How To Fix Netio.sys Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)

After installing new Windows 10 update, so many users have started facing some issues regarding NETIO.SYS blue screen error. There are so many reasons for this error, but one of the popular reason is outdated drivers. Sometimes, it can make your computer crash frequently.

Fix Netio.sys Blue Screen Errors

SYS file errors are caused by faulty hardware or corrupted device driver files. There are lots of causes for this situation. It may result from incorrect software or corrupted files on your system, or the issues on your hardware. But whatever the cause it’s, it is a frustrating matter. It can make your computer crash frequently. You can not even use your computer in this circumstance.

Method 1: Revert recent Changes

If you are started facing issues after changing some settings or installing any software then check that software and remove it. Also, revert all the changes that you made. Check if it will help you or not.

Also, use the System Restore to restore your system to a previous state if you have a backup.

Step 1: Type Recovery in the search bar and then click on Recovery.

Step 2: It will open Control Panel and then click on Open System Restore.

Step 3: Select a System Restore and Next.

Step 4: Select installation drive and click Finish.

Method 2: Update device drivers

One of the working solutions of this error is updating drivers. Now there are two ways to update drivers. You can download them manually or update them manually. Device drivers on your computer is wrong or out of date.

Driver Easy is one of the most popular driver tool that will scan your system and list down all the outdated or corrupted drivers.

Method 3: Scan your System for Viruses

Sometimes due to harmful viruses and worms, you will face NETIO.SYS blue screen error. There are some security softwares that will scan your system. Windows Defender is a preinstalled security tool that will scan your entire system.

Method 4: Temporarily disable Antivirus

Sometimes Antivirus block important Windows updates. So it is required to disable antivirus program that you are using and update windows.

Method 5: Run System File Checker

Step 1: Open Command Prompt as admin and type “sfc /scannow” > Enter. The System File Checker will begin to scan and repair the computer.

Step 2: Once Done, exit Command Prompt and restart your computer.

Method 6: Run Check Disk

Step 1: Open Command Prompt as admin and type “chkdsk c: /r” and Enter.

Step 2: It will scan your system and list down errors.

Method 7: Reinstall your operating system

This is the last solution. If all the methods failed, you have to reinstall your Windows operating system.

Listed below are the methods which may help you mend the NETIO.SYS blue screen error. They cover almost every possible cause of the mistake and have helped many Windows users. Frustrated by the netio.Sys error message? You should want to understand what this netio.Sys file is, what causes this error and the main thing is how to repair this error. In this page, you’ll get all answers to your questions about this netio.sys as well as the methods to repair it.

Netio.sys is Windows’ Network I/O subsystem file. It’s a component of Windows that shouldn’t be deleted or disabled at all since it interfaces with your system’s network card and its drivers.

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