How To Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram has grown into one of the most loved social media platforms in recent years. It has now grown to 1 billion users worldwide. With this immense user base, Instagram has made its place for brands. Now brands want to build their place on the platform just to be visible to those 1 billion users. If you can make an engagement of 30 seconds from your brand content on Instagram. It is equal to an advertisement.

Recently Instagram has introduced its very own marketplace. Now you can redirect your Instagram followers to your website or product and convert them into sales.

All these features have made it very convenient for brands to use the platform to connect to their user base. However, it’s getting hard for brands to make their follower base strong. Especially for new brands and influencers who wanted to start from scratch.

Now if we talk about how to gain a good influence on Instagram and get followers, it’s not easy. Getting real Instagram followers is no less than a war. You need good tactics, effort, and content to fight the war of followers against Instagram algorithms.

However, if you feel like it’s good for you to get fake followers and buy those bots, you surely can buy Instagram followers.

Yet if you are willing to get good organic traffic to your Instagram page. This guide will help you reach your goal.

Post Consistently: Any Instagram page needs to be engaged with its followers. Now Instagram algorithms push your content to a new user base only when you post regularly on the page. It is found that the followers stay only on pages that are regularly updated. Now when we say that you should be consistent, we don’t mean that you should post anything and everything on the page. Don’t compromise your quality content over quantity. But at least make a schedule to post content on your page. You can post 4 content a week and 2 reels per week. You can sit back and make content on a single day to schedule them using third-party apps. Scheduling helps you post regularly at a consistent timing also. You can use Instagram insights to find the days and times at which your followers are most active.

Initiate conversation and engage. The user base on Instagram is very social and all they wish is engagement with the brands and influencers they follow. So it is recommended that you give company to your followers. Reply to their DMs and like their comments on your page and reply to them. This keeps your followers connected and they feel like they want to connect with you. Also when you like or react to their comments it triggers a notification that makes them follow back to your page. This makes them spend more time on your page, giving you more time to grab your Instagram followers. It is also important if you are starting on the page make sure you comment on other pages as well. This will make you visible on other pages giving you the option to grow and get visible on the platform.

Craft good captions. Your page must have influential content. The page must be holding its followers. Now the best option to hold your followers is to make your captions worth reading.

You can write question-based captions that are answered in the comment section. You can write a recommendation caption that you have asked your followers and mention them. This way you are creating an informal relationship with your followers.

Add some humor to your caption and make your caption worth reading.

Prepare a good bio. People usually ignore the importance of a good bio. Well, it’s the first piece of information that users get to see when they come to your page. So it must be appealing. We all know the first impression is the last. So always try to make the bio section very clear about what you do and who you are. Use a language that sounds like it’s written by you, not any algorithm. Add a relevant hashtag to get noticed in searches. You can use emojis and other alternative graphics but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Promote your Page. You can promote your Page to get more Instagram followers. Instagram provides its own promoted post and page advertisement service. However, if you are not willing to invest in the page. You can promote the page on your other social media pages and even ask your email subscribers to get notified about your new post and pages on Instagram so that you drive traffic to your page.

You can even ask your friends to promote your Page on their social media Handles. You can ask them to give you a shoutout on their stories and bio. This way you get more exposure and followers as well.

Use all available content formats. When you are on Instagram make sure that you are using all the possible modes of content. You might be posting regular feed content but you also should post regularly on your stories and other formats to get maximum exposure. The best and ideal format is posting on reels. These reels are pushed massively and you get a lot of exposure. So utilize every possible content format and gain maximum reach.

Hashtags usage. Your content needs to be reaching out to people who are willing to look at your content. It must make its way to the explore section of people who are interested in your niche. To get a good reach you must use relevant hashtags. These hashtags act as your meta tags helping you to get discovered in the explore section of Instagram users. When you get exposed to a user they are most likely to follow you if your content is compelling enough. You can find very loyal Instagram followers through hashtag usage.

Using all this will surely let you get discovered on Instagram. Although it will take time but will surely build your brand and give you real Instagram followers.

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