How to Find Product Pages from TikTok Ad Library Videos


Do you ever see an interesting product video ad on TikTok but can’t click through to the product page? TikTok’s ad library doesn’t provide website links like Facebook. But with a simple search trick, you can discover the product page and brand website from any TikTok ad.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to access product and shop pages from TikTok’s ad library using clues from the ad videos themselves. Let’s get started!

Accessing TikTok Ad Library

First, go to TikTok ads library at I’ll link this in the description below.

Scroll down and click on “Top Ads” then “Find More.” This will display TikTok product video ads you can use to find the websites.

Selecting an Ad Video

Filter the results by an industry like “Apparel & Accessories” to see product ads.

Choose a video showcasing an appealing product. For this example, I picked an underwear ad with a model.

Finding the Product Page

Watch the full video to see if the brand name is mentioned or other clues about the product.

This video said, “Use code TIKTOK20 for 20% off,” and mentioned the brand “Parira”

Search Google for “ “Parira” using the brand name. Click the brand’s TikTok profile from the results.

The profile has the website link and more product info. This confirms it’s the same brand as the ad.

Trying Other Ad Videos

If no brand is visible, check the advertiser name from the ad library video details.

Repeat the search process using the advertiser name instead of a brand name.

It may not always work if the brand has deleted its TikTok profile. But it’s worth trying different ad videos.

Formatting the Search

The full search format is as follows: “intext:”brand/advertiser name””

Replace “brand/advertiser name” with the actual name from the video.

Even with limited video information, you can likely find the product page with this search string.


In summary, you can use clues like brand names and advertisers from TikTok ad library videos to search and find the associated product and website pages.

The formatted search string helps surface the brand’s TikTok profile, which typically contains a link to its store.

Next time you want to learn more about a product in a TikTok video ad, use this technique to discover the brand’s website and product listings.