Locate Your Orders and Parcels With Tracking Services

So many aspects of our lives have been reduced to clicking on a screen. The introduction of smartphones in our daily lives has changed how we carry out day-to-day activities. We can make huge transactions with just our phones by clicking on the screen. Items can even be purchased by browsing online stores on our phones. These orders are then fulfilled by the online stores before being transported to the required location. 

Package tracking is a service offered by tracking tools that lets users locate orders while they are en route. These tracking tools are made for locating items ordered from online stores. Once a tracking number that is generated by couriers is entered into the tracking tool, the tracking site provides complete information regarding the previous and current position of the package. Parcel tracking tools are used as substitutes for courier solutions. As an example, the China post tracking services provided by third-party tools are much more complete and precise than the China post itself.

The information that tools like Ordertracker will include the state of the order—static or moving—the current location, the expected date of arrival, and more. The information shown all depends on the tool used and the shipping company.

Tracking orders with tracking tools

Tracking tools are no doubt very powerful and useful for online shipping businesses. It makes it possible for anyone to locate their order from any part of the world with just a code. So how exactly, you may wonder, is the tracking done? Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to the process.


Before anything can be tracked or before a code or number is generated, an order has to be placed. The order is placed on the online store of your choice; there are so many out there, and a handful of them do not support tracking. Once the order is placed, and the store accepts and fulfills it, the process begins.


The next step in the process is shipping, which is the delivery of the order. Shipping is done in one of two ways: either by the online store, meaning in-house shipping, or through a third party. The shipping method doesn’t stop tracking in any way. Tracking can begin once the order is shipped. A code is generated by the system, either by the online store or the shipping company. This code is what is used by the tracking tool to locate and get the information and details of the order on its way to delivery.


This is the last step in the process, and this is where the actual tracking and locating are done. What is needed first is the tracking number, code, or ID that will be given by the store or courier service. Next is the tracking tool; an example of such a tool is Ordertracker. Then a supported device, like a phone or a computer, supports the tool. Finally, a strong Internet connection is required because tracking cannot or will be slow without one.

After meeting all these requirements, you can begin tracking. Simply input the code gotten from the store or courier in the designated area of the tracking tool. Then click “enter,” and the tracking will begin. After this, the results would be displayed on the screen, giving you information about the order. You can track as many times as you want as long as you have all the necessities.


Tracking tools have made it easier for customers and e-commerce businesses to track their packages at all times. This smoothens the entire process. This guide discussed the workings of such tracking services and why you should try them.