Entertaining Multiplayer With Friends

Playing video games, most of the time can prove to be a fun experience. There are certain types of games where you can find yourself frustrated when playing. And a lot of online games can be infuriating sometimes. But a great way to not get angry, and just have a good time when playing, is to play with your friends. Sharing the experience of playing a game with your friends, always make it a lot more fun, and at times it can even prevent you from getting angry and if you’re looking to grab any of these games, the best way to do it is to head over to Gamecamp.gg and see which retailer offers the best price for your desired game. So here are some games that you can play with your friends, and have lots of fun together.

Go Ghost Hunting With Phasmophobia

If you want to brave into the supernatural and hunt some ghosts with your friends, Phasmophobia can be a great choice. You can team up with three more friends, and explore different places, like an abandoned house, an asylum, and even a high school. The game is filled with plenty of scary moments, and the tension is always high.

As a ghost hunter, when accepting a contract, you will be presented will four objectives that you can complete. Your main focus should be identifying what kind of ghost is haunting the place, and to do that, you must buy and use all types of equipment to gather as much evidence as you can. You can speak with your friends by using an in-game radio, and it also proximity voice function. But here is where it gets scary, the ghosts can also hear you. So you must try to communicate with the ghost, and you need to be careful not to anger it, and end up being its target.

You can use cameras, to take pictures of the ghost, a spirit box to communicate with it, a crucifix to protect yourself, among many other types of items. It is important to communicate with your fellow ghost hunters and try to do your best to ensure that everyone makes it out alive. As you level up, you will unlock new locations and more difficult tasks. The harder the contract you take, the more you will be paid if you manage to come out alive, and complete all the objectives.

It can be extremely scary at times, but you can also have a lot of fun when playing, as you get to see your friends freak out, and scream like crazy. So this game can be pretty fun if you either like or dislike being scared, as being together with friends will help you feel less scared. Or more scared if your friends decide to mess with you.

Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker

If you’re a fan of the extremely popular anime Naruto, this game lets you create your ninja and customize him however you see fit. And what’s even better, you can play along with three other friends, and create your team. The game focuses on team combat, and there are plenty of game modes for you to play. You can get together with your friends, and complete missions, or go to the online matches, and put your shinobi skills to the test.

Some of the game modes include combat, where you face-off against other four players, and see whose team can defeat the other first, base battle, a mode where you must work together with your team to dominate, and protect your bases from the enemy team, and there is also a capture the flag mode, where you must steal the flag from the enemy team, and safely return it to your base.

You can play the game with random strangers, but playing with friends is way better, as you can strategize, and set up the best team possible. The game has four different types of ninjas. The attack class, focuses more on hand-to-hand combat, the defense has more health and can equip more defensive skills, ranged uses long-range attacks that deal high damage, but they have low health, and healer, who provides healing for their allies.

To learn new jutsus, you must train under a master. After selecting one, you level him up by playing matches, and you will unlock his skills as you play. So you can choose your favorite characters as your master, and learn his skills to use in combat. Each class can use specific types of jutsus, so when playing with your friends, you can divide the roles, and create the best ninja team ever. So if you want to experience the life of a ninja, Naruto To Boruto is the right choice, as the game still releases content regularly.

Time To Cook!

If you ever want to tackle the kitchen with your friends and learn how crazy a kitchen can be, you should play OverCooked 2. In this game, you join up with three other friends and test your skills as a chef, by cooking all sorts of meals. But while in the kitchen, all kinds of things can happen, and if you don’t communicate with your fellow chefs, you will for sure fail. You need to share tasks, as you have to chop up the ingredients and combine them, and there will be a lot of different recipes that the game will throw at you.

But the complicated recipes and kitchen madness aren’t your only concern, as there will be a different twist in every stage. Some of them might take you to a kitchen in the middle of a street, where to deliver the orders you must cross a busy road. Or sometimes the kitchen itself will shift places. So you must be able to keep a cool head and adapt quickly. This game is extremely fun to play with friends, as when you play, the communication between you and your friends will be like you’re all working in a real kitchen.

So if you’re looking for a game where you can just sit back, relax, and have some laughs, Overcooked 2 will be able to deliver you exactly that.

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