5 Reasons Why Macs Are Less Likely to Get Malware Than Windows

As long as apps and the internet are accessible, there will still be issues such as zero-day assaults. Infecting a Mac with a virus is far harder because of the “stable” existence of the App.

However, this is not the only explanation of why Mac computers are not corrupted. Nevertheless, relative to Microsoft Windows, it is less possible that an Apple Macintosh machine would get corrupted.

Also interchangeably, the words ‘virus‘ and ‘malware‘ are used. Moreover, let’s look into detail concerning what makes Mac better in functionality as compared to Windows.

Firstly we are going to discuss some important aspects which may help you in a better way to detect the difference between their functionality and why Mac is less likely to get malware than windows


The term malware is a malicious program contraction. All software is designed to render devices dangerous, stolen, and generally unpleasant, in simple terms.


The various types of malware include viruses, trojans, spyware and ransomware. You might be wondering what are they? Well, they are also part of malware but a bit different from one another.

For instance:

  • Trojan horse: Harmful programs which are useful
  • Adware: Malicious advertising programs
  • Spyware: Monitoring and reporting your computer to an organization
  • Worms: Malware spreads to other network devices

What Is Shielding a Mac from Malware?

While it doesn’t seem like outstanding protection, because it isn’t under the reach of Apple, the Mac is still secured from getting more Windows computers than Macs in the world. A Windows disruption virus does not function with Macs.

Shielding a Mac from Malware

Therefore criminals will apply to their specific sites. Because Windows is far more common than MacOS, producing and targeting a huge number of people makes more sense.

That’s what happens exactly. There is less ransomware danger for the Mac as those who build it have even less to benefit. However flawed, this principle is known as safety through the darkness.

Moreover, let’s look at the 5 reasons that make a Mac better than Windows

1- Separates Application from Sandboxes

Separates Application

The functionality of sandboxing in macOS is to minimize the duration of the application that is consuming more space in your device; it simply limits the app.

This is used to provide the barriers between the third party application making it less damage and more efficient. It also prevents the third-party application to access any app or system files in your device.

This is one of the major aspects that makes a Mac less flexible than Windows. Moreover, some restrictions keep the payoff of tightened security of a Mac.

By limiting the third party access it gets difficult for malware to infect mac easily as the third party has limited access to the core system which makes serious damage until unless a gatekeeper shows up!

As we have discussed earlier, macOS Catalina needs to grant permission to Mac apps so that it can function any part of the system they want. Such apps include Files and folder, Camera and photos and screen recording etc. Moreover, 

  • Check out the system preferences
  • Security and Privacy 

so that you can see what is allowed and what isn’t. In addition to this, you can also change the privacy measures in this if you want to!

2- Quantity of Macs is Fewer than Windows

Here is another aspect that makes a mac more flexible than windows. By looking at this one which is more likely an advantage to mac that the Windows computers are more in the world than Macs which also can be the cause of macs protection as it is outside of Apple’s control.

Moreover, a virus is designed to damage windows but not Mac! Most of the criminal developers find it difficult to damage a Mac.

As windows are used on a larger scale as compared to mac that’s why they tend to make more and new viruses which can cause damage to a windows computer. As it is in human nature that they prefer something in a large quantity.

Malware is more likely to attack windows and there is a very few mac malware that exists because to the individuals who make them, even less is to be achieved. Although incomplete, this principle is recognized as security through obscurity.

3- SIP has a Defensive Coding Applied

Coding Applied

The OS covers sensitive data on the Mac to keep you from unintentionally destroying or transferring them.

But critical data is held behind a secret safety tool named Protection Integrity Security (SIP)

SIP (present on OS X El Capitan and later) prohibits you or someone else from modifying device files that are also a primary focus for malware on your computer.

This makes malware difficult to penetrate your operating system and endanger your Mac safety or efficiency. You can bypass SIP just like Gatekeeper if you like to.

But most trustworthy developers craft their applications so that you don’t have to deal with SIP.

4- New Applications to Make Sure the Gatekeeper Scans are Safe

Gatekeeper is one of the finest security systems in MacOS which is also one of the reasons that makes it more flexible than windows.

New Applications

In addition to this if you have downloaded an application from an outside source, then you’ll notice that you can not really access that particular application until it’s from the Mac app store!

This is because of the Gatekeeper as it prevents them from accessing and uses XProtect to scan whether there is any sort of malware in it. Gatekeeper will alert you of the danger if it detects one and will not allow the device to open.

5- Designed macOS from the Unix Platform Apple

As Microsoft created Windows, it designed the OS on a special MS-DOS development base. Moreover, Apple has designed Unix for a long-standing open-source platform in macOS

Unix Platform Apple

Unix’s reliability and protection technologies are legendary, all of them are not in MS-DOS. Since Windows XP, MS-DOS hasn’t been used as its base, however today there is a huge amount of its protection and design. 

Unix is open-source and is used in macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4 and even firmware development for gadgets like your router by a wide range of companies.

Most people in Unix are working to patch bugs so that their own devices will be better. This group effort is beneficial on your Mac, while Windows PCs rely solely on the architecture of Microsoft.

Want Your Mac to be Safe?

Well with all the durability and versatility a mac is providing we are sure that you want to keep your device safe for a longer duration.

Mac to be Safe

All you need to do is keep all the malware away from your Mac and you will be surprised to see the efficiency of your device. You can secure your Mac best by running the latest software.

When you have new updates, macOS can alert you, or if your Mac is not in action you may opt to get updates enabled automatically. Here are a few examples by which you can keep your Mac work efficient,

  • Make sure that you get the latest updates of mac to keep it functioning effectively
  • Try to avoid unknown emails that you are not sure about the senders
  • Do not bypass protection mechanisms to mount software from insecure sources.


Having said that, no system is flawless when it comes to security. A malware hazard can be possible on a Mac, like every other device.

The behaviours of users certainly lead, but you’re glad to know that your Mac is safe against most disruptions obviously.

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