macOS vs Windows: Which OS is the BEST? (2021 Guide)

Today, I am sharing a comparison of macOS vs Windows.

We have compared both of the OS in-depth.

You will be enlightened about the facts that tell you which operating system is the best in the whole market.

Want to know the interesting part?

This comparison covers all the interesting features of both operating systems.

Whether it is macOS or Windows, it will have the perfect comparison for you to choose the right operating system.

Every detail of the basic features will be presented in front of you.

We will also tell you which operating system performs better in a certain aspect and which are equally capable.

All these features and capabilities will help you compare both operating systems and allow you to choose between both.

After this comparison, you will have the knowledge to know which operating system is best in the market and which is best for you according to the requirements.

In the end, you will also get the moment of truth.

This will help you acknowledge the fact that which operating system is better according to the whole comparison.

It will also tell you the reasons why you should use macOS or Windows to have a better working output.

It will give you a clear sense of understanding whether the macOS is better than Windows or it is the other way around.

Now, here are the main topics that we have compared in this guide:

With that said, let’s get into the guide:

macOS vs Windows: Overview!

macOS vs Windows

If you want to choose the best thing from the lot then there is no other way better than to compare each other properly.

This will allow you to have a better outlook of the things you are comparing and acknowledging the benefits and drawbacks of both.

Here is a list of all the essential and useful features which both macOS and Windows come with.

They have all the essentials to help you with any problem you face.

We will analyze every aspect of both operating systems and in the end, you will be able to choose the right one for yourself.

1. Whole Experience of the Setup:

Whole Experience of the Setup

This feature includes the experience of the whole setup of both operating systems.

It will help you to know the comparison between the setup capabilities of both Mac and Windows operating systems.

when it comes to the feature of having a better setup in terms of experience then both operating systems come to a tie. they do not disappoint with their capabilities and performance.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


The operating system of Mac provides an amazing experience of the setup. It comes to an amazing feature of using this operating system without any problem.

You can use almost all of its features without signing into an account with apple services.

This allows you to have a sense of freedom while you are using services instilled in macOS.

But there is no denying that signing in with these services will lead you to have a better and richer experience of the whole setup of macOS.

Working through these operating systems and updating them is also easy because the macOS automatically updates essential things to the apps.

This allows you to have a better and defined experience of the whole setup.


When it comes to the Windows operating system, it is also as efficient and amazing as its competitor Apple macOS.

It is one of the leading operating systems because of its rich and easy interface. It comes with easy and fast setup management and has a better user support interface.

Like the macOS, it also provides its users with all the services and a better experience to use its setup.

Users can interact with all the apps and have a better experience even without singing in.

On the other hand, the Windows operating system works as accurately as macOS.

It allows it to provide a better and richer experience after signing in to windows services.


2. Choice Of Hardware:

Windows 10 Redstone Hardware Requirements for PC and Mobile

Hardware is essential equipment for any operating system for obvious reasons. there are different options for hardware equipment that Windows and Apple have provided for their users.

In the competition for better and more hardware options Windows has taken the lead.

It has a vast range of multi compatible hardware. On the other hand, Apple is only compatible with its own devices that have a very short choice range.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


There is no doubt that Apple introduces the best quality products in the market.

The hardware equipment is stylish and classy in every sense but it also has amazing performance.

Apple’s products are amazing and macOS has fantastic compatibility with it.

But these products are in a shorter range and the prices are also too high for a regular consumer.

A simple and sleek Mac PC almost costs the user nearly $6000 which is a pocket drainer for sure.

Mac operating system is also not compatible with other devices too which closes many horizons for its usability.


When it comes to the hardware options of the Windows operating system then there is a long line for it.

The best part is that Windows allows third-party apps and equipment to interact freely. This opens a vast diversity of different hardware options for the users.

The Windows operating system can also integrate with the hardware specs like Raspberry pi, VR headsets, and much more. It also allows using HoloLens too.

This amazing quality opens a lot of horizons for the windows hardware options as compared to the macOS.
Windows provide a better range of internal components to its users.

They have a whole new and amazing range of components like enhanced graphic cards, CPU, processes, and much more.

It gives a much higher rank to Windows as compared to Apple.


3. Starting And Login Interfaces:

Mac OSX User Interface - YouTube

Everything starts with a first impression. This means that the outlook of the starting and login interfaces of these operating systems should be fantastic.

The better the login interface with efficient options can allow the users to have a better experience while using that operating system.

In this comparison, windows stay ahead without a doubt but apple’s mac is also not behind.

Both come with eye-catching interfaces and interactive login features which sends the users in awe.

The better faster and more secure login processes allow the user to use that operating system and trust it with their data.

In this term, Windows is better than macOS.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


Apple’s Mac Operating System comes with an amazing quality of different Apple device integration features.

This quality allows the user to sign in with their apple to watch our phones easily.

It speeds up the sign-in process and becomes the star of the user’s eyes.

When it comes to the internal options there is always the option of conventional numeric code sign in.

But the macOS also provides an amazing feature of login through the fingerprint scan.

You can use this feature if you have a MacBook Pro that comes with this scan feature. It is also known as the touch bar. The macOS is limited to these login features on their starting interfaces.


When it comes to Windows there is a whole new world in terms of better interfaces and login patterns.

Windows has a starting page featured as Hello. It contains several different types of login options which can be interesting for the users.

The most amazing and top-notch feature is the face login which is available in almost every high-end machine that runs the Windows operating system.

It also includes all the surface devices and Spectre 13 with the best fingerprint scan feature in the market.

The Hello feature in the Windows monitors your activity and helps you locate the most used apps in the start menu.

You can also pin them there for better access to your favorite apps.

This feature is also available in the dock of macOS but Hello gives you better accessibility in the Windows Operating system.


4. Third-Party Software Compatibilities:

In every operating system the better and more devices that are connected with it.

There are many other things that the operating system support and allows the user to interact with third-party apps.

In this comparison, there is no doubt that Windows has taken the lead in using third-party apps easily within the operating system.

On the other hand, macOS is reluctant in using these apps which are not available to the app store.

Windows gives a better and useful advantage to users to interact with different software apps.

It enables them to cross-work with different gadgets.

It allows better useability in terms of different apps interaction.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


The macOS does not allow any third-party apps to work in its operating system.

This is because of some strict reasons to maintain the security of the whole operating system and the data inside it.

Usually, macOS comes with a rich environment of apps and tools which help the ecosystem of OS to provide amazing services to its users.

There is no need for adding new third-party apps to the system.

But if you want to add new apps to work with the macOS which are not featured with the Apple Store then you can not do that.

This is because of macOS security reasons and all its security protocols.

It does not allow any third party software to even install with this operating system. macOS does not even allow the media like pictures and videos to be transferred back into the systems.


On the other hand, the Windows operating system is amazingly good with the creative aspect of things.

This allows the users to use and add third party apps within the operating system and work with them easily.

It allows users to have a better experience and expand their horizons and efficiency at the same time.

Windows like the macOS also provide a rich environment of readily available apps that you can download freely.

They come with easy and interactive features to connect and install updated easily.

With everything, the Windows operating system also allows different third-party apps can interact and have a better experience.

The good thing is that these apps are easy to install and readily available for use.


5. Built-In Applications:

Download New Mac Os - cleverindy

When it comes to the built-in apps of these operating systems then there is no doubt that both these operating systems are amazing at what they do.

They both come with built-in apps that are resourceful and highly interactive in many different ways.

All these apps especially work as utilities which are the go-to of every user. These apps include a calculator voice recorder calendar and much more.

In this comparison, the macOS has taken the lead with its amazing apps. They are the ones with better performance better user interactive ability.

The mac operating system put a lot of thought into building their apps which makes the better for public use.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


When it comes to built-in utility apps there is no other operating system that can beat the efficiency and availability of apps other than mac operating systems.

They are jam-packed with all the essential utility apps which are not only easily available but also helpful in daily working.

The most elegant and amazing utility of the macOS is the GarageBand which is an amazing addition to the utility apps.

It allows users to generate fantastic music compositions as it comes with a complete productivity suite.

It also comes with a superior quality video editing system which is just the tip of the iceberg.

The macOS also has is own streaming music service and has amazing preview utilities for the users.

These features allow this operating system to dominate in this genre when compared with any other operating system of its kind.


On the other hand, windows are not that far behind macOS. Indeed, windows do not have as many power utilities as compared to macOS but it also has its features.

Windows operating system has all the essential utility apps like an efficient web browser, maps, camera, news, and much more. I

t introduced nifty sticky notes which are essential while multitasking.

Windows also came with a translator and Xbox gaming suite option too.

It also allows its users to use simple snipping tools and Skype.

These utilities are readily available and are as much as helpful as the utilities that macOS provides to its users.


6. Alternate Input Options: Touch, Pen, or Voice Input:

The best Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - The Verge

An operating system is as good as it provides ease to its user during their whole experience with the devices.

Both operating systems are good with the conventional methods of information input.

But when it comes to alternate options for data input then there is a huge difference between both operating systems.

Windows is far beyond this genre as compared to the Mac operating system. It has a wide range of alternate input features that are far advanced as compared to the macOS.

In the competition of having an amazing capability of alternate input options, macOS can never match the capability of the Windows Operating system to this date. This is because of the wide range of alternate options for the input of information that comes with it.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


In this comparison, the macOS comes with all the essential and basic features of information input through conventional hardware peripherals. But the advancement in the field of producing alternate input options is still at a slow pace.

macOS has introduced a touchscreen feature with the Mac PC to allow users to input information fast.

The drawback of this is that Apple has only introduced this feature in a limited number of MacBook Pro computers and laptops.

This can only be available on the touch bar of these computers which is not much of a breakthrough from apple.

This is why the mac operating system is a little far behind than the Windows operating system in terms of providing alternate input options.


When it comes to the alternate input options in the windows operating system then there is a wide range of options to explore.

Windows operating system has provided all the essential alternate input options for its users.

Whether they are touch pens or touch screens Windows operating system has it all. It also comes with the voice input options too.

The Windows operating system comes with the tablet feature and their laptops are also integrated with the tablet option.

You can simply detach the screen of the laptops and can use it as a touch screen tablet with sensitive touch abilities.

There is also a feature of touch pens in various window devices.

The ideal example of these features is the “Surface Go” Tablet Computers.

The Touch pen feature support for styli on touch screens is amazingly fast.

It is also compatible with all windows operating system compatible devices. The Styli is efficient and useful in a great deal to provide faster handwriting to text features.

Windows operating system also supports voice recognition and input features.

This also helps the user to interact with different apps and features of windows operating systems through voice input.


7. Interface Customization Abilities:

Windows 10 version 2004, May 2020 Update: new features and changes ...

The interface of the operating system is one of the major things that have a great impact on its user.

Ther better the interface of an operating system is the better it is for the user to handle different functions easily.

This proves that the whole interface should not only be easy to understand but also provides an option for customization.

This will allow the users to customize the whole thing according to their needs and work easily in a faster way.

According to the comparison of this feature between the macOS and Windows operating systems, we can say that both of these provide equal opportunities for customization.

This is a remarkable thing because both of these operating systems are amazingly capable and users can alter them according to their will.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


The mac operating system provides all kinds of customizations.

Some of the simple and easier customization features include the alteration of the background of the screen. It also allows the users to alter the screen size and add screen savers to it.

There is a recent feature of the dark mode which is the rage of the modern-day mac users.

The macOS provides easy access for altering the whole theme of the desktop and the internal apps according to the protocols of the dark mode.

macOS also provides plug and play multi-monitor systems to work easily and fastly.

This allows the user to have easy access to multiple screens at the same time. The screencasting feature also adds an amazing aura to the working of macOS.

These are some amazing permission that makes the macOS one of the best and highly customizable operating system.

All the mac users love this quality in which they can customize their MacBook according to their preference.


Windows operating system also allows the users to have full customization abilities while they are using their machine.

The windows operating system gives full access to the user to customize the appearance of the screen.

You can easily change the whole background and screen saver setting of your interface.

Windows also provide the capability of changing the appearance mode of the whole operating system to a darker tone.

It is one of the latest customization features of the interfaces. You can also easily switch between different modes too.

Windows Operating System also provides the facility of plug and play multi-screen sharing.

This feature is compatible with almost all kinds of devices with adjustable interfaces.

In this way, we can simply say that the windows operating system and macOS perform equally in this genre.


8. AI Helpers: Siri and Cortana:

Run Siri-like Cortana On A Mac With Parallels Desktop

As technological advancements are happening in the world at a much higher rate there is no denying the power of artificial intelligence.

It is one of the most advanced and helpful things integrated within an operating system to enhance its performance.

Artificial intelligence is like a computer acting as an assistant to perform your tasks better and at a much faster rate.

It also aligns all the tasks according to your habits.

The AI assistants are essential in a high level operating systems which is why both Windows OS and macOS come with their very own helpers.

These AI helpers are amazingly adaptive and can provide ease to their users.

In this comparison of AI helpers of both operating systems, Cortana has taken the lead with some of its amazing capabilities that Siri can not perform that well.

Cortana is the AI assistant that came with the Windows operating system and is amazingly helpful.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


Siri is a wonderful AI helper that is highly responsive to the users. It has come one year after Cortana was released in the Windows operating systems.

This gives Cortana a slight superiority on SIRI.

The good thing is that there are only a few features that Cortana has and can perform more things as compared to Siri.

Other than that Siri can do anything which Cortana can do.

Siri Complements the mac operating system

Siri is capable of conducting internal and external searches within seconds. You can also access browsers and search webpages through it.

It can also monitor the weather and help you with your daily tasks.

Siri can provide complex calculations and also help in making sure you get everything done on time by setting accurate reminders.

Siri is the gem of macOS and improving at a rapid speed.


When it comes to providing efficient and timely results no one can beat Cortana. It is the AI helper instilled in the Windows Operating Systems which is capable of managing every task you want to perform.

The main thing is that Cortana is one year older than Siri which is the reason why it is more mature and stable in many ways.

One of the basic functions of Cortana is to easily open different apps simultaneously.

It can also browse different web pages on secure browsers too. This feature makes the working of the user faster.

The voice input feature of Cortana enables it to work on voice commands too.

You can also perform complex calculations and inquire about the weather and this will all be done in a matter of seconds automatically.

Cortana also enables you to control home devices and manage your security systems if they are connected with it.

These are all the features that both operating systems can do equally.

Cortana is superior from Siri is because it allows you the capability of logging out or shouting down your Computer at will.

The amazing thing is that Cortana is also capable of sending requests to the home management systems like Alexa.

In this way, it enables you to control all your things while sitting at your computer.


9. Search Capabilities and Interfaces:

A Simple Introduction to Windows 10

The search capability of any operating system is an essential feature to maintain its performance.

This means that an operating system with high capability should have the ability to search its internal components along with better interface control.

Both macOS and Windows operating systems have search options that allow the user to search and access different interfaces at the same time.

They also allow users to access something through the internet and get the desired results.

In the comparison of the built-in search engine of the operating systems, both have come on a tie.

Both operating systems have amazing searching capabilities and work accordingly.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


macOS is one of the most secure operating systems in the whole world. They provide all the information that the user needs within seconds of hitting the enter button.

In macOS the spotlight feature allows it to reach and access any file without any problem.

It can reach any feature of the whole operating system including the apps.

Some people find it amazing but the ones who are not very familiar with the apple products say that the spotlight feature is not that much interactive.

But according to the statistics, both of the search features are equally capable and work accordingly.


On the other hand, the Windows operating system also provides one of the most amazing and fastest search systems to its users.

It is always available on the main interface and always integrated with the taskbar.

The window’s search feature has all the access to files and folders of the storage system.

It can also access different apps and direct you to their path locations too. The search feature can also provide you with web search results after accessing through the browser.

The search features of both operating systems work on voice input and can devise even the simplest results such as finding the right apps and inquiring about the weather.

You can also perform simple calculations using the search feature too. This can happen because the AI helper Cortana is integrated with the search feature of Windows Operating systems.

In this way, the search feature provides Cortana with the right data to alter all the decisions accordingly and pave the way for the user to have a better experience while using the operating system.


10. Task Bar and Dock Comparison:

macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Really Is the Best? -

The sophistication of a good and responsive operating system is measured through the features of accessibility it possesses.

Both mac and Windows have a proper interface to manage the current and saved apps.

Windows operating system contains the “Taskbar” and on the other hand, Apple’s macOS consists of “Dock“.

Both are app management integrations that allow the user to move between the apps easily and have a better useability experience.

In the comparison between the taskbar and the macOS Dock, Windows operating system has taken the lead with its taskbar.

This is because of the faster and easier functionalities that the taskbar provides to its users.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


When it comes to the Docks that is the app manager of macOS then one thing comes to mind. It looks incredible.

The outlook of the dock is generated with proper finesse. The magnifying feature of icons looks amazing.

The only problem with the macOS doc is that it is an application-based interface which does not show the number of running programs of the same app.

Except for this feature, the Dock is amazing for managing different apps and great in outlook.

Dock also allows you to see jump up icons in a miniature form when you hover over the apps. This looks attractive and classy at the same time.


The Windows Taskbar is a wonder that works at a miraculous speed providing all the essential details to its customers.

The taskbar provides easy access to frequently used apps. These apps are aligned alphabetically and some are placed in suggestions by Cortana.

It is done because Cortana monitors your nine activity and creates better solutions to ease out your working abilities.

The taskbar also has the option of pining the apps on it which allows you to have better access while working with the Windows Operating System.

The taskbar is also integrated with the search option that has Cortana integrated into it.

This allows the users to access and use all the apps and search results that they need for themselves at a faster pace.

As windows are a program based system all the apps are displayed on the taskbar.

You can even have an outlook on the number of programs that are running during the process.

This ease out many problems when the user is working simultaneously with different apps.


11. Swift Mobile Devices Integrations:

Developing and debugging Flutter apps for iOS without a Mac

When it comes to the success of an operating system it must have the feature to integrate with other devices as well.

This means that that better integration abilities an operating system will have, the better it will be in maintaining the connectivity between apps.

Both Windows and macOS provide the feature of creating faster mobile device integrations.

They provide easy access to these amazing options that can make working easier for these operating systems.

In this comparison, the macOS is the winner undoubtedly.

This is because of its amazing feature of better syncing up with the IOS mobile devices at a much faster rate.

It is way more than what the Windows operating system offers to its users.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


In the field of swift mobile device integration, Windows operating systems have been progressing with great speed.

They are starting to create better links and syncing abilities between the devices that have similar types of operating systems running.

The Windows operating system has also reached a level where you can transfer webpages and other material to different devices easily.

It will help you to start over where you left things the last time you used these machines.

Windows also allow IOS and android devices to get connected with it through different online accounts.

They use these accounts to sync together and provide easy access to the information with lesser hassle.


On the other hand, macOS has been leaping ahead of the capabilities of windows operating systems.

They provide the perfect mobile device integration software within the operating systems. It enhances the capabilities of both mobile devices and MacBooks.

Mobiles with the IOS system can be easily synced with the devices running on macOS. You can simply access all the things at a much faster pace.

It can allow you to send and receive text messages through MacBook if the mobile device is synced with it.

The airdrop feature of macOS is exemplary when it comes to data transfer between similar types of apps. It is capable of sending loads of data in the least time without any problem.


12. Desktop and Window Management:

How to Supercharge Window Management in Windows 10

Better management is necessary for any type of working conditions. This allows the users to have a better insight into the things while working simultaneously with many apps.

The operating system that provides a better and complete outlook of things while working is the best choice when it comes to better management.

The comparison between the macOS and Windows operating system is won by the later. The reason behind it is because app management is better in windows.

They are easily sorted and you can manage all the apps accordingly. This feature keeps Windows operating systems stay ahead of the curve.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#00a9ff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#effaff” align=”left”]


macOS is an amazing system that allows you to work at a faster pace when it comes to multi-tasking with heavy apps. But certain things lack the management design of apps.

As we have discussed that the dock does not know the window of the running apps you need to access the option to check all the running apps at the same time.

It can be quite frustrating for the users if they want to work at a faster pace.

The option that provides a brief outlook of the running apps is not as clear as it seems to be.

The apps are distributed randomly in different sizes and sometimes it gets difficult to track down a certain app when you are dealing with multiple apps at the same time.


On the other hand, the windows operating system is like heaven to the users who want to multi-task and want to deal with different apps.

It is managed in proper sophistication and everything is before the user in a clear shape.

As it is a program based operating system, the window allows the user to monitor all kinds of programs easily and access all of them simultaneously.

You can simply distribute the program windows on a single screen rapidly.

The whole management feature in the Windows operating system is filled with these kinds of efficiencies.

This is the main reason why windows are simpler and far easier to manage as compared to the Mac operating system.


13. 3D and VR Support Features:

Best 12 VR/360 Media Players for Android, iOS and Desktop

Visualization and graphical structure creation is the new hot thing in the digital world. It is like creating a new virtual world and presenting it to the world for a better understanding of things.

Both of the operating systems have the capability to create 3D visualizations and support the equipment that allows it.

Windows Operating System has elegant and sophisticated apps to handle these types of things. macOS is also making progress in the fields of creating better-augmented reality.

In the competition between the best 3D and VR Support features, there is no doubt that Windows is way ahead in this genre.

There are huge developments in this section and windows have been leading the charts elegantly.

Creating better visualization and graphical Softwares is not new for the macOS.

It has been the leader in the best graphic providing an operating system for many years. But creating 3D graphics and supporting the VR visualization is still in progress.

Apple’s macOS introduces the “Final Cut Pro X” to help their users for creating a wide range of amazing 3D Visualizations and graphical content. It allows you to create graphical analogies that are VR capable too.

The macOS is progressing in this genre to create better and faster apps to support VR and 3D graphical visualization for their users.

On the other hand, the Windows Operating System has taken the lead in this genre and has vast accessibility in providing 3D and VR support features.

Windows allow their users to access to view 3D models on their screens in great clarity with the help of their build-in 3D Viewer. It gives you a googles view of everything and you can even render different things in it to.

The second application is Windows’ Mixed Reality Viewer. This app is built for VR support. It allows users to have the best VR experience in the whole world. The VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are only compatible with Windows Operating systems.

The Moment of Truth: Which OS is the Best?

macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Really Is the Best? | PCMag

According to this comparison, we can surely conclude that Windows is the best operating system between both these operating systems.

It has a vast reach and better accessibility with multiple features.

Windows operating system not only provides a better and easier interface to its users but also allows you to have better connectivity even with the 3rd party apps without any problem.

It has better performance records in gaming and 3D and VR Support compared to the Mac operating system.

macOS is also not behind.

It also excels in many features such as Security and stability. Mac has the best and top-notch security and stability in its operating system.

They also have better mobile integration capabilities too.

It will make sure your data stays secure and out of reach. macOS also have better utility apps too which allows its users to have more ease while they are using their device.

Hence you should choose which you think is best, according to your requirements.

Other than that Windows operating system has far more capabilities as compared to the macOS.

This is the reason why people prefer windows operating system over macOS.

[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#fff9ef” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#fff9ef” align=”left”]

Should You Buy Windows OS or macOS?

Both operating systems have their benefits and drawbacks and both are available in the market at the same time. The real question is not that should you buy a Windows operating system or a macOS.

The real question is that which will suit your requirements and needs. After the above comparison, all the powerful features of both operating systems are revealed. You can choose the one which fits your requirements descriptions.

As the comparison results say that the Windows operating system has better compatibility and feature performance you can choose the Windows operating system.

On the other hand, if you want better security and better integration features with other mobile devices the MacOS can do miracles for you.
Choose the one which fulfills your requirements faster and better with time.

But in the long run, the Windows Operating system still has some more enhanced features and accessibility which macOS can not provide to its users.



So here is a perfect comparison of macOS vs Windows to help you know which is the best in the market.

You would know it yourself After going through all this review.

I am sure that you will love the contents of this amazing review of macOS vs Windows.

It is the one that will give you a clear sense of which OS is the best.

The reason for loving this content is because it is properly organized and well researched.

It will enhance your understanding of both operating systems and give you a clear way to choose the best one for you.

We sincerely hope that after gaining all the information regarding the macOS vs Windows will clear all your doubts.

It will also make sure that you will be able to decide which OS is the best.

But if there is still something which is left unclear then there is no need to worry about it at all.

This is because we are here for your rescue. We will be glad to help you completely and assist you in gaining a proper understanding of the topic.

You can simply ask us anything you need to know about the macOS vs Windows Operating systems.

You can also tell us which feature in them you find confusing. We will analyze all your queries and help you devise simple solutions to enhance your level of understanding.

We will also thoroughly investigate all the essential factors of your problems and provide you with the best and viable solutions for your problems.

You can also ask about other related problems too which will allow you to have a better understanding of the topics of your interest.

In the end, we just want you to stay connected and wait for more updates from our side.


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  1. I really like this article. I only wish there may have been a mention of the sources you used in the gathering of your information. I am doing research for a paper and would like to reference this article but cannot verify its content. I know this isn’t the purpose of your website but just throwing out an idea! Thanks.

  2. This article says that Mac users can’t install third party software. That is incorrect, otherwise there wouldn’t be loads of third-party software from Microsoft, Adobe and others! But it does encourage you to install software from the App Store as it has been checked for viruses.

  3. There are much more important differences between the two system that you did not develop:

    a ) Software evolution:
    On Windows, you use to use software pretty irrespective to its version and the version of your Windows: The libraries/frameworks they rely on are installable when you install the software.
    On a Mac, the libraries are fixed and provided by the OS and they change from one version to the other. That leads to software that is only compatible with few OS versions:

    b ) Basic differences when migrating:
    Whatever you used to do on Windows, the mac does it the other way round!
    The differences are much heavier than upon moving from Windows to Linux.
    The obvious:
    a ) the menu
    b ) the windows control
    c ) the finder
    d) the keyboard (you will have to re-learn shortcuts and special characters!)
    The more subtle:
    d ) the usage of context menus is far less generalised in the Apple world: e.g you can’t create a file structure and add a new file from the finder
    e ) a lot more things are just “not permitted” e.g. removing non-latin fonts that you don’t use
    f ) generally wer you have many ways to do something in Windows/Linux, you have less options in the Mac world: the user has to work the way Apple wants, which is not bad, but may be frustrating if you have many years of computer skills.

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