Is Online Roulette Different from Land Games?

Playing roulette on a Windows PC is one of the many ways of playing this timeless casino game that has transformed from the original physical roulette wheel. There are some key differences to understand before you place your chips on the table. 

The Basics Are the Same

The first thing you’re sure to notice when playing roulette on your PC is that the wheel is the same as the model used in casinos. Online roulette sticks to the same basics that have been used in casinos all over the planet for the last couple of centuries. You’re looking to predict what number the ball stops in once the wheel stops spinning around.

You can still look to apply information such as these details of the best roulette numbers to choose from. While it’s a game of luck where every number has the same chance of coming up as any other, some people choose 17 because it’s in the center of the reel or 7 because it’s widely considered to be a lucky number. Crucially, the article points out that the myth of some numbers being better than others started with land-based wheels that may not have been as perfectly aligned as they are now.   

A Wider Range of Games

While the roulette wheel and the general aim of the game have changed little, online sites give us a convenient way to access many different games. You can look for the likes of European and American games no matter where they live or check out the versions that add in the la partage and en prison rules commonly seen in French-style roulette. Racetrack-style bets like orphelins and voisins du zero may also catch the eye of players who’ve never seen these European-style bets before now.  

The range currently available includes computer-generated roulette and other games that take place in a studio setting with a live dealer who spins a physical wheel that stops randomly.  In both cases, you play the same basic game and look to win by choosing one or more numbers where you think the ball might land.  

New Types of Presentation and Features 

The live dealer genre has helped online roulette explode in new directions, with game creators taking this chance to add new themes. By designing the studio cleverly and giving the presenters themed clothing, they can transport their players to different places such as a game show studio, an art deco setting, or anywhere else.

We’ve also seen a rise in the number of different features that are now used to make live games more diverse and appealing. The use of randomly applied multipliers has become particularly popular, as multipliers land on certain numbers before each spin to boost any wins that are made on them.

Playing roulette on a Windows PC doesn’t feel very different from playing with the wheel in the same room as you. However, the most recent changes show us how developers are using the power of the internet to offer interesting variations that make roulette more modern without taking anything away from the classic gameplay.