What online platforms can help you start your own business?

Starting a new business is scary. And what causes fear in most cases? Lack of information! We live in an amazing time – technology allows us to quickly learn from each other, share interesting experiences and knowledge. And online learning becomes more and more popular. On the Internet, you can find a lot of educational resources related to entrepreneurship and the promotion of your business. All training is provided on a fee basis and that’s great!

The benefits of online learning

takes place when it is convenient for the student; the lecture can be paused or rewound if you don’t understand something; there are free courses; there is no distance barrier. It is worth noting that there is no easy money, even to play at Jackpot charm casino and make money, you need to constantly learn and improve – there is no other way.

Business Class

First on the list is “Business Class” from Google and Sberbank. It is a free program to develop your own business. The training program is divided into two categories: For beginners; For owners of the business. There are also two modes of participation in the program: remote; intensive. Distance (online) is video lessons, test questions, and additional materials, webinars. This mode is available to every user who has registered, regardless of residence and region of business. Intensive (Intensive and Intensive+) – includes all components of the remote mode and additionally face-to-face masterclasses with the program experts in the region, practical webinars with the program experts, interaction with the mentor if the conditions of the Intensive + mode are met. The program for beginners covers the blocks:

Search for a business idea.

Business modeling.

Market research.


Fundamentals of internet marketing.

Sales. Basics of financial literacy.

Legal aspects of the business.

Training for owners of existing businesses considers in-depth questions on the following blocks: Effective manager. Analysis of the business model. Market, consumer, and competitor research. Marketing. Basics of internet marketing. Sales. Basics of financial literacy. The strategy of company development. The expert teachers are practitioners, owners of their own companies, and members of Boards of Directors. If you devote 3 hours a week to the course, you will master it in 5 months. But it can also be faster. At the end of the course, you receive an e-certificate.

Business on Your Own

The next training program is called “Business on Your Own” and is located on the popular learning platform Coursera. It’s nice to learn from other people’s mistakes rather than racking up your bumps. “Business on Your Own” is a hands-on experience of building and running a business. The course program description promises applied knowledge and the opportunity to apply it in practice. There are four blocks in the course. The creators approached the work with humor, so the first block is called “Sitting on the couch.” It considers the issues of rational thinking, the role of investors in the business, competitor monitoring, assessment of trends and potential customers of your business. The second block is “Spending First Money on an Experiment.” Here we talk about business prototyping, minimal-work product, business plans, working with suppliers. Even the issues of cash discipline and lease agreements are touched upon.

The third block is “Operations. This block covers the creators’ experiences with launching and dealing with the challenges of launching. Specific things that the entrepreneur will face when he starts to do business: assortment, layout, choice of location for the outlet, seasonality, etc. The fourth block, titled “Marketing, Motivation, and Other Stuff,” contains videos on the topics of client orientation, brand, the role of the manager and subordinates, and general management concepts. If you spend an average of 1.5 to 4 hours a week on training, then the full course would take four weeks to complete. There are two types of training on the Coursera platform. As a listener, it’s free. And if you want to get a certificate – you need to register for the paid option ($50 per course). In this case, the content of the lectures is the same.

SMM basics: trends, audiences, platforms

The course “SMM Basics: Trends, Audiences, Platforms” will be a wand in the wilds of Internet marketing. The purpose of this course is to show the options for using SMM to communicate with your target audience. The first block is “SMM in the system of Internet marketing and business communications. The basics are covered beginning with what SMM, internet marketing, and social platforms are. The second block “SMM as a marketing, branding and PR tool: opportunities, advantages, and disadvantages. The authors of the course immerse the listener in the rules of marketing and PR in social networks and talk about the marketing advantages of social networks. The disadvantages and risks of promotion and how personal branding differs from corporate branding are also discussed.

The third block is “Features of the social networking audience, segmenting and targeting the audience in SMM. The name of the block speaks for itself – we will talk about your potential customers in the social networks. You will learn how to segment and target your target audience, which tools to use, what types of social groups there are and what the ethics of networking are. The fourth block is “Marketing characteristics of popular social networks. Here is a detailed consideration of specific popular social networks in the context of the characteristics and preferences of the audience, promotional opportunities, and advertising effectiveness. The question of the marketing potential of these sites is touched upon. The duration of the training is from 2 to 4 hours per block. There are additional materials in the form of a list of literature and useful links on the topic. Training is free unless you want a certificate from Coursera.


Your own business is an opportunity to realize your ideas and potential. If you’re ready for the challenges and full of energy, you shouldn’t wait. Even without a large investment, you can start your business from scratch and develop it. The main thing is a competent approach to doing business and choosing the right strategy. Even though business is a risky business, it is also a chance to improve your financial situation and full independence in decision-making.

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