3 Ways to Run Windows on Your Mac! (Easy Steps to follow!)

One of the many reasons that Windows users find it difficult to operate Mac is because they have become habitual of Windows functions.

This is because they have been using it for years. But now, you don’t have to worry to convert yourself into a Mac user and adjust yourself accordingly. 

In this guide, we will provide you with 3 different ways that will help you convert your Mac operating system into the Windows operating system.

Thus, you don’t have to start from zero. Among the following methods, choose the one that suits you the best and seems easy for you to execute. 

Let’s start with the guide:

Dual Boot macOS and Windows Using Boot Camp!

Boot Camp is an integrated Mac service that is used for installing Windows.

Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant - Apple ...

It divides your harddrive into two portions, one for macOS and one for Windows. This process is also known as a dual boot system.

This allows you to boot into either of them. But, you are not allowed to use both operating systems simultaneously. Therefore, you need to restart your Mac whenever you wish to switch between the two. 

The interesting and amazing part about doing so is that you get the utmost performance and efficiency from both operating systems. This is because you are operating one at a time.

Moreover, running Windows on Mac via boot camp sometimes gives better and faster performance than Windows computers themselves. 

This is a very effective option here that is best for multiple tasking. For example, you can easily play games, make graphics, edit videos, etc. 

How to Get Windows on Your Mac Using Boot Camp?

You are already equipped with everything you need to mount and execute Windows using Boot Camp With a Mac and an internet connection.

But you need to build a USB Boot Camp installer if your Mac came out before 2015. 

How to run Windows 10 on your Mac (Boot Camp) - YouTube

Before you begin with the process, make sure that your startup disk has at least 64 GB free. This much space needs to be free, for Windows OS and any other application you will be using with it.

You need this space and any content you wish to use for the operating system on Windows. 

From Microsoft’s Download Windows 10 page, you can download the latest version of Windows as an ISO disk image. 

The Boot Camp Wizard will be open next. You can find it within the utility, but it is easier to check with the Spotlight (cmd + space) to open it in the Applications folder on your Mac.

Follow instructions on the screen for partitioning your hard disk, downloading drivers for Windows, and installing the dual boot system. 

Only restart your Mac and hold option while the boot camp installation is over. The option to boot to macOS or Windows will be provided.

Run Windows via Virtual Machine on Your Mac

Inside a Mac, the Virtual Machine runs the Windows.

In this method, you no longer need to divide your hard drive and reboot your Mac, when you want to switch between the two operating systems. 

How to Run Windows 10 on Mac Free with VirtualBox for Mac OS X ...

You will be running both macOS and Windows simultaneously with the help of Virtual Machine.

Therefore, the results might not be as impressive as in a dual boot system. But, in VM you are allowed to use apps of both Windows and Mac.

However, with VM you get to choose different options to install Windows on macOS:

Among these options, Vmware Fusion and Parallels are easier to install and run Windows alongside exciting Mac features.

VirtualBox is free but a bit complicated and includes fewer features as compared to others.

How to Install a Windows Virtual Machine on Your Mac?

Virtual Machine needs a bit of your focus and efforts to be executed properly. But, a tutorial video or guide can help to get it through. 

If we talk about  Vmware Fusion and Parallels, they are easy to set up and fast.

How to Run Windows 10 on Mac Free with VirtualBox for Mac OS X ...

Among these two options Parallels is considered a viable option for running Windows on Mac. However, both of them provide users with many exciting and amazing features.

You can download a free trial of the software or buy a licensed one depending on what suits you.

After that, you will be guided through on-screen instructions. Follow them and you will be able to set up a Windows VM. 

Run Windows To Go From an External Drive Using WinToUSB

Windows To Go: How to Install and Run Windows 10 from a USB Drive ...

To install Windows you will use Windows To Go feature on your External Drive that will allow you to boot into any Mac system.

The main advantages are that the internal hard drive doesn’t eat up any space and it provides a lot of portability. 

Windows To Go is like a dual boot system, but instead of dividing hard drive Windows runs from a different hard drive.

This means that whenever you wish to switch between the two operating systems, you need to reboot your Mac. 

Sadly, the data transfer and write speed of the external drive and the port they are connected with are restricted to the Windows To Go systems.

They require some efforts and time to be set properly. You will preferably use a USB 3.0 drive at least 50MB / s at write speed.

For fastest connectivity, you must always make sure that you connect it to a USB 3.0 port on your Mac.

How to Install Windows To Go for Mac on an External Drive?

In 2019, Microsoft discontinued Windows To Go’s official feature, and you can use a similar setup using applications from third parties.

Thus, WinToUSB is currently the easiest and fastest way to install Windows To Go on your external drive. 

How to install Windows 10 on your Mac using a "Boot Camp" external ...

Windows To Go on your hard drive is now simple to load with WinToUSB. For temporary installation on your Mac, you may require a Windows or VM application.

This app is an application based on Windows. We advise you to use the free trial of Parallels or the VMware Fusion for this if you don’t have a suitable Windows computer. 

To ensure Mac hardware works with Windows, you must also download support files from the Boot Camp.

Open the macOS Boot Camp Assistant and choose Action > and from the menu bar, you will download Windows Support Software.

Once the support files are downloaded, you need to copy and paste them into the Virtual Machine (VM.) 

After that, connect your External Drive on your Mac and launch Disk Utility.

Delete and reformat the drive with a GUID Partition Map scheme macOS Extended. Exit and re-connect it to your Virtual Machine once that’s done. 

You will download the Windows ISO disk image and install WinToUSB in your Virtual Machine (VM). To access Disk Management and choose your external drive, right-click on the Start Button.

Right-click here on the drive ‘s primary partition and select Delete Volume. After that, create a New simple volume by right-clicking again.  Set the system file to NTFS.

Open WinToUSB and you will set the location for Windows as your External Drive.  Open WinToUSB and pick the Windows place for your hard drive.

For installation, you will choose the best boo and system partitions and pick the legacy mode.

Then, Windows will be installed in your External Drive by WinToUSB.

You will use File Explorer to copy from the Boot Camp Assistant everything about Windows Support. 

Lastly, you need to restart your Mac and press the Option key till the system powers on to boot Windows to Go from the External Hard Drive.

Then, you need to open the Windows Support folder and navigate to Boot Camp and then Setup. This step will help you install the essential drives needed for Windows to run on Mac.

Wrapping It Up!

Following were the three methods that will help you run Windows on your Mac.

We hope that our provided solution will help you. If you find it difficult to perform the task correctly, you can watch a tutorial video or contact us.

We will try to help you out. 

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