How To Tell If A Motherboard Is Dead?

A motherboard is the sole part of a computer that handles all the functioning of a computer or laptop. it can be said that a motherboard is the mother of a computer which helps it run. It is a big circuit board that consists of many chips and USB slots, memory units, etc. a motherboard is a special unit that controls all the hardware and software. we all know what is a CPU.

CPU is known as the central processing unit. It handles all the functioning and processing of the PC. We all know the process of input processing and output. Then we use a PC or a laptop, we give commands and these commands are Processed by the motherboard. You can also call it a mainboard or the intelligent board. If there is a fault in the motherboard then it will be very difficult for you to operate your system.

What is a dead motherboard?

A dead Motherboard basically means when our computer stops working. As we all know, a motherboard is the whole and soul of a PC. If the motherboard has some problems, then it will be very difficult for you to even start your system. There are many reasons a motherboard can be dead. Dead means a motherboard will not work until you fix it. And when my motherboard doesn’t work, then your system will not be able to function.

The motherboard is the main chipset and as mentioned above it maintains all the hardware and software inside the computer. You may have heard of driver errors but a motherboard error is way more serious than it. A motherboard doesn’t die easily but when dead then it is hard to revive it

How does a Motherboard die?

There can be many reasons for A dying motherboard. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Overheating- Overheating can be the main cause of. Buying a motherboard booster. Sometimes we tend to use a PC. Overheating is dangerous for any PC. If you are using way too much out of your You see, then you should consider slowing down. Many people tend to put a cloth on the backside of the CPU. When you put a cloth on the backside of the CPU it blocks air and the fan. This can cause overheating and can lead to a dead motherboard.

How To Tell If A Motherboard Is Dead

Improperly connected wires- As we all know a motherboard is the most important unit of a computer. It supplies power to all of the parts of the computer. Which means there are many devices that are connected to the motherboard via wires. Now if a wire is not properly connected then it may create a short circuit that can create a burn in the motherboard. This can also happen when the wires are connected in the wrong place. Then a wire or a cable is connected in the wrong place where it should not be connected it can also create a short circuit.

Dirt- Well Going to the next part, dirt is very harmful to a CPU. we all know a CPU works with a fan and the fan can trap dirt inside it. Which can create overheating? We should always clean our PC whether it is the CPU or keyboard or mouse or the monitor. Also, dirt can create the burning of chips inside the motherboard. Dirt can also create electrostatic energy with the electrical parts of the motherboard. This can be very dangerous for the motherboard and the PC as well; it can also cause a fire.

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Improperly connected devices- Sometimes the hardware is not properly connected to the motherboard. Sometimes the ram is placed in the wrong Holder. This can also create a short circuit among the motherboard. Whenever these chip slots or external devices are not properly connected, they create a problem.

Improper handling- Many times people are careless with their PC. it is always said that we should handle with care. If someone drops their CPU it can be the main reason for a dead motherboard. All the parts of the motherboard may break or come off. This can cause a great loss to you. We should always handle our CPU with care as it is the whole and soul of her computer. People tend to take the matter in their own hands and open up a CPU. After opening it they personally tried to fix the PC and unintentionally scrape the motherboard. This can cause great damage to the motherboard. The motherboard is a very fragile material and you should always handle it with care.

How to Tell If a Motherboard is Dead?

There can be many ways to tell if a motherboard is dead. Many people misunderstand about a dead motherboard.

Power button The simplest way to tell if a motherboard is dead, is to power it on. When you turn on a PC, the power light blinks. If it doesn’t blink then it is the indication of a dead motherboard. Power Source is the main part of the functioning motherboard. If the motherboard is faulty or dead then the power light will also not shine.

Overheating If your PC is overheating extremely then you should consider checking it up. Overheating is the main cause of the Dead motherboard and it can also be a symptom. if your system is overheating in properly and you can’t do anything maybe the motherboard is soon going to die.

That is the only way to tell if a motherboard is dead or not.

How to Fix a Dead Motherboard?

 It is very hard to accept a dead motherboard. as it is the most important part of a PC and when it dysfunctions it is very hard to revive it. many people advise you to change your motherboard to change your PC. but it is not an affordable option in today’s scenario.  So let’s move forward and see what can we do to fix a dead motherboard.

Method 1- BSOD Error

This method is for those whose PC is at least turning on. all you need to do is listen for some beeps.  or you can also be able to see the BSOD Error. The blue screen of death.  after turning on, if you see the blue screen of death or the blue screen. the blue screen will show you an error code copy that error code and search about it on the net. the Internet will tell you how to fix that error code. the blue screen May show a range of error codes so we cannot describe each and every error code in one article.

Method 2– open the CPU

Well in this method all you need to do is open up your CPU and check if all the drivers and Ram slots are equipped with the correct equipment. if not do correct the places. this method is for those whose PC is not turning on. if it is not turning on when the only option is to open the CPU and check for the problem. If the circuit board is Bond then you need to buy a new CPU for a new motherboard. 

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