Repairing Twitch Error 4000 – [Step By Step Guide]

As we are talking about twitch which is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms for many of the gamers, every month millions of gamers come to twitch to live stream their favourite game that they are playing and make money of their own.

The platform is popular because of its audio and video high-quality resolution that attracts millions of gamers and fans to enjoy and do live streaming.

If something gets wrong while live streaming or if mainly the problem comes into audio while in the live streaming then this article will tell you how to fix that problem.

Well, basically some browser error occurs that disrupt your audio during live streaming. As we go further I would like to tell you about a software that can repair any kind of error, malware, virus.

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In the beginning, Twitch was only known as the gaming live streaming platform where many games live stream their gaming skills but now they have updated the platform.

They have added esports competition and much more stuff, as well as live streaming, continues to roll. We have arranged you a list that will surely fix the issue which is causing trouble with your twitch live stream.

What Is Twitch 4000 Error?

Repairing Twitch Error 4000

The twitch 4000 error comes in the live stream when you are watching a live stream. This error causes the audio to completely shut as a matter of fact the audio is working elsewhere in your system and will not only work on this platform.

It can resolve some steps that we will mention below as this problem can occur some time so no need to worry the error will easily remove.

Steps To Fix It

If you do not want to go with the troubleshooting problems so there is another way from which you can easily solve this error. Some times the issue is not in the platform or any other place but it is coming right from the browser itself.

Browsers contain extensions and third-party cookies involvement so sometimes these things cause problems and make some things disrupt. So some time twitch 4000 error can also cause by the browser incompatibility but for this, there is a solution.

If you change the browser it might make the error go away and many times this problem goes away by just changing the browser. There are some browsers that block cookies from the third party and those browsers are the best from many others for this platform. 

Furthermore, we will now get back to our business as we will explain to you how to remove the twitch 4000 error by troubleshooting.

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1- Play the Stream In the Pop-up Player

Many users mentioned in the review that by opening Twitch pop-up player can make this problem go away. As a matter of fact, we also checked this method and it definitely works but this not a permanent fix.

However, you can watch your favourite streams on this by jus pop-up the window until you get a permanent fix for this problem. To open the pop-up player you should follow these steps.

  • First, click the player settings icon that will be in the bottom right of the screen
  • then, select pop-up player

2- Try Refreshing the Screen

Refreshing the Screen

Sometimes when you loading the screen or to open the Twitch site different issues appear to stop you from going further and stopping your internet access too.

But sometimes a simple way can make many big things go away just like that you can stop this issue by just refreshing the page.

As for refreshing the page, you will need to press Ctrl + R on your keyboard screen or you can click the refresh icon on your browser.

3- Close Other Active Media Players

As many other media players are working in the background of your system and can cause the audio error on twitch.

The properties that a stream audio needs can be in use with your media play and that’s why the twitch audio is causing trouble in working. So you should completely close all the players before streaming on Twitch so you can get clear audio.

For this task, we recommend you to do it with Task Manager as it will remove the media players from the background completely. The steps of removing the media player are following

  • To open the Task Manager, right-click on the taskbar which is at the bottom right corner and then select Task Manager.
  • When you enter the Task Manager window select each media player one by one and click on end process to remove it completely.
  • After that, close the Task Manager and try to reload the stream to see if it works or not.

4- Remove Audio Hardware

Remove Audio Hardware

Sometimes a audio hardware can also interrupt twitch audio and can cause Twitch 4000 error. You should remove all the hardware like headphones or speakers before starting steam.

Once the audio is back with the steam you can again plug the audio hardware back in and see if it works or not.

5- Change Google Chrome Autoplay Setting

If you change the autoplay settings of chrome the stream or any video will not play automatically and you will have to turn it on by your own self. For changing the autoplay settings follow these steps.

  • First, have a blank page open on chrome
  • Click the address bar and type chrome: flags and press enter on your keyboard
  • After that, search for autoplay policy when you will find it change the option from default to document user activation is required
  • In the end, restart google chrome and after that start a stream and see if the error is gone or not

6- Use the Twitch Desktop App

If you can not fix the audio with your browser the only option is the Twitch Desktop App. however, Twitch desktop app is more efficient than the web version of Twitch.

The application is a stand-alone app plus it will give you a better response than the web version and the best part is that it comes with some extra tools and features that you will love to use.

You just have to download the Twitch desktop app that’s all and nothing much.


As we have learned many things in this article regarding the Twitch 4000 error. As this error comes with a bigger price that is the most important thing when you are watching a video which is audio.

However, we assure you that these methods will make the problem go away. We also request if you have any other method to solve this problem which is more reliable than these six methods then please share it with us.

We will love to hear more suggestions or methods to fix this problem. If you have any queries regarding this article or any other article similar to this feel free to comment us we will be here for your assistance.

You can comment us in our comment section right below this conclusion heading. We will try our best to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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