How Do I Install the Microsoft ORCA MSI Editor

ORCA MSI Editor is a tool to edit entries and properties of MSI files or to modify the MST files. Microsoft had developed ORCA MSI Editor to edit and create different MSI files, like- title, text, properties or add table rows.

ORCA MSI Editor is a Windows Installer package with a user-friendly interface that helps to edit the MSI files very easily. Being developed by Microsoft, ORCA Editor nowadays does not receive any support from the company itself.

Other MSI Editors available in the market are very poorly developed and designed whereas, Microsoft ORCA MSI Editor is a cleaner software to install and re-package the MSI file. So, you can say, ORCA MSI Editor is a brilliant tool to create and edit the MSI files. Using ORCA, the existing database schema and the tables can be accessed smoothly and can export the database table.

Download and Install ORCA MSI editor

First, you need to download Microsoft ORCA MSI Editor from the internet and install it in your system. Downloaded ORCA file will be in zip format in a proper location of your system. Now, extract the zip file using WinRAR extraction software and run the ORCA MSI.

Below mentioned are the guidelines and step by step how to install Microsoft ORCA MSI in your system.

Step 1: Run the ORCA MSI. It opens a dialogue ORCA setup wizard. Click next.

Step 2: The ORCA Licence Agreement dialogue shows the license agreement. Please read it carefully and select one option from the following. By selection, I open the terms in the license agreement and click the Next button.

Step 3: Choose a setup type that best suits your needs and Click next.

Step 4: Ready to install dialogue open click to install.

Step 5: Your ORCA will be installing and you have to wait a few minutes till it’s done.

Step 6: Finally, the install is completed.

How to effectively run the Microsoft Orca

Microsoft ORCA MSI editor is very easily editing MSI packages and MST files. Here are the guidelines of the steps that how to use ORCA MIS Editor tool:

Step 1: Open form start, the program menu and ORCA icon show. Click to open the ORCA editor.  The ‘keys’ are opened in the left window, and the property and their values are listed in the right window.

Step 2: Select the file menu, open dialogue now selects an MSI file that you want to edit. The left window enables you ]to view several data tables of the MSI package.

Step 3: click the ‘Transform’ menu to modify the MSI package for your needs.

Step 4: Select the listed feature from the table in the left window.

By clicking it, you’ll see the details property with a value in the right window. To change the values, double-click the current value and enter with the new value.

If you select the ‘control’ feature from the left window pane, the right window shows its properties and the values.

You can change the value of the existing properties, i.e., as shown in the picture that blue mark shows the property with the existing value and the yellow mark modifies the value with the new one.

Furthermore, if you select a check-box list features from the tables from the left window panel, you can see the property and the values are blank in the right window panel. Now you can add a row by double-clicking on it. A new dialogue box will appear; you create the property with its value.

Step 5: You’re required to select the PROPERTY table under the TABLE column to set the properties with the following values

  • AgreeToLicence = Yes
  • RebootYesNo = No

An additional tool is included in the right-side panel is you can Drop row by selecting the property and then the right-click menu will show Drop row option.

You can select the Shortcut from the Tables option and right-click the two rows having a desktop folder which will stop the installation from generating desktop shortcuts.

After completing all the features go to the Menu bar and click the transform menu and generate a transform to save the proper MSI package modification. Once the installation process is finished, you would not see desktop shortcuts.


An MSI file is a database that is full of tables with the presence of referential integrity. A change in one table automatically cascades to the other ones not consuming much time whereas, in ORCA, this table changes need to be done manually.

The benefit of using ORCA to generate transform is that it omits and edits the Windows registry to disable settings post-installation.

I hope this article will be fruitful in your learning steps of Microsoft ORCA MSI Editor tool download, installation, and the uses completely.

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