Shipments From Aliexpress: How To Track And Find Them

One of the largest online retail platforms in the world is AliExpress, a division of Alibaba. The Chinese platform aims to connect regional businesses with millions of customers. It hopes to leverage the Yunexpress tracking service for shipping. It is available in more than 220 countries globally.

Unlike regular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress does not sell to customers. Yet, they provide a platform where buyers can buy goods cheaper than sellers. There are over 60 million active buyers on AliExpress. And most of these buyers make use of as a tracking tool to track the goods. As a user of the AliExpress platform, here is how to track and find your shipments.

How Package Tracking In AliExpress Works

According to reports, AliExpress sells and ships over a million items every day. Shopping on AliExpress is perceived as the easy part. This is because you can buy and send items. But, the challenging part is locating and tracking down the desired items.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is easy to trace items purchased from AliExpress. Yet, the buyer must choose a shipment option that enables goods tracking before you may track an order. Make sure you have the parcel tracking number if you want to track packages from AliExpress. The sellers send tracking numbers to customers as soon as their goods are packaged and ready to ship. These tracking numbers will help buyers keep track of your goods. It also allows them to observe their progress as they journey to their doorsteps.

If you choose the free shipping option on AliExpress, the seller will most likely deliver your package to the China Post office (China post). Your package will receive a China Post tracking number there. It will be given to the courier service (China Post Small Pocket) for shipping. Depending on your preferred form of contact, the tracking number will be issued to you via email or SMS. Also, it is done before the seller dispatches the products. To track the progress of your purchases, copy this tracking number. Next, paste it onto a parcel tracking website. Some tracking websites include the AliExpress tracking site and the 4px tracking site. It also includes Yun express tracking site.

These monitoring websites have methods and software that enable them to provide real-time updates. You can track the status of your shipment.

Meaning Of AliExpress Tracking Terminologies

While tracking your goods, important terms will be used to update you on the progress of your package. Here are their meanings.

Shipped- This means your goods have left the port and are on their way.

Order Received- When you get this notification, it means the seller of the goods has gotten your order and is working to fulfill it.

Order Cancelled- This notification means the buyer is no longer interested in buying the package.

Order Arrived- Tracking platforms only send this update when the package has arrived at the requested location of the buyer.

En Route Arriving Late- Notifications like this state that your order will not be arriving on the expected date due. Likely due to some unforeseen circumstances.

How Accurate Is AliExpress Tracking

AliExpress tracking is very accurate as they provide real-time updates on every milestone reached by goods. They are a legit tracking platform and can be trusted to deliver timely. The AliExpress tracking number may change periodically. It depends on the courier service delivering the package. But not to worry, as the updated tracking number will always be sent to customers to continue monitoring their goods.

Bottom Line

While shopping on AliExpress, you should beware of vendors that send fake tracking numbers to customers. This will delay your goods from getting cleared by customs officials.