7 Reasons Casual Gaming Can be More Fun Than Core Gaming

Do you know someone in your life that describes themselves as a hardcore gamer? Do they spend countless hours on their gaming system or computer games completely immersed in the latest and greatest offerings? While that is certainly one style of gamer, it’s not the only type. Many would instead place themselves in the category of a casual gamer, which means they still enjoy video games but they aren’t necessarily going to dedicate the same amount of time and energy to them, nor will they run out to snap up every new release.

So, what are the advantages of living the casual gaming lifestyle? Let’s take a look at seven reasons casual gaming can be more fun than hardcore gaming.

Save Yourself a Little Money

One of the cornerstones of being a hardcore gamer is that you stay up to date on the latest and greatest. This can mean the latest game releases, the latest gaming console or computer/laptop, the latest gadgets and accessories, and so forth. It can become a very expensive pastime relatively quickly, and it may not be where you want to pour your money.

As a casual gamer, there is no need to keep up with the trends; instead, it’s about simply playing to have fun and relax without all that pressure.

Enjoy Quick Games Whenever the Mood Strikes

The thing about hardcore gaming is that it tends to involve a fair amount of your time sitting in front of the screen. Not everyone has that kind of available time or wants to dedicate hours’ worth of their day to gaming. Casual gaming tends to focus more on quick games that you can enjoy at home or on the go, and don’t require hours’ worth of time. That’s not to say you can’t spend that much time playing – you just don’t have if you don’t want to.

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It Doesn’t Become an Obsession

Hardcore gamers may also become obsessed or addicted to gaming. It can be very hard for them to step away from the screen and enjoy other things in life. Conversing with friends and family, getting outdoors and living life can be an after-thought as everything revolves around their gaming time.

As a casual gamer, you’ll benefit from balance. Although you have time to play your games and enjoy that hobby, you also include other things in your life, thereby creating much-needed balance.

Casual Gamers are All About the Fun

Did you know there are professional gaming tournaments where people are playing for money? That is how serious video games can get. The problem with that level of competitiveness is that the fun starts to slip away. It’s all about the competition and being better than everyone else, which is a lot of pressure. As a casual gamer, the focus is always on fun, and if it stops feeling fun, that’s when you turn the game off and do something else. It’s that simple.

Don’t Feel Like You Need to Stick with the Same Game(s)

Variety is a great thing when it comes to gaming. There are so many engaging and fun genres out there that sticking to just one category and one game seems so limiting. This is also a common trait with hardcore gamers as they tend to get stuck on one specific game. Casual gamers are notorious for saying yes to just about any game. Try all the different genres, better your skills, and start to learn what appeals to you most.

One of the things that the pandemic made clear is how useful gaming can be, especially online when you’re playing with other live players. It creates a sense of community and allows you to socialize and chat with others that share your interests. As a casual gamer, you’re more likely to be active in a variety of communities, thereby chatting with a wide range of people.

Casual Gaming Appeals to All Ages and Skill Levels

While it’s impossible to put a box around what a typical hardcore gamer is, the fact is that it may not appeal to all ages and skill levels. People who are new to video games or who just don’t feel as confident may want to keep things more fun and low-key. This is another benefit in casual gaming as it is welcoming to all ages and skill levels.

Casual gaming can also be multi-generational thanks to the fact that it welcomes all skill levels. Young kids can play a game with grandma and grandpa without all the pressure of having to be the best of the best. There are plenty of games that stick to the basic controls so you won’t feel overwhelmed and confused, allowing it to be about the fun instead.

It Is a Great Way to Relieve Stress

Stress is something that just about everyone out there can relate to, either in a mild form or more chronic stress. No one can claim that video games cure stress, but there have been plenty of studies conducted that show they can provide a sense of stress relief. You become involved and absorbed in the game, living in the moment, which gives you a temporary break from the stress. It could be a great way to wind down in the evenings or after a busy day of work.

If you’ve been looking for a new pastime or hobby, you may want to consider how casual gaming could fit into your schedule and lifestyle.

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