How to Sync PS4 Controller

Ever since the release of the PlayStation One, Sony has only increased the benchmarks as the years passed by. Releasing Playstation 2, the PlayStation 3 and the top of the line Playstation 4 and 4 Pro. The tech on these gaming consoles has given a whole new definition to virtual reality and graphics in computer gaming, making it seamless and an awesome experience as a whole. If you are using PS4 Controller then chances are you want to connect PS4 Controller with your Windows PC. Here is a quick guide on How to Sync PS4 Controller.

The controllers on these consoles have also developed as the years went by, eventually, when the PlayStation was rolled out, the controllers on them weren’t as easy to get to as they are now, and now we can connect and reach the controllers with much more ease. Gaming on a PC using a PS controller could be a habit for some and for some it could just be for fun or trying something new. Windows 10, by default, provides an easy and rather less hectic way for connecting an Xbox controller to it, with the built-in drivers and the Xbox game bar.

But connecting a PS4 controller with Windows 10 will require the use of third-party software like DS4 Windows or Input Mapper.

Connecting PS4 controllers to Windows 10 is explained in detail below:


Using DS4Windows Software:

  • Firstly, download DS4Windows.
  • Then after downloading the .zip file, extract it and run DS4Windows.exe.
  • After starting the DS4Windows, select Step 1: Install the DS4 Driver.

  • After the driver has finished installing, click on Finish.
  • Then launch the Settings App, and go to Devices > Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your device.
  • Press and hold the PSand Share buttons on your controller until the light on it starts flashing.
  • Pair the Wireless Controller in the Bluetooth Settings, which will now be visible.
  • Look at the DS4Windowsapplication again. The PS4 controller should be all set and connected now.
  • Minimize the DS4Windowson your PC and start playing.

Disconnecting the Controller can be done by following these steps:

  1. Open the DS4Windows again and click Stop.
  2. Now, visit the Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and toggle the Bluetooth on and off.
  3. If you want to connect your PS4 controller again, you only need to start DS4Windows and press the PS button on your controller.

Using the input mapper software:

Another third-party solution that to connect your controller that can help you to use the PS4 controller on Xbox One is Input Mapper. To configure the PS4 controller using Input Mapper you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the InputMapper software on your PC running Windows 10.
  2. Install InputMapper software and then connect your PS4 controller using USB cable or by using Bluetooth. In order to pair your Windows 10 PC with PS4 controller via Bluetooth, you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your PC and hold PS and Share buttons on the controller.
  3. Now, go to the InputMapper and the controller should be recognized and ready to use.

Certain games bring issues with them, in order to fix it, you need to configure the Input Mapper according to the game and the system running Windows 10.


Pairing your PS4 controller using a USB cable is rather easy when using the DS4Windows software, you only need to connect the controller via USB to the system and the DS4Windows drivers will automatically detect and pair the controller to your system and you can simply sit back and play the game you want, with ease.

Using the ps4 controller on windows 10:

DS4Windows software works on the principle of reading your Dualshock 4 Controller, i.e- the PS4 controller as though it were an Xbox 360 controller. Generally speaking, the controller provides a great one-size-fits-all button setup on the controller that makes it very easy and efficient to handle and get used to. You can also map and remap the keys on the controller to your liking. So now that the DS4 Windows driver is installed, your Dualshock 4 Controller will behave exactly like an Xbox 360 controller, which means it is going to work with any game that your PC can support with Xinput support—as can be said, almost everyday modern PC game that supports gamepads as we all know. This also means that we won’t get the right Square/Cross/Triangle/Circle button icons by default in most games. A few games may provide you with that option but most games will have random buttons set as the given buttons on the controller, which you need to map yourself onto the driver using the interactive interface provided with the DS4 Window which is also shown below.

Although it is very hectic using third party software just for connecting a DualShock 4 controller to your PC, DS4 makes life easier.

You only need to remap a few things, and if you want to change some buttons or adjust sensitivity without depending too much on in-game options, you can. Using the Profiles tab in DS4Windows. It does not recommend making a profile from the very beginning, but if you want to, select New to start one up.

Although this screen looks a little overwhelming, but it’s actually quite simple. If you only want to interchange your bumper and trigger buttons. Firstly, you will need to find L1/R1 and L2/R2 in the wheel in the Control section, or you can just select them on the virtual controller on the driver screen. Now, you want to interchange L1 with L2 buttons with and R1 with R2, so let’s start by clicking L2 button.

Doing this will open yet another very complex page and here you can set the keys as you like them. You can assign the L2 key to the R2. And now your left trigger works as your left bumper. This interactive screen makes it very easy to map and remap keys on your controller and fit them as you like them and where you like them. 

Hope you like this article on How to Sync PS4 Controller with Windows 10 Computers. If you need any help then comment below.

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