Gaming explained

Although there are several ways of explaining what gaming is, simply put, it refers to playing electronic games. These video games can be enjoyed through consoles, computers, smart televisions, and smartphones, amongst other mediums. Although gamers usually start gaming as a hobby on their own, over time they may venture into multiplayer video games and play, virtually or otherwise, with friends or other gamers. Game developers make a point of making the user interface relatively simple and the entire game very user-friendly, so as to not deter novice or experienced gamers from committing to it. Despite being user-friendly, that is not to say that gaming is easy. The great thing about gaming, however, is that there are levels that players progress through as they become more competent and understanding of how to succeed in the various challenges that are posed.

Forex trading explained

Forex trading, on the other hand, refers to the buying and selling of foreign currencies as an investment alternative. The investment opportunity lies in the trader’s ability to identify key and potentially lucrative points to buy and sell currencies, based on market conditions and currency fluctuations, and profit on the difference in exchange rates. Industry insiders will tell you that forex trading with USD, EUR, and GBP are popular starting points because these are some of the most popularly traded currencies and form part of major currency pairs.

Comparison of the two

Although there are underlying similarities between forex trading and gaming, perhaps one of the most notable differences is the fact that forex trading can lead to substantial financial loss, unless if you are a beginner using a demo account. Losing a level or challenge as a gamer, on the other hand, simply means that you will have to keep trying to conquer the challenge until you progress to the next level, without necessarily losing any money. Although, the adverse is also true. Forex trading presents an opportunity to make a considerable amount of money if done right, while gaming does not. Gamers generally play for bragging rights.

However, in terms of similarities that exist, the user interface is generally aimed at being accommodative and welcoming on both gaming and forex trading platforms. This is a way to consistently attract users and not see them giving up in the process of trying to start gaming or trading. Another similarity lies in the preparation that both gamers and traders have to undergo before fully immersing themselves in the two worlds. Both groups often read a lot of manuals or guides, spend hours researching winning tactics and recommended strategies, and practicing their skills so as to improve over time.

While some might argue that forex trading is for people who have some sort of financial knowledge and expertise, that is not entirely true. Through the use of a credible and reputable broker and a certain level of dedication and commitment, one could become successful in the financial markets. Similarly, with much practice and a thorough understanding of the tactics that successful players implement, gamers could become quite good at leveling up and reaching their desired stage of the games.

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