The 10 Best New Features of macOS Mojave (Complete Review)

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From this piece of writing, you can check out in-detail about macOS Mojave Features. So, what are you waiting for? Let us jump into this interesting piece.

Once you go through these details, then you will be surprised to know how much useful this macOS Mojave has become for the users,

Furthermore, this has become by far the 15th major and important release in the zone of Apple desktop operating system.

Moreover, the last version is filled up with new features, improved functionality, and a lot more than that.

If you still have not used Mojave then it is high time to start running it on your Mac.

Check out the details of these latest macOS Mojave Features now:

1- Dark Mode:

Dark Mode

There is this dark mode latest feature present and witnessed in this Mojave version. You might be wondering what the exact use of this feature is, here we are going to tell you.

Most importantly, you can change and modify your menu bar and also Dock all to a somewhat darker color scheme with the use of this feature.

The dark mode is one of the exclusive macOS Mojave Features that has grabbed immense attention. Furthermore, if you want to turn on this feature, then click and hit on the Apple logo.

This logo is present right there on the upper left corner section of your screen. Moreover, choose the option of system preference.

Then select general that comes under the section of Appearance and simply click on the option of Dark.

Most noteworthy, all of your desktop backgrounds and also your Apple native apps, they will be featured and embossed with these darker color schemes.

This is one of the easy to use macOS Mojave Features and you are going to see all colors and shades in your Photos app will be able to contrast better.

2- Dynamic Desktop:

Dynamic Desktop

Moving to further details of macOS Mojave Features, we have this dynamic desktop feature.

This feature gives you a kind of exclusive and best experience. The great part about this feature is that it changes and modifies itself as day and time pass.

In other words, your wallpaper as well as your theme is going to change as the position and direction of the sun change, how amazing it is!

Besides, as the day makes its progress and advancement, then you can well notice that your desktop wallpaper will first become lighter sky blue and then it is going to gradually change itself to a darker twilight blue tone.

Most noteworthy, to activate one of the exclusive macOS Mojave Features, what you can do is to open and access system preferences. Select the desired options from the category of Dynamic desktop.

It is from the dropdown menu that you have to select and choose Dynamic. So far, there are two desktop wallpapers that support this feature.

3- Desktop Stacks:

Desktop Stacks

How about using this feature of Desktop Stacks! If you got a messy desktop, then this is one of the useful and helping macOS Mojave Features for you

With the use of it, you can bring your desktop chaos and messy nature into an organized form.

To process this feature, you just have to right-click on empty spaces that are residing on your desktop and choose the option of Use stacks.

You are going to see that Mojave will be able to clean up all zones of your desktop and thus make it mess-free.

Moreover, this feature groups your desktop files collectively and together. In addition, this one of the latest macOS Mojave Features manages to de-clutter your desktop.

It stacks and collects all of the similar files right over one another and gives them an organized look.

You are free to organize your desktop clutter by tags, data, or by file and other details. You can click on the respective stack to see and check what kind of file content is present in it!

4- Screenshot Markups:

Screenshot Markups

In all of the previous versions, the user needs to have a separate app for the sake of annotating screenshots. But with the help of this feature, your job has become easy.

With the incorporation of this one of the productive macOS Mojave Features, you can now annotate your screenshots.

It means that once you have taken and captured a screenshot, then you can conveniently and instantly make edits and revisions in it with the help of the quick look feature of Mac.

Most probably, with this feature, you can draw and sketch your screenshots. Apart from that, you can add text and shapes to it.

It is expected that you can crop and rotate your screenshots as well. What else you want from these latest macOS Mojave Features!

If you are a professional screenshot taker, then you are going to find this feature extremely helpful for your varied needs.

It is time to change and modify the colors, fonts, and strokes of your screenshots with this feature and enjoy as much as you can.

There is a significant option that you can put on your screenshots and this is another impression of it.

With the use of this sign option, you can add up and emboss a custom signature of yours on your captured screenshots.

5- Screenshot Utility:

Screenshot Utility

Now, let us talk about this screenshot utility feature! To all Mojave users, they are going to be massively interested in trying out these latest macOS Mojave Features.

It is in the MacOS screenshot arsenal that this new and latest shortcut is incorporated. If you want to keep data and track all of your screenshot shortcuts, then try this feature.

You just have to press Cmd + Shift + 5 and your job is all done! By doing so, you can bring up this screenshot utility toolbar on your system.

Most importantly, with the help of this bar, you can take the screenshot of the whole screen. You are allowed to take screenshots of specific portions of your Windows.

Through this feature, you can record your whole screen or the specific portion of it.

Once you take the screenshots or you get done with the job of recording, then this file will come in the lower corner section of your screen.

Finally, mark it up and you can share this as well. This is one of the clutter-free macOS Mojave Features that you can use and try out now.

6- Continuity Camera:

Continuity Camera

This feature of the continuity camera works remarkably. If you already loved and praised the above-mentioned macOS Mojave Features, then this feature will come on your expectations too.

We know that individuals no longer use these document scanners. We have entered in this digital world, for the reason that this feature has arrived to help us further.

If you are using an iOS device and your system is installed and infused with Mojave, then it is time to stop using a regular document scanner and use this feature.

Most certainly, through a continuity camera, you easily take pictures. They can either be in the standard picture format or in the document format.

Furthermore, while scanning and taking a picture, you can fix any of the minor stretching issues and also minor skewing issues.

You can integrate this feature with any of the native Mac apps of Apple. Like, this generally includes Pages and Keynote or you can infuse this feature with the Text Edit app.

Below you can see more of the details on macOS Mojave Features.

7- iOS Apps on Mac:

iOS Apps on Mac

Once you are going to upgrade your Mojave, then all of these latest macOS Mojave Features will come on your system.

Like, you can now use iOS apps! For the information, four apps are supported by this feature and they are News, Home, Voice Memos, and Stocks.

We hope that in the near time more of the iOS apps will be supported by this respective feature.

This is one of the user-friendly and upgraded macOS Mojave Features and it is still at the improvement stage.

Such basic apps are supported by it and a lot more work still needs to be done.

This whole project is given the name of Marzipan but according to authorities, the official name is yet to announce.

8- The App Store:

The App Store

With the launching of these highly advanced and latest macOS Mojave Features, we have seen that the relationship between MacOS and iOS is continued to grow stronger day by day.

This new and exclusive App store has become faster and quick. Moreover, the induction and presence of improvements in it have made this platform easier and simpler to navigate.

This one whole Apple store has got a complete and professional rework done at its end.

As you can see that the main and primary navigation is moved and totally shifted to the left side of the Window.

This navigation area has become larger and much bigger and it no longer resides and exists in its previous locations.

It is on the Discover page that you can know extensively about this feature. Furthermore, you can know and read about the cases regarding how these apps are used by people.

Keep in mind that this App store is divided and classified into four main sections and they are to create, work, play, and develop.

So, what you think about these macOS Mojave Features, do let us know.

9- Finder:


Talking about some of the quick actions performed by this feature, it is with the help of Finder that you can make any of the necessary and needed changes without opening up the additional app.

This same option is available in the Markup feature.

As we all know that with these videos and screen recordings, the markup button turns out to be a trim button and allows you to trim the starting points and ending points of your video.

This is one of the widely used macOS Mojave Features and you can give it a try as well.

10- Other Mojave Enhancements:

Other Mojave Enhancements

Coming to the last details of macOS Mojave Features, this latest version has lots more other enhancements embossed in it.

You can now use Mojave security improvements that are upgraded on the highest notes.

Moreover, the Safari area is extensively improved and you now use its sub-features like a password manager.

Even more, with the use of Safari, you can now create and set some of the strongest passwords instantly and automatically.

Besides, Safari has now developed the tendency to create and auto-fill and also store passwords immediately and automatically.

It manages to flag passwords that the user has already and previously reused.

Your overall system profile has become simpler and user-friendly all because of these upgraded enhancements and the latest macOS Mojave Features.

The presence of enhanced and improved tracking prevention is going to offer you extreme protection right against any of the social media platforms like and share buttons.

With the arrival of these enhancements, you can now block your Mac camera and also its microphone with ease and convenience.

You will be happy to know that Safari supports a large number of favicons. Hence, these are the Mojave enhancements that are so far seen in this current version.

If more enhancements are going to be installed in this upgraded version, we will let you know.


We know that all of this is a much-needed update and the latest information that you should know about these macOS Mojave Features.

For more details, keep tuned with us. All readers must have accepted these updates a lot more exciting and useful for them.

It is high time to take these updates and features in your hands and feel the real experience.

Before you plan to update your system to use these features, you need to make a backup of it so that no data gets lost in between this process of updating.

We expect to see more launching of these macOS Mojave Features, so wait for that time. And share with us which feature according to you is highly useful for your job.

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