Shopify’s Best Tool To Track Orders

Implementing processes and tools to improve the customer experience is a standard practice in e-commerce businesses. This not only improves customer service but will also have a positive impact on sales. If you have a Shopify e-commerce site, you can find many such to help you automate processes. One such tool to help your customers and buyers to track their purchases with a track package function which will also help in reducing the number of tickets and queries related to order delivery.

We reviewed the Ordertracker tool for Shopify and analyzed how impactful it can be for your e-commerce. It aims to solve the issue of customers contacting customer support to know their delivery status. It is much better for small and medium businesses as it eliminates the use of customer service representatives with its automation of the order tracking process.

Let us start to review the tool, its integration into the Shopify system, and how it can benefit your business in different dimensions.

Features and Functionality

Ordertracker provides many different features, tools, and functionality to enhance the user experience and help shop owners deliver their service or product properly.

Order tracking page

The Ordertracker tool provides an order tracking page that customers can access from the order status page. This page includes information and the status of the order. It integrates into your page automatically after installation.

This tracking page is fully customizable and translates the language to the customer’s language.

Track Order button

Ordertracker adds a “Track Order” button to your order status page. Customers can click this button and start tracking their orders. It provides an easy way to track your order without using the order code.

Order lookup

This functionality lets customers search for their specific order with its order code. Customers can simply use this code, enter it into the order lookup bar and start tracking their order.

Status notifications

The status notification provides notifications to the customer about the order’s delivery status. The tool will send notifications via email to the customers and alert them about their delivery status.

Dropshipping mode

Dropshipping mode allows you to mask the name of the carrier partners and locations in China. This is very helpful for dropshippers that order products from China.

This Dropshipping mode can be turned On and enable masking Chinese courier names, logos, and tracking events. This tool is best used for Drop shippers who want to maintain customer trust.

Over 1200 couriers supported.

This tool supports 1200 couriers that support tracking and tracing by default. However, you can also configure it accordingly.

Ordertracker is equipped with all the right functions that easily integrate into your Shopify store. It ultimately helps customers to track their orders easily and with fewer clicks.

Ease of use

The installation process is also very easy. You can add and set up a tracking page with just a few clicks. This will add the app to your Store and integrate itself into the order status page. Since this tool is designed for Shopify, its integration with the system is very fast and easy.

This tool is also very easy to use on the user interface. Customers can click the Track Order button on their order status page and start tracking their order with a few clicks.

They can also use the order lookup function to start tracking their order by first looking up the order using the order tracking code.

Customer experience

Using this tool is also very beneficial for customer experience. They do not have to call a customer representative to know about the delivery of their order. Rather customers can simply track their order with a few simple clicks on the app itself. It helps reduce customers’ dependency on customer support personnel and also helps save time and effort for your business.

Instead, customers can simply use the tracking tool to track their orders whenever they want with a few simple clicks.

Pricing and value

There are many different pricing options, including a free plan optimized according to businesses’ various needs and sizes.

While there is a basic version of the tool that is free, it may not always be enough. It does allow users up to 50 orders a month. You will have to upgrade if you want to manage more than 50 orders.

The tracker, by default, supports over 1200 couriers. You could customize the tool for your delivery chain, but having support for such large Couriers does make it easier. This tool also has many functions to enhance the user experience and service delivery.


Therefore, if you are an e-commerce entity, Dropshipper, or small business owner who sells their product online, Ordertracker is for you. It lets your customers control the information about their order delivery status. It also decongests your customer service and the frequent question about the order delivery status.

So join the growing list of Ordertracker users, and position yourself to benefit from such technology. Simply visit the Shopify App Store, start using the Ordertracker tool, and add it to your Shopify store.