How Does MrBeast Make Money?

MrBeast is one of the most famous Youtuber we know. Although there is no specific number The Youtuber’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 Million by some websites! Now you might be wondering how does Mr. Beast make so much money. Don’t worry, we are here for your rescue. Read our article to know about all of Mr. Beast’s work and his income sources. We’ll also discuss Mr. Beast’s early career as a YouTuber and the content that made him one of The Best YouTubers of all time. So Let’s get started!

Mr. Beast: The Journey

Jimmy Donaldson, who is known as Mr. Beast online is an American Youtuber, businessman, and Philanthropist. He was born and brought up in the city of Greenville in Eastern North Carolina in the United States of America. He had started his YouTube channel at a very early age of 13 years old. That was back in February 2012 and his username at that time was “Mr. Beast 6000” and MrBeast struggled to match up with the YouTube algorithm for a few years.

He made a lot of different videos on various trends before he got popular. As an aspiring YouTuber, he uploaded various kinds of videos such as Funny compilations of playing Minecraft and Call of Duty, Estimating other YouTuber’s net worth, and Tips and Tricks videos.

MrBeast started getting popular in 2015-16 with his series of “Worst Intros” videos which were about poking fun at other YouTubers’ videos. He had hit 30,000 subscribers by the mid of 2016. This was the same year that Mr. Beast was enrolled in College however, he dropped out of the college in just two weeks. Mr. Beast’s first video that went viral was in January 2017 of him counting till 1,00,000.

This video made him understand the YouTube algorithm and he started making more such videos like a Spinning fidget spinner for 24 hours and watching Jake Paul’s It’s Everyday Bro music video for 10 hours. He finally touched 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel in November 2017.

Today, MrBeast has gained over 68.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with around 711 uploaded videos. He still uploads long hour stunts and some other challenge videos on his channel but mostly, he is best known for the large amounts of money he donates to random people. He is known as “YouTube’s Biggest Philanthropist” right now after he reached a massive milestone of giving out $1 million through different charity stunts.

How Does MrBeast Make Money?

As MrBeast easily donates away millions of dollars, people always wonder how does this money come from. The donations are mostly sponsored by brands i.e. Brands collaborate with MrBeast and give him money to donate. Though it all started with Mr. Beast donating money from his pocket in the early days.

Mr. Beast’s videos and stunts are widely popular among the masses. People also wonder about how much money he makes and how does he earn. Let me list down several things, Mr. Beast generates his revenue.

1. Viral Content

YouTube is the place from where he started and continues to upload regular videos. His videos gain up to 126 million views and it keeps on growing. He is known to create viral content which generates income for him. Even though he once said that his main channel on YouTube Mr.Beast runs in loss as he spends more money to make videos than he earns from them, it’s an effective work for his other sources of income. YouTubers are known to make money through AdSense. Google pays the YouTubers for running various ads over their videos per thousand views. This is how YouTubers make money by creating videos on YouTube. Mr. Beast’s large viewership and regular uploads make revenue for him by running ads on his videos.

Another way Mr. Beast earns through his viral content are the big brand deals he gets. Big companies pay him to Advertise their products inside his videos. As we already know that the content he creates is so popular, Brands will always pay him big sums for their advertisements. It is all a circle of sustainable growth as the money he makes also goes into creating viral videos.

Mr. Beast currently has six YouTube channels i.e. Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast 2, Mr. Beast shorts, Beast Reacts and Beast Philanthropy. Other than YouTube, Mr. Beast also live streams on Twitch which also he runs advertisements. Now you can imagine how much money his content gets him over his mass viewership and brand deals on the platforms.

2. MrBeast’s Ventures

Every YouTuber launches their merchandise once they get famous. It’s also justified and their fans love them and would rush to buy anything they launch. Merchandises or other ventures create a secondary source of income for YouTubers. Mr. Beast also had launched his personalized clothing venture The “Beast” apparel which is a gaming-specific merchandise collection. The merchandise range is widely demanded across the globe by his large fanbase.

Mr. Beast has also launched his burger chain in the United States with a variety of food items on its menu. In the early days of business, Mr. Beast gave away $100 with every first order of burgers placed at the first locations he opened his burger venture at. This was a great marketing strategy to kick start his burger business. When his business increased across various states in the US, he made a specific menu available for delivery only option to reach maximum people. Mr. Beast’s burger chain is open at 300 locations today in the United States and will expand to other countries as well in the coming years.

Mr. Beast also plans to open up an exclusive membership club for his fans. The Membership club will hold various benefits for the members like additional content, behind the scene insights, and early access to the Beast merchandise. Mr. Beast tweeted on Twitter that he will charge $10 per month for the exclusive membership.

MrBeast: A Philanthropist

Now we already know that Mr. Beast makes a ridiculously large amount of money. He is already a multi-millionaire at the age of 22 and has a long way to go! The YouTuber is known to give away most of his fortune as donations to the needy. Talking about his long-term goals, The YouTuber says that he wants to maximize his earning potential just to donate it all away.

He tweeted once that he aims to open “hundreds of homeless shelters” and “food banks” for the poor. He has also promised that he will die with $0 in his bank account. He is the kind of Philanthropist the worlds needs and more people should be like him.

Final Words

Today, we discussed Mr. Beast’s income sources and his philanthropist nature. Mr. Beast is one of the most famous YouTubers of this era and his videos and ventures make money for him. He donates most of his income to noble causes.

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