How to effectively upgrade your PC and Laptop?

The need to upgrade your computer comes naturally. You look at new models of PCs or laptops, understand that your machine lags far behind them in performance – and finally, decide to replace it with a new processor, hard disk, RAM – or even go over the entire system unit. You can upgrade your PC or notebook with your own hands: in the article, you will find out where to start. Do you want to waste time or doubt that you can do the upgrade yourself? Contact the experts, and they will suggest a complete set for you, which will improve your performance.

What is it for

An upgrade of an old computer, performed by a computer foreman or on your own, is the replacement of obsolete or faulty components with new, more advanced ones. In addition to replacement, modules that were previously absent in the system unit can be added: for example, an additional hard disk or a Blu-Ray drive. The operation helps to maintain the performance of the PC, extending its life without buying a new computer or laptop. The upgrade costs on average less than a complete computer replacement. Timely upgrade of the system unit helps:

  • Eliminate frequent freezes of the computer, unexpected crashes of the operating system.
  • Solve the problem with the incompatibility of components. • Reduce the response time in games.
  • Increase productivity when working in resource-intensive programs.
  • Ensure the safety of data stored on a PC or laptop.

Before starting the game in the best non-uk casino sites, you need to determine which components (hard drive, video card, CPU) need to be replaced. This will allow you to upgrade your PC point-wise, without paying for the still-serviceable components.

What to look for

Modernization of a computer can be carried out on a nodal basis or completely, immediately changing all components, from the central processor to USB ports. You cannot play at random by simply buying more “powerful” hardware. There is a high probability that the components will be incompatible with each other – and you will need to acquire others, which leads to new expenses. Experienced specialists choose the components that match each other – or they will carry out the upgrade for you. The answer to the question of where to start upgrading your computer is simple: look at what type of equipment is in the system now. To avoid mistakes, pay attention to

  • Graphics adapter connectors.
  • The type of hard disk controller.
  • Type of stationary storage device: HDD or SSD.
  • Supported type of RAM: DDR2,3 or 4.
  • Maximum power supply unit.
  • The presence on the motherboard of connectors for placing new modules. In order not to be confused, you can write down the data, take pictures of the connectors, if we are talking about a joint replacement, take the components with you. With the information received, you can go to the store – or open the online catalog.

Change components

Upgrading an old laptop or PC is carried out in stages, with the selection and gradual replacement of outdated components with new ones. On computers, most often they upgrade the CPU. It needs to be replaced if it works for more than 3-5 years. It is necessary to take into account the type of connector, the number of cores (the more, the more productive), clock frequency, built-in memory. Random-access memory. Dice often fail, causing all kinds of OS crashes. It is necessary to take into account compatibility (use modules of the same type), memory size: it is better to choose dies for 8 or 16 gigabytes. Video card. Allows you to get a stable, smooth image, partly offload the central processor. You need to take into account the manufacturer (NVIDIA / AMD), the GPU frequency, the presence and power of your cooling system. HDD. Stores all your information. It is necessary to take into account the type of drive (HDD / SSD), write / read speed, interface, noise during rotation.

And what about the laptops?

When asked whether it is possible to upgrade the laptop, we boldly answer: yes. However, due to the minimal thickness of the case, the complexity of the access to the inside increases. At home, it will turn out, and even then with great difficulty, to change the hard disk, RAM – and the BIOS battery. Other components can only be upgraded by a specialist – and some components cannot be replaced at all. Are you experiencing difficulties or don’t want to waste time? Consult an experienced professional. Good craftsmen know how to upgrade a laptop or PC. You can also get a remote consultation, and you will receive a modern powerful machine – open up new horizons for yourself!

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