iTop Data Recovery Review: Pros, Cons, and Our Verdict

Users use iTop Data Recovery, a well-liked data recovery software, for both personal and professional purposes. On Windows devices, it makes it possible to quickly restore mistakenly deleted files and data. 

Have a Quick Look

You won’t have any trouble locating and retrieving lost or mistakenly deleted files. iTop Data Recovery has an extremely appealing user interface. It is really useful, and using it won’t require any specific skills. The intelligent categorization of scanned files makes it possible for you to locate and preview them before clicking your mouse to restore the ones you need. 

If you’re looking for a straightforward program that’s good for beginners, it’s far less expensive than competitors like Disk Drill and EaseUs. 

Key Features

Its user interface is user-friendly for beginners and developed for people with a little technological background. All recovered files are additionally well-organized and simple to restore. File categories like pictures, documents, and videos can all be viewed separately. You can see the majority of contents before recovering them, and lost and deleted files are split into their own folders. 

You can select exactly what you want to scan with iTop Data Recovery, and your internal drives and any attached external storage units will be listed. If you are aware of the location of your lost data, you can also choose a specific folder pathway to scan. 

The compatibility of iTop Data Recovery with Windows is another noteworthy feature. File recovery will require a separate license, but you can preview the data without paying for the license first. 

iTop Data Recovery supports numerous file recovery types. It allows you to locate and recover mistakenly deleted files from your recycle bin or formatted devices at the most basic level. Additionally, it functions with files that have been encrypted as a result of malware attacks. 

What’s New

iTop Data Recovery is updated frequently. Edition 3.3.0, the most recent edition, was made available in September 2022. 

The most recent version allowed for the scanning of lost data from lost and hidden volumes. Additionally, it supports a wider range of file formats for recoveries, such as 7zip, heic, and avci. Additionally, it includes a faster, improved scan engine that can find more lost data. 


All of the price plans—monthly, annual, and lifetime—allow you to recover an unlimited amount of data. The monthly plan is the costliest at $26.99, followed by the yearly plan at $29.99 and the lifetime us at $39.99 for discounts of 70% and 80%. 

You can scan and recover files with no worries, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee included with all premium licenses. 

Does iTop Data Recovery Truly Work Properly?

A good data recovery tool should quickly and effectively scan for lost files, not slow down your device, and successfully restore deleted files without corrupting them. 

The process of downloading iTop Data Recovery is really simple, and it shouldn’t take you longer than one minute. The Windows application is quite appealing and has a simple, user-friendly design. You can choose from a number of recovery options on the main panel. 

There will be a list of all the available disk drives. This includes any external drives from which lost data can be successfully recovered by iTop Data Recovery. You can also specify a file location if you need to retrieve lost data quickly and know where they were stored. 

We started by scanning the Windows hard drive. The Deep Scan took more than 40 minutes to finish, and more than 3100 lost data were found. It uses a lot of computer resources as well. However, if you don’t have an old or low-cost computer, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

You can quickly and effectively locate your lost files as the lost files are organized by file type and location. Additionally, previewing files before restoring them is helpful in ensuring that you are just recovering the files you intended to restore.

Final Verdict

The desktop interface of iTop Data Recovery is incredibly user-friendly and was created with those who have little to no IT skills in mind. 

iTop Data Recovery gives you the ability to locate both lost and accidentally deleted files. On the main dashboard, all found files are shown, and you can sort them by file type or location there. Before restoring most files, you can preview them to make sure they aren’t corrupted or damaged. 

The scanning speed was a drawback. If you know where the lost data was, you can provide a folder pathway for scanning, which will speed up the process a little. 

The bottom line: We definitely recommend giving iTop Data Recovery a try if you’re searching for a basic, user-friendly, and affordable file recovery program.