Google WiFi vs Eero: Which Mesh Wi-Fi is Better?

In today’s post, you will get a detailed comparison between Google WiFi vs Eero. Ever since their introduction in the mid-2010s, the mesh router wifi system has been very popular for providing wifi connections. In place of getting a wireless connection through a single primary router, mesh router systems use multiple router nodes. They are placed strategically throughout your home to provide reliable wifi coverage. Recently, many companies have brought their versions of mesh routers.

Google brought out their Google wifi mesh in late 2016. Whereas Amazon got the Wifi router set up Eero in 2019.  Today we will talk about these routers and which one will be ideal for you to buy. So let us get started with Google WiFi vs Eero.

Google WiFi vs Eero

Eero and Google WiFi come out as the best competitors in the WiFi mesh network world. Let us now have a detailed study about these two wifi routers and see which one would suit you more.

1. Eero Wi-Fi

Eero was released in 2016 and it was one of the very first companies to launch the mesh wifi system for its consumers. It has a minimalist soft design and glossy finish which gives it an even more elegant look. This wifi tends to blend effortlessly with the surroundings while providing with best network connection at the same time.

Eero wifi can be set up within minutes using the Eero app. It can provide a coverage of up to 5000 square ft. In case you have any troubleshooting problems even after the setup, the same app can be used to solve them. It also uses its patented TrueMesh technology. It adjusts to the unique layout of your house which helps to avoid traffic congestion and buffering of any kind.

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1. Pros of Eero Wi-Fi

  • Price: The 3-pack Eero’s standard Mesh routers are affordable and convenient. They provide up to 5000 square feet of coverage. The consumer can also find very generous discounts during the occasion season as it is an Amazon product.
  • Easy Set-up: The users can easily set up their Eero routers by following the easy step-by-step instructions provided on the Eero app.  This will take hardly 10 minutes.
  • Stability: When there is any sort of disruption, the patented technology of Eero, TrueMesh, switched the connection from one node to another. It does that without noticeable service interruption.
  • Performance: The wireless standard used by Eero Pro 6 is the Wi-fi 6. It provides speed that the newest generation of Google wi-fi which is Nest wi-fi, can’t even match.

2. Cons of Eero Wi-Fi

  • Control: If you want to view your daily or monthly bandwidth usage, then unlike Google wi-fi, you need to pay extra. You also have to pay a subscription fee for increased security and content filtering. They are included in the features the competition offers at no extra cost.
  •  Compatibility: Eero Pro 6 is compatible with Alexa voice control. This feature can only be used by getting a separate Alexa device. Nest wi-fi has a built-in speaker and also a Google Assistant.

2. Google Wi-Fi


Google Wifi became a very popular and bestselling mesh router system in the US after it hit shelves in the fall of 2016. It has small white nodes or points that resemble hockey pucks. The Google Wifi Router is an excellent choice if you want to go for simplicity and reliable performance. The Google wifi is helpful for people who want to move away from traditional router systems.

This wifi has many features to attract users. Like ad-blocking and usage reports. Google wifi even lets the users prioritize usage and pause the connection on certain devices. The wifi coverage is quite wide, covering almost an area of 45,000 sq ft. It is easily scalable and compatible with certain Google home appliances.

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1. Pros of Google Wi-fi

  • Features: The Google Wifi app is perfect for giving control over your connection. Certain features are free and you can even add Google accounts of users. This way the user can make them admins to their wireless connections. At any time you want to.
  • Compatibility: Google wifi points can easily be mixed and matched with the Nest wifi points. It creates a more cost-effective and powerful mesh network.
  • Style: Google Wi-fi is already popular for its sharp puck-like appearance. It fits discreetly in any part of your home. The thin LED band at the center of the router shows the status of your connection.

2. Cons of Google Wi-fi

  • Performance: Google Wifi and Eero have the same amount of performance speed. When put against each other, Eero wins the race. Google wifi doesn’t stand much against the Eero wifi.
  • Outdated: People are slowly replacing Google wifi with the newly released Nest wifi. Since both these wifi use separate apps, when Eero will start getting more popular, Google wifi will automatically become obsolete.

Should you Prefer Google Wifi or Eero?

If you are already using Google Home Devices, then you should opt for Google wifi. It is a solid mesh router system and worth considering. In case you are looking for an upgrade to your mesh router then you should go for Eero wifi. Google wifi and Eero have almost similar hardware, internally, but the stability is what makes Eero stand out. Not only this but also the patented mesh technology of Eero makes it better than Google Wifi.

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Folks this was all the information on Google WiFi vs Eero that we could gather and provide you with regarding the best option for your mesh router system. We hope you found this information useful in your search for a good mesh router system. Please leave your comments and feedback below. Happy reading!