iMessage Not Delivered? Here’s How to Fix It

iMessage not delivered is a common issue for most people these days on iMessage. It also becomes irritating at times when you are busy talking to your friend and this error pops up. However, there are some simple ways you can correct this and I am here to help you with them today. Read this article to know what you can do when your iMessages are not delivered. So Let’s get started!

Meaning of Delivered on iMessage

For the very first thing, we should first not what does it mean when it says the message is delivered. “Delivered” simply means that the person you are texting has received the message and “Read” means that the message on the other side has been opened. When your message is delivered and you do not get a sudden reply, there is no need to worry at all. It simply means that your message has been delivered to the other person and they will reply when they will be free.

iMessage not delivered

If you have sent a text and it does not say “Delivered” that might be because of the other person’s phone. The person you are texting must not be connected to the internet or it must be on Do Not Disturb mode. In any case, you do not need to worry till it says your message is not delivered.

iMessage not delivered

iMessage Not Delivered: Reasons

Now there are many reasons why your I message is not being Delivered. It can also be because the phone number you are texting on is incorrect or not on iMessage. If the contact is not on iMessage, your text can be delivered as an SMS if you have turned on the “Send as SMS” option on your iPhone.

This is just one of the reasons where the problem can be with the recipient’s iPhone. However, if not this then there can be a problem with your own device.

How to Fix iMessage Not Delivered Issue?

If your iMessages are still not being delivered you can follow these simple checkups on your device and easily detect the problem.

1. Check your Internet Connection

iMessage required your device to be connected to the internet. It can either be Wifi or cellular data. If your iMessages are not delivered you can check if your device is connected to the internet or not. It can also be that your mobile data or Wifi is turned off, in that case, you have to switch the Wifi or Mobile data on. Further, you can check that you have an active connection on your Wifi or your Sim card.

iMessage not delivered

2. Turn iMessage On

You have to check in your device if the iMessage is turned on or not. For this, you need to go to your device’s settings, then scroll down and go to “Messages” and Turn the iMessage “On”. Even if it is already on I would suggest you Toggle it to “Off” and then switch it “On” again.

iMessage not delivered

3. Enable “Send as Sms”

Now one issue can also be that the person you are messaging is not using an Apple Device. In that case, you can send your message as a normal SMS message. To enable this Go to your device’s Settings, then go to “Messages” and Toggle the “Send As SMS”. This way you can text anyone with your iMessage application whether they use or don’t use iMessage.

iMessage not delivered

4. Restart your iPhone

You can try restarting your iPhone to fix this error as well. Restarting can also work for other errors such as touch screen issues, iPhone freeze, AppStore problems. Restarting can work on any issue you are facing on your iPhone.

iMessage not delivered

5. Update your device

Apple brings regular updates for their customers to fix small bugs. The problem can also be that your device might not be updated. To check for this simply your device settings then go to “General” the open “Software Updates”. This section will show you if there are any pending updates on your device. Further, I will also suggest you switch Automatic Updates On.

iMessage not delivered

6. Reset All Settings

The reason for your iMessage not delivering can also be due to internal phone settings. Now rather than wasting your time to figure out what settings you should change, I would suggest you that simply reset all the settings of your device. For that, Go to your device’s Settings, then go to “General” and then open the “Reset” menu.

Select the “Reset All Settings” option. It will then ask for your device password after which all the settings on your device will be reset to basic. This does not harm any of your data so your data is also safe

iMessage not delivered

iMessage not Delivered: Contact your ISP

If you have followed all the troubleshooting steps and the problem persists, the issue is not with your device. Rather you should contact your Sim card or Internet Service Provider and get your internet connection (Wifi or Mobile Data) checked. It can also be that your Wifi or Sim card internet balance is low, which is again an external issue and can be easily resolved.


I hope I was able to help you with the iMessage not delivered error on your device. If anyone you know is facing the same issue, you can share this article with them as well. Do drop down your suggestions and feedbacks in the comments section below. I will be writing more such articles in the future so please checking our website for more such tech info. I hereby sign off.