6 Ways to Adjust Screen Brightness On Your Windows 10 PC

The brightness of the monitor should not be for you of a concern but it is for your eyes and can affect your eyes in many different ways.

We will be telling you all about the brightness, of how you can change the brightness on Windows 10 to prevent your eyes from getting any effect.

Adjusting the brightness of the system for you is important because if something happens like a headache or a little blindness then the culprit of this will be the brightness.

You can adjust it manually as well as automatically as you like it. There are many levels to brightness, so you must pick what is suitable for you.

1- Manually Change the Brightness For Windows 10

How to Adjust Screen Brightness on Windows 10 Laptop or Tablet ...

  1. First, press the Windows key + I of your keyboard to open settings and then go to display
  2. After that, you will see an option of brightness and colour, click on it
  3. On the right side of your screen, you will be seeing a brightness bar, you can change your brightness from there, on left will be dimmer and on right will be brighter

There can be other things as well such as the dimmer is not showing on the screen or you can say the bar as well, then you can set the brightness from your monitor as well.

If you have an external monitor, and if you do not have then you will have have to update your display settings.

For updating, you will have to go to Device manager, you will have to go to the display adapter option and then you will have to expand the graphic card option or you can right-click on graphic card and then click on update. 

2- Automatically Adjust Brightness For Battery Life

How to Adjust Your PC's Screen Brightness, Manually and ...


If you want to adjust your brightness for your battery or to increase the battery life while you are using it then you must use the battery saver option that Windows have for these kinds of purposes.

You can easily lend some more juice from the battery and can use it for your own good.

  1. First, go to the battery option in the minimized tab on the bottom left corner
  2. Then go to battery settings and activate the battery power saving option.

3- Automatically Change the Brightness for the Power Plan

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You can have a different level of battery whether you are charging your system or you are using it on battery power, this is just on you what brightness you want to put.

But as soon as you set some settings they will be automatically used every time you are doing the thing or changing yourself from charger to battery or battery to charger.

If you want to work on battery set the brightness on a dimmer scale so, your system works more than it uses to on battery.

You can change it in the power settings option, you will have to right-click on the battery option that is in the bottom right corner of the screen, then go to the power settings and then adjust the brightness from there.

4- Use Adaptive Brightness For Windows 10

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If you want to have full disclosure and a clear view of your screen then you must use this option.

Windows allow you to change the brightness with respect to your surrounding, like if your room lights are dim then the brightness of your system will adjust with your room lights so you can not have problems or have an eyesight problem.

But the problem is that this amazing feature only activates when you have a brightness sensor, however, if you want to activate it then go to settings by pressing Windows key + I on your keyboard.

The go-to display and then you will see an option of change brightness automatically when lighting change, enable this option and you are good to go.

5- Adjust Brightness on Your System Using the Keyboard

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As you know technology is moving forward so the laptops are getting smarter as well.

The laptop companies have put some shortcuts on the keyboard so you do not have to go to settings for the little things that are for daily use.

So, if you have a shortcut for brightness change then you can easily change your brightness directly from the keyboard.

However, if you want so automatic brightness then you will have to follow the other steps.

6- Brightness Adjustment Shortcuts on Windows 10

Brightness Adjustment Shortcuts on Windows 10

There are two shortcuts for brightness within the Windows 10 as well.

As if you want to open a brightness bar on the screen then you will have to simply press Windows key + A or you can go to the action centre, you will find an option of brightness there as well.

The second option is a third party which you will have to download, it is called Windows 10 brightness slider.


As we have told you all the options that you can use to increase or decrease the brightness of your system.

Now you will have no problem regarding brightness on your system.

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