Fix Kernel Mode Heap Corruption Error

Kernel Mode heap corruption BSOD Error is mostly caused by some problems in the drivers. This error can trigger a system crash and BSOD. BSOD means a blue screen of death when a user is confronted by a blue screen saying it will restart the pc and the pc never restarts and the occurrence of BSOD is the only thing you see when you turn on your PC.

Many times, the system crashes because of the driver issue but it can also crash because of some software or hardware malfunction. It can cause memory leak which means when the memory is incorrectly managed, the system losses some data which will be irrecoverable. Kernel Mode is an operation that allows the system to handle all hardware and software to make them run on its instructions.

Reasons Of This Error

  1. Graphic Driver: The graphic card is a separate part of the system which handle all the graphical representation of the PC. It is mainly used in the video games in which you have to set the driver’s performance to the best. When some corrupted video game is installed it may make some changes in the graphic driver and it may crash and that will cause kernel-mode heap corruption BSOD error.
  2. Software/Hardware Error: Sometimes a corrupted software/ Hardware may cause corruption. Sometimes while downloading software it may conflict with the drivers. If you still install it, then it may cause the crash.
  3. Memory Issue: Sometimes unallocated Memory or wrong memory slots can cause this problem. A wrong allocation of memory causes corruption.

How do you fix heap corruption?

There are mainly three working solutions to fix this error.

  • Check the graphics card drivers for issues
  • Install the old driver manually
  • Check for graphics card hardware problems

We are sharing each solution in detail. Please follow them and comment below.

Fix: Kernel Mode Heap Corruption BSOD Error

If you have encountered this BSOD error then there is no need to panic. This article contains some crucial information that can help you resolve this error.

This Kernel Mode Heap Corruption Error is related to the driver’s problems, this one isn’t something you need to worry about.

Kernel Mode Heap Corruption BSOD

Method 1: Rollback Graphics Driver

 Step 1: Right-click on the start button and click on the device manager.

device manager

Step 2: Expand the display adapter heading.

Expand the display adapter

Step 3: Right-click on the driver and click on properties.

Step4: Click on the Drivers tab and click on rollback driver.

Step 5: Restart your PC.

Method 2: Driver Update

Step1: Right-click on the start button and click on the device manager.

Step2: Expand the display adapter heading.

Step3: Right-click on the driver and select ‘update driver’.

update driver

Now restart your PC and see if you are still facing the error or not.

Method 3: Go Back to Old Driver

Many times the issue is with new graphics drivers. So you have to go back to old drivers. The easiest option is to restore system using system restore.

Step 1: Search restore in the start menu and click “Create a restore point”.

Create a restore point

Step 2: Click on the restore settings, press System Restore.

Step 3: A wizard will come forward guiding you through the process. There are usually recommended restore points or custom ones that are created in time.

Step 4: If you want to select a custom restore point, click on the option, and select the restore point from the list of options available.

Step 5: Now windows will confirm your actions for the last time before it starts the system restore process. Save all your work and backup important files just in case and proceed with the process.

select the restore point from the list

Step 6: Once you have restored successfully, log into the system and see if you still get the blue screen of death.

Method 4: Check for Graphic Card Hardware Issues

The Kernel Mode Heap Corruption error can be a result of a faulty graphic card. If your graphics card has compatibility issues or not places at the right place in the motherboard, then you will face this error.

Check the placement of your graphic card in the right PCIe lane. 

Make sure that your video card is using the recommended memory clock speed to below factory clock speed.

Method 5: Update the drivers

When the system drivers are not updated, it leads to so many leading issues and in turn creating a system error. You can update the drivers either manually or automatically. Using a third-party tool for the same is quite convenient for all of us.

One of the most popular third-party tools for drivers is Driver Easy. You can easily get it online. After downloading and launching it successfully, this software will scan the entire system. It can detect problematic drivers and then take action accordingly.

Method 6: Resolve software conflicts, if any

If you have encountered just after opening a specific software or program then the software could be the real culprit here. It is recommended to remove the problematic such software and reinstall it when necessary. This fix might resolve this error for sure.

Method 7: Install Fresh set of Windows

If any of the above options don’t work, the only option left is to install new windows on your PC. You will lose all your data and start from scratch.


The Windows system may face a variety of errors every now and then. These may vary from one to another. The BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors have troubled users the most. One such popular BSOD error is Kernel Heap Mode Corruption Error.

We have tried to mention some doable, and feasible solutions to fix this annoying BSOD error. Go through each fix carefully and we hope that one of them might be proven to be the ultimate solution for you.

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