How to Remove the AutoKMS Virus (Complete Guide)

Here we have shared this guide for you regarding how to remove AutoKMS Virus. It is true that PC systems often become the victim and target of AutoKMS Virus.

This has to turn out to be a major and big problem for every single person out there. Furthermore, there is a specific guide as well to get rid of this virus.

This guide can be freely applied by both of the individual users as well as big companies.

You may have seen that there are lots of and multiple numbers of virus signatures available and circulating freely.

And here we have this commonly known virus that is termed and called with the name of AutoKMS.

We hope that this piece of writing will be able to give you specific information regarding this risky and malicious software.

Even more, you can check out the simple and easy ways as to how to get rid of it and remove it.

For the information, the file of this virus always shows malicious behaviour. It is not at all recommended to make use of this hacking program.

It is constantly and consistently associated with malware software and unwanted software.

What Is AutoKMS.exe?

AutoKMS Virus – How to remove – Dedicated

You might be wondering what AutoKMS.exe, here we are going to tell you. Most importantly, one needs to know that AutoKMS virus is more of a hack tool.

A large numbers use this tool and they prefer to download it with an intention and purpose to crack any of the unregistered Microsoft products.

This hacking tool helps them to bypass any of the security measures as well as let them avoid payment.

In addition, AutoKMS is marked and graded as one of the low or medium threat zones.

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Whenever this tool is accompanied by unregistered software like that of Trojan virus, then this tool becomes risky and dangerous for your system.

It is called and identified as an illegal third-party tool. It allows hackers to enjoy and be offered with complete access.

This tool downloads malicious software for your system. It is according to a few of the Microsoft technicians that this virus AutoKMS, it is somewhat a variation and has its connection with Troyan virus.


You can uninstall this tool anytime you want to.

Regarding its working, we can give you this little bit of idea that once you are going to download and install a pirated version of Microsoft Office 2016, then you will always be in need to AutoKMS to enable and activate it.

This specific and subjected AutoKMS tool, it operates and runs in the background. It consists of a portable version.

Users install it likewise the rest of the applications and software are installed in a PC system.

Besides, AutoKMS makes it connect with the remote servers. This way, it becomes easy for them to mimic and make a copy of Microsoft’s KMS Activation process.

It is all because of the security measures that this entire and whole structure of AutoKMS may crash or reduce your system performance. For the reason that it is recommended to remove it from your system.

AutoKMS.exe File Information

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Now let us talk and discuss AutoKMS.exe file information. Keep in mind that this AutoKMS.exe file is a kind of software component that belongs and link itself with the zone of AutoKMS.

This file was coded right by some two anonymous developers during the time of 2010. Moreover, this file is usually and generally installed in “C:\Windows\AutoKMS\AutoKMS.exe“.

At times, it is installed in this format: “C:\Windows\AutoKMS.exe“. It allows users to get in hand Microsoft “cracked” volume-licensed copies.

This is how their versions of Microsoft remains to stay activated and enabled on their PC systems.

Best Practices for Resolving AutoKMS issues

Remove AutoKMS issues virus, here is a guide for you. These are the best and suitable practices that you can go for. So, jump on to the details.

As we have recommended and advised to you, you can install this AutoKMS tool. What you can do is to Navigate and move to Control Panel.

And then simply remove likewise you remove all other kinds of applications. Below we have illustrated this solution in a more in-depth way and manner:

Uninstalling AutoKMS From Your System

Remove HackTool:win32/autoKMS (Removal Guide) - Free Instructions

Go to the Search bar, there you have to type Control. And simply open Control Panel. The second step is about moving and accessing the Category view.

Then the user needs to click and hit on Uninstall a program. Look for AutoKMS and just uninstall it.

Get Help From Experts Recommended Antiviruses

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You can remove this virus from your system by taking help and assistance from experts suggested antiviruses.

Most noteworthy, you can use antiviruses like that of Bitdefender, Bullguard, or you can try out Panda.

All of these recommendations are packed with highly-rated features. They claim and promise to keep your PC system all and completely safe right from the attack of any malicious software.

Performing a Deep Scan with the Help of Windows Defender

The next best practice of removing this AutoKMS, it is to take help from Windows defender and simply get rid of this hacking tool virus.

This Zone Performs Deep and Thorough Scanning Job for You.

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The first step required from you is to Open Windows Defender. It is located there in the notification area.

Then you have to choose and hit on Virus and threat protection. Aim at the button of Scan Offline button.

Make sure that you save each and everything before you get on with your job of deep scanning and removing this AutoKMS virus.


Finally, click on the Scan button. And get the needed and required results.

Make Use of Malwarebytes Free to Remove this AutoKMS Virus

We have seen and noticed that Malwarebytes Free is the reliable and most popular anti-malware software.

Malwarebytes Free to Remove this AutoKMS Virus

It has the tendency and potential to remove and kill all kind of malware. Furthermore, it can trouble-free clean any of your infected devices.

Malwarebytes is an essential tool that shows complete and full courage regarding fighting against malware.

And you can use this same tool to remove this AutoKMS virus. Just double-click right on the Malwarebytes setup file. Install it on your PC computer.

It is in the Downloads folder that you will find this file. Moreover, you are going to be given with a User Account Control pop-up.

You will be asked whether you want to allow and permit Malwarebytes to make any of the needed changes into your device or not.

After that, click “Yes” so that you can continue with the proceedings of your Malwarebytes installation.

How Malwarebytes Premium Edition Helps You remove AutoKMS Virus?

It is advised to use and go for Malwarebytes Premium edition. This edition is usually and generally included with a bunch of preventative tools.

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Most certainly, it allows real-time scanning job. This edition carries and process ransomware protection.

You can even use the Free version to remove AutoKMS Virus. Clicking on the “Scan” button will perform the needed job.

Malwarebytes software is going to automatically update and upgrade the antivirus database of yours. It scans your PC computer system in less time and makes it AutoKMS Virus-free.


So, you can either have its free edition and use its premium edition for this particular job.

More Tips to Remove the AutoKMS Virus

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Below you can see more of the tips concerning removing and killing this AutoKMS Virus, check out the details and get extensive information about this guide:

Apart from using Malwarebytes, you can use any other antivirus tool to scan your PC system.

Such software ideally and perfectly scans your computer from any of the adware and other kinds of malicious programs.

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Simply and periodically check on the scanning status and click on the finished button once your job is done.

This software gives you a detail list regarding which of the malware and viral infections were being attacked on your system.

AutoKMS Virus hacking tool is a malicious program. So, whenever you spot it in your system, remove it as soon as possible.

The last step is very important for you! You have to restart your computer once you have performed a scanning job.


It is time to keep your system secured and safe from any malicious files presence.

Your system should remain secured from registry keys presence. This is how you can process AutoKMS Virus malware removal process.


This is all about the end of AutoKMS Virus removal guide. You can follow it and share your views about it.

With the help of this guide, you can easily know whether your computer has got any malware in it.

Moreover, this guide will teach you as to how to remove this virus for free. If you want to catch up with some other malware removal guides, then convey that to us, we are going to educate you about them as well.

Lastly, have you experienced such virus presence in your system? If yes, then how you tackle and deal with it.