Driver Booster 10.0 Review: The Best Driver Updater?

Are you trying to find a reliable Windows PC driver updater? Your search is over since we’ll tell you everything there is to know about Driver Booster 10.0 in this blog. 

Driver Booster is one of the most widely used Windows driver updater programs. This Driver Booster 10.0 review will cover its functionality, features, and specifications. 

Driver Booster 10.0 has both free and paid versions and gives customers a wider range of purchasing possibilities. Users of Windows PCs frequently experience system issues by corrupt or out-of-date device drivers. You may correct them with the help of the IObit app while also enhancing your computer’s performance. This enables you to update drivers from its extensive database of more than 8,000,000 drivers for a variety of devices. By updating the drivers and lowering system errors, it can effortlessly improve your system.

We discovered after using and testing this product that it may also provide us with results for different gaming drivers. This is interesting because it wasn’t shown in the results of other driver updater scans. This makes it seem like a decent choice for folks who enjoy playing PC games. Because it also includes gaming driver updates, you may easily upgrade the gaming components.

Driver Booster 10.0 has an intriguing user interface that is simple for users to use. The skin’s multicolor options are visible. To access the Skin options, open the Menu bar and select that item. 

As it is located on the home screen, you may find it simpler to scan the system. On the side panel, there are further options. You may access Settings and other options like Check for updates, User Manual, Technical Support, Driver Update History, and About by clicking on the Menu bar. 


1. Ignore List

In some circumstances, it’s necessary to add a device driver to the ignore list to prevent it from upgrading. Because the most recent version could not be OS-compatible or for other reasons, the device driver from the scan result can always be clicked on and added to the Ignore list. Navigate to the Menu bar, Settings, and Ignored to modify the Ignore List. 

2. Silent Mode

This is a special feature of Driver Booster since it enables you to work uninterrupted while doing something important. This option, which you can enable, sends you the fewest messages possible while updating drivers in the background.

3. Scheduler 

You may schedule driver updates for your machine with this. A daily, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly frequency can be selected. The option to automatically update drivers when the computer is inactive is visible and set to default.

4. Driver Backup 

Before updating the driver, you have the option to make a backup, and you may choose where to save the folder. You can also specify the number of driver backup versions. For the device drivers, there are numerous automatic backup solutions accessible.

The Backup & Restore button is located in the Tools section. You may quickly view the list of Driver Backups in this feature to help you in taking a backup. 

5. Tools

There are numerous fixes for system issues, including no sound, display, and network device errors under the Tools section. Additionally, this is where the device drivers’ Back and Restore buttons are located.

6. System Information

The button for System Information can be found in the Tools section. You may access all of your device’s information when you click on it. If you need to know anything about the operating system, processor and motherboard, memory device, display, network, and other equipment, this is helpful. We were able to readily find the drivers for the system with crucial information as we used the product and discovered this utility. IObit Driver Booster 10.0 has an excellent function to assist consumers. 

Driver Update 

Driver Update  The pop-up notification can be clicked on to obtain the most recent updates. If not, open the program, navigate to the Menu bar, and select Check for Updates. It is frequently updated, and the What’s New section includes the most recent updates as well as the points that have been updated.


In the category of driver updater, IObit sells two different products: Driver Booster 10.0 Free and Driver Booster 10.0 Pro. Driver Booster 10.0 Free is available for free download from the official website. The limitations of updating drivers on your PC will remain, though. Driver Booster 10.0 Pro is a paid version that costs $22.95 for a 1-year subscription on three devices. With a 60-day money-back guarantee and more features than the free version, it is an excellent choice.

How to Use Driver Booster 10?

Step 1: Download and install the latest program.

Step 2: As soon as the installation is finished,  start Driver Booster 10.0 and select the Scan option.

Step 3: The scanning process is quick, and the outcome will be a list of all the outdated drivers that were discovered on the system.

Step 4: You will then be prompted to update all of the drivers with a single click.

 You can update a limited list of your computer’s device drivers with the help of Driver Booster 10.0 Free. Upgrade to Driver Booster 10.0 and receive a license key on your registered email address to update all the drivers at once.


Driver Booster 10.0 is one of the excellent products from IObit. You can rely on it to update your computer’s out-of-date drivers. It’s a fantastic alternative for the driver updater for PC gamers and works well for updating gaming components.