How to Fix Instagram Failed To Send Message Error?

Having trouble sending messages on Instagram? Is “Instagram failed to send” error prompting while you are trying to send DMs to your followers or friends. Instagram has now become one of the most popular social media apps which are owned by Facebook and serve as a platform for numerous people to text one another, post their recent activities, and many other such options yet it is still an application just like others and cannot be completely error-free.

Here you’ll find what exactly is this error about and possible reasons for the same. Furthermore, the solution will be provided for mending the error.

What Is Instagram Failed To Send Error?

“Instagram Failed to Send” error usually occurs when you are trying to send a message to an individual friend/follower or a group chat on Instagram. This error basically means that The message you are trying to send to the individual or group chat won’t be delivered to the recipient.

It can be caused due to various reasons and can also be fixed by following simple methods which you can find further in this article.

How To Fix Instagram Message Not Sent Problem?

“Instagram Failed To Send” error could be instigated due to several reasons. You can follow different methods for fixing this error depending upon the ground due to which it is occurring.

1. Check Internet Connection

Since we all are very well aware that the Internet is the basic requirement while using Instagram and hence for sending a message on the same. At times we may forget to connect internet or due to some causes, the connection fails which in turn causes this error to occur. Though this reason may sound insignificant one can make this miscue.

2. Update the Instagram App

Sometimes the messages are not sent because your app is of the older version. You can easily find out if this is the problem by checking on Play Store or the Android Store. If there is an option of updating your app is present then just update it and your problem will be most probably solved.

3. Check if the Post or Status is Deleted

It can happen that between the time you saw the post/status and the time when you sent the same the post/ status was removed. This many times causes the “Instagram failed to send” error. If this is the scenario then you simply can’t share the post/status and should stop wasting your time on the same.

4. Verify that the Instagram Server is Up

It is one of the preeminent reasons for the “Instagram Failed To Send” error. Instagram for maintenance or other reasons may occasionally shut down for some time. If it is down then you only have the option to wait patiently till the servers come up and enjoy some other app for the time being.

5. Excessive Activities on Instagram

If the aforementioned reasons are not the cause of your problem then it might be the case that you are engaged in spamming activities. As per Instagram’s recent policies a person commenting on or sharing too many irrelevant posts or posting too many photos and videos will be deemed as one engaged in the spamming activity and will be blocked by Instagram. It is a rare instance and such individuals need to contact Instagram for unblocking them.

6. Check if you are Blocked by the Recipient

The probability is you may be blocked by the individual you are trying to send the message to. Then also this error is prompted. Furthermore, if you are trying to send a text in a group chat then if you are blocked by even a single user you will fail and the same error will occur. If so you just have the choice of resolving the misunderstandings between you both and requesting them to unblock you. You can do it!

7. Perform Force Stop & Clear Data on your Account

Force Stopping basically works if the app is frozen and clearing the cache data will make the app function like a freshly installed one. To do these follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Open your phone settings.

Step 2: Then click on the Additional Settings menu.

Step 3: Then click on the Application Management sub-menu.

Step 4: Scroll down to find Instagram.

Step 5: Finally, options to Force Stop and Clear Data will appear. Click on these options and restart the Instagram app.

You’ll perhaps be able to send the messages now.


8. Ask for Instagram Help

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work out for you then the problem is not related to your side. You should ask Instagram for help so that they can tell you the issue related to the error and help in resolving it. Certainly, they will help. To contact the Instagram help center click on the given link: Instagram help center or reach through phone by calling (650) 543-4800 or email them on

Final Words

Hence the above mentioned were the most probable causes for the “Instagram failed to send” error and their solutions. We believe you will be able to resolve your issue by following one of the given methods. But if still, you were not able to figure out the issue or solved it using other ways, please let us know so that other people can also be helped.