How to Make a Background Transparent in Paint and Paint 3D

In some situations where you might want to use images with a transparent background. Images with transparent background stack on each other nicely and your individual task may require images with transparent background. However, there’s absolutely no option to save pictures with a transparent background.¬†Many Paint users are confused with a choice in Select tool under Picture. Here is the Transparent Selection option which you could toggle on and off. Paint users choose this option and expect that their stored image will have a transparent background. Unfortunately, this isn’t correct. Transparent background option only works inside the Paint and it only works with the white background. Paint is the image editor comes with Windows. One thing you can do with either Paint programs adds a transparent background to a photo so that one picture can overlap another.

Make a Background Transparent in Paint Windows 10

There are two ways you could create a picture’s desktop transparent. The first method involves cutting out a foreground area. The second method involves deleting an area from a picture. It is possible to add transparent backgrounds to chosen foregrounds with the first Paint. But that Windows accessory does not save transparent backgrounds so you can combine images with layers. As Windows updated, so did MS Paint. But there is one magical thing that MS Paint can do, and that is MS Paint can Make a Background Transparent in Paint and Paint 3D.

Add Transparent Backgrounds to Images With Paint

Open Paint and then click on then go to File > open and then open the image this task.

Once image opened, click on the select button and then click on the Transparent selection.

Select Free-form selection on the Select menu.

Trace around a foreground with the cursor by holding the left mouse click.

Right-click in the rectangle > Select Cut on the menu to remove the selected foreground from the image and Make a Background Transparent in Paint.

Press Ctrl + N to create a new image and then press Ctrl + V to paste the image.

Left click on foreground image and set a background image.

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