How To Fix Windows Detected Hard Disk Problem

Windows detected hard disk problem” is a very common and serious issue. If you are using Windows 7, 8, or 10, you may come across these types of error pop-ups in your device. Once your windows have detected this problem, you see such pop-ups continuously every 5 to 10 minutes.

These warnings indicated serious hard disk problems, system files failure, and other pressing issues. Ignoring this issue can generally take you directly to the disk failure or even data loss. Thus, it is essential to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Windows Detected Hard Disk Problem

Possible reasons for the issue

This issue is mainly caused by hard drive failure, and it can also be generated by some system errors like RAM decline, malware, lack of system memory, registry error, fragmented files, etc. We can try to fix this issue by cleaning junk files, restoring systems, and updating it.

Logical errors and mechanical damage to the hard disk

The hard drive is responsible for storing all the data on your computer. It’s likely to have some issues in your hard drive like corruption of system files, mechanical problems, etc.

Virus damage

A virus is one of the main reasons for the hard disk problem. Once your computer is affected by a virus, it will never work as good as before even after your anti-virus removes the virus from your computer, because anti-virus cannot repair the damage done by the virus.

Human errors

Many users try to improve their computer performance by installing improper plugins, modifying system registry settings, relocating system files, or changing their properties which causes system errors and hardware problems.

What does disk volume errors mean?

The error is related to hard disk sectors. If your hard disk has errors then you cannot access it. Also, you cannot boot your OS from your hard disk.

Fix Windows Detected Hard Disk Problem

It’s hard to determine the reason for the problem by only seeing this warning message. This warning message doesn’t mean itself that there is a system problem or your hard disk is damaged.

Below you will find the list of several solutions to fix your issue.

Solution 1: sfc / scannow command

Windows provides some essential tools to its users to fix so many serious problems. Many appearing severe issues can be solved by using standard troubleshooting tools. The system file checker examines system files and fixes integrity issues if necessary.

To run it, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Open the start menu and search “cmd” in the search field.

Step 2: Right-click on the option which outlines: Run as Administrator.

Step 3: Input sfc/scannow in the window and press the Enter key.

This process is speedy, and you will see the results soon. This command “SFC / scan now” examine all the system files and replaces damaged corrupted files with the backup files.

Note: Do not close the window before the scanning process complete properly.

Solution 2: Chkdsk command

If the first method doesn’t work, keep calm, and try another command chkdsk. Again get to the command prompt and write partition drive letter of the disk you want to scan for the issues.

If you’re going to scan default partition, you don’t need to write anything.

Type chkdsk and press Enter. You should add the value /F to the command chkdsk if you want to scan full hard disk with automatic correction of bad sectors and system files errors.

It isn’t easy to scan the disk where OS (operating system) is installed, and your system will suggest scanning it next time when the computer is restarted.

Note: Before running this kindly command backup your data first, it can be overwritten as error correction.

Solution 3: Search for hard drive bad sectors

If you don’t find any problem with your system or partition file system, then you need to check for the health condition of your hard drive. To check the bad sectors and health condition of hard drive follow the steps below

Step 1: First, download and install DiskGenius into your computer and launch the program you have installed.

Step 2: Click on “Disk” and select “Verity or Repair Bad Sectors.”

This process can take some time, once the process is completed, DiskGenius will provide you with a condition report of bad sectors.

Note: please backup your relevant data before starting this process.

Solution 4: Contact or visit the service center

This is the last option to send your hard drive official service center because repairing disk required some special equipment and machines, yet some of the damaged disks can’t be fixed.


In this article, we have highlighted all the possible reasons and their solutions for “Windows detected hard disk problem“. Whenever you face this kind of problem, keep calm backup your data, and follow the above instructions carefully.

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