How to recover deleted photos windows 10

Are you among those who always end up losing or deleting the data from the system by mistake? Well, losing any file or data is a common thing, whether done unintentionally or purposely. But in both cases, when you are in the need of those data and files, you end up getting frustrated for being unable to recover them.

But you know what, there is nothing to worry about it. Rather, you will be happy to know that the data and files you thought would have permanently lost from the SD cards are still on the SD card if you haven’t saved any new data on it. The following information will specify you to recover deleted photo windows.

Recoverit is a data recovery software for any files, photos, videos, and audio from any SD card, PC, Mac, external hard disk, and others. With its quick access and smooth functioning, you can effortlessly get back all your data and files.

Reasons for permanent photo loss on windows 10

There are various reasons for permanent photo loss on windows 10. Mentioned below are some common reasons.

  • When you change or remove the SD card improperly from the system, there is a chance of permanent loss of photos on Windows 10.
  • The SD card is comprised of electronic components; hence, exposure to heat or water can damage the SD card. With this, you will lose all the files, data, and even photos that were stored in it.
  • While using some sites or sources in your system, there is a transmission of the virus that can causes damages to the files and data. Besides, it can also be a major reason for the loss of photos.
  • During the time of checking or going through the files and folders, you accidentally hit the delete button, which results in the loss of photos, files, or data from the SD card.
  • If your SD card is corrupted, there is a higher chance that you are unable to get access to the photos, videos, and other files that were saved on the SD card. This implies a loss of photos.
  • Many times, it has been noticed that there are photos and videos in your memory card, which has become inaccessible. This means that the user is unable to view or transfer the photos and videos to another location. Hence, this can result in the permanent loss of all the data.
  • Accidently or intentionally formatting the SD card can also be the reason for permanent photo loss. This is because formatting removes all the data that are saved on the memory card.
  • Handling or removing the SD card carelessly can lead to corruption and damage of the SD card. This will ultimately affect the data stored in it. Hence, you are suggested to eject the SD card from the system before removing it from the computer.

Recover permanently deleted photos on Windows 10

Losing any file or data is a common thing. At times, it can be frustrating to recover it. But don’t worry.

Here are some effective ways that can assist you to recover deleted photos from Windows 10 without causing further issues.

  • Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is the basic and first most preferred when recovering any deleted files in the system. The function of recycle bin is to temporarily store the files or data that have been deleted from the file manager but are not yet permanently eliminated from the file system.

Hence, it is the first option to recover the lost or deleted files. You can find this option easily on your computer or laptop and select the file you want to restore. Using this tool, you can easily restore the lost item in its previous location.

Doing this is a two-step process that can easily and quickly help you get back your lost or deleted data. All you need to do is –

    • Locate and open the recycle bin option
    • Select the image you want to restore and click the restore option.
    • Recoverit photo recovery software

Recoverit, itself has been a renowned software company, used by a huge population who had made its services the best one. It is the safest and easily operated photo recovery software that can help you recover or restore permanently deleted photos. Moreover, it provides a higher recovery rate as compared to other recovery software.

It not only helps to recover the photos but also other files, videos, and audio that you have had lost in various scenarios mentioned above. The best part is that it is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Another advantage of using Recoverit photo recovery software is that it supports data recovery from memory cards, hard drives, digital cameras, recycling bins, etc. Besides, for beginners, it provides a useful and friendly interface. This software has many customer support options too.

  • File History Backup 

A computer has various functions, and one of them is to protect the data that are stored in the machine. This can be accomplished by a regular backup system using the backup tool as per your preference. For example, there is a tool named File history in Windows 10, which is a built-in backup and recovery tool. It functions to restore the deleted files and data.

Recover deleted photo files with Wondershare Recoverit

Before following the steps for photo recovery that have been deleted, download and install the Recoverit Data Recovery Software on your Windows desktop.

Step 1: Select your Memory card or SD card storage.

select sd memory card

Make sure to connect your SD card to the desktop. Proceed further by selecting your SD card or Memory card option or external devices options that appear on the disk list of the Recoverit Data Recovery. To process, click the Start button.

Step 2: Scan the SD card or Memory card and Search the Data.

scan sd memory card

After clicking the Start button, you will observe that the Recoverit SD Card Recovery Software starts scanning the SD card. Be patient, as this might take a few minutes to complete the whole scanning process. You can check the scanning progression on the on-screen indicator.

Step 3: Preview and Recover Deleted Data

recover files from sd card

Lastly, after the scanning is complete, you can look over all the files and data that have been recovered. Next, you can preview the recovered files such as documents, videos, and photos; and choose the file you want to recover. After selecting recovering files, click on the Recover button to restore them.

To conclude, just three simple steps are all to do the magic. After that, you can restore the deleted or lost files and data without any trouble and definitely without a hitch. Besides, this software keeps your computer safe and does not cause any impairment in the system’s normal functioning.


With a winding-up thought, it won’t be wrong to say that Recoverit Data Recovery Software is the best choice to restore or recover the files that you have had lost or deleted accidentally or intentionally under numerous situations like virus interruption, formatting the device, or the hard disk, corruption in the file, and others.

This software assists in keeping your data private without causing damage to your system or other storage devices. The good news is that the free download option of this software is available; hence, you can download it without worrying about the price.

With a high-tech data recovery tool, it provides the ease to rescue the data and files that had been lost. The company aims to provide a trust-building operating system, which has attracted loads of users.