are applications that allow our PC to install and run mobile apps. Emulators manage to creates an interface, which makes the application recognizes the emulator as a mobile device.

These applications are downloaded into your PC without any interference of third-party platforms, so there is nothing to worry about data.

As compared to other emulators, BlueStack is one of the most significant and efficient to run Snapchat on your Windows PC. More details are given below to run Snapchat on windows.

Step 1: First download Android emulator from BlueStack Official page.

bluestacks download

Step 2: Open downloaded .exe file to open the installation window.

Step 3: Click on “INSTALL NOW” to start the installation and wait for the emulator to be installed properly.


Step 4: Once the installation is finished, click on Google Play icon on the main page of BlueStack emulator.

Google Play

Step 5: Sign-in your Gmail ID to access your Google Play via emulator.

Step 6: Once you get access to the Google play store. Search Snapchat on the top search bar.

Step 7: Click on the “Install” button.

The application will be installed in the virtual Android environment created by BlueStack.

Step 8: Click on “open” to boot Snapchat on the emulator once the installation is completed.

Step 9: Login/Signup and enjoy the app in your windows emulator.

NOTE: Commonly BlueStack crashes once or twice for every PC version. Reboot emulator, earlier then you will not face any problem.


Today sharing photos and videos becoming the most common part of our life. It was started by some other popular apps where users share there photos and videos under a common platform.

Still, now this is modern generation and demand is increasing by the time for more personalized applications with the same features the game was changed when Snapchat came to the digital world.

The app is most popular due to its privacy measurements.

Now Snapchat is also available in Windows PC, so the demand is getting high and attracting people, especially teens. More than 40% of the US population ages 18-30 uses Snapchat.

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