Fix Laptop WIFI Keeps Disconnecting on Windows 10

Many laptop users complain about their WiFi to keep disconnecting. If you are also among such users, then we have a solution for you. The most annoying part of this issue includes it remains the same way for a long time.

It irritates user because of the internet connection keep disconnecting and then reconnecting. We have analyzed some possible reasons behind this. After the analysis of possible causes, we are going to propose solutions to rectify the same.

Laptop WiFi keeps disconnecting

When it comes to laptop wifi disconnection, there could be several possible reasons behind it, as given below.

  • WiFi strength could be weak, and hence the WiFi is stumbling around.
  • This issue may occur when the WiFi network is overloaded.
  • If there is some wireless disturbance in the nearby area, the WiFi connection can be hampered.
  • Outdated router drivers could lead to this issue.
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) related issues.

How to Fix Laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi

 Based on the possible reasons behind this issue explained above, we have some solutions for the same. Let’s have a quick look:

Step 1: First of all, you should check the source of your WiFi connection. Check whether the Wifi strength is good enough or not.

windows 10 show wifi signal strength

Step 2: Make sure the Wifi connection isn’t overloaded. Try to ensure the least number of devices connected to the same wifi network.

Step 3: If you are in a crowded area, then many devices may be connected to the same network.

Step 4: Make sure there isn’t any device nearby that can create any radio disturbance to your WiFi connection.

Step 5: When everything seems to be okay, then it is possible that your drivers are not updated. Outdated routers or system drivers may also lead to this issue.

Step 6: What if your drivers are also updated, and still you are facing this issue. Well, in such case you should contact your Internet Service Provider.

Method 2: Update Wifi Drivers

Windows 10 users often come across this issue of Wifi keep disconnecting. So if you are also facing this annoying technical glitch, you must consider some fixes, as explained further. Any of the methods may resolve the issue for you.

  • Restart your router or computer system.

Update your Wifi adapter and system drivers. You can make use of third-party tools for this job. You can check this article to download or update latest drivers on Windows 10.

Shift your laptop closer to the vicinity of the Wifi router or hotspot.

If you are using public wifi, try to switch to another network for a better connection.

In case of connectivity issues prevailing in your area, you should contact your ISP.

You can also take help from a Wifi analyzer app and detect the specific reason behind the issue. There are plenty of Wifi analyzer apps out there that can guide you for the same.

Why does my WiFi keep disconnecting and reconnecting?

This issue is one of the most common problems faced by laptop users. We tried to jot down all possible reasons behind the occurrence of such error. About the reasonable causes, we have proposed doable solutions, respectively.

We recommend you to go through each solution in an orderly manner. After going through every method, you may ultimately find THE solution to your issue.

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